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Hot Toys MMS267 "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" 1/6 Stormtrooper 12-inch Figure Review II

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"It's them! Blast them!"

IMHO The Stormtrooper is so beautiful in its design, for lack of a better word. The Star Wars Stormtrooper and its design has certainly withstood the sands of time and its classic look never becomes outdated. The moment they stepped onto the giant screen, everyone was sold though many might not readily admit it haha. Is it wrong to be secretly rooting for the bad guys with their all white glorious armor as they battle the rebel troops dressed in uniforms made out of mainly fabric which offered little protection against these elite Imperial shock troops? The fact that the design is also used consistently with some alterations for the other Imperial forces gives it even more recognition and the impression that this is a huge army with many differed professions all loyal to and in support of the Emperor and the Galactic Empire. Makes you think twice about messing with them. That is, until they open fire LOL Then you realize that they can't see well out of their helmets and they can't shoot straight to save their lives. Otherwise, our heroes would have been long dead when they were trapped in the Death Star. Nevertheless, let's not take away the pure awesomeness that is these Imperial Stormtroopers.

Hot Toys has done a great job in replicating the Stormtroopers into 1/6th scale articulated models, from the helmet to the body armor worn over black body glove. None of the figure's articulation is adversely affected by the nice-and-tight armor and this 12-inch Stormtrooper can certainly hold some nice poses without keeling over, which was a major problem with the Sideshow Collectibles Stormtrooper, released in 2009 and reviewed on my toy blog HERE and HERE. Hot Toys also released the MMS268 "Star Wars: Episode IV" 1/6th scale Stormtroopers Collectible Figures Set of 2 (previewed HERE) featuring bodies with two different heights just like how these non-clone soldiers appear in the film.  This single trooper set is the taller of the two and rightly so as I would rather get two of these than to have one tall and one short trooper. After all, these are not Han and Luke masquerading as Stormtroopers to rescue Princess Leia. I prefer my Stormtroopers to be of the same height if I can help it. They look much better when they are of the same height and size. Height difference will not matter if you have an entire army of troopers but when there are only a couple, height matters a great deal, to me anyway.

In the first part review on my toy blog where I covered the box packaging and its contents, I also posted pictures of this Hot Toys 12-inch Stormtrooper figure with his SE-14r blaster pistol which was only seen in publicity photos for "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" and not actually seen in any of the films. In this second part review, I've posted photos of Hot Toys Stormtrooper with the BlasTech E-11 blaster rifle which is the standard issue weapon of the Stormtrooper Corps and one of the most commonly issued rifles in the Imperial Military.

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I decided to store the SE-14r light repeating blaster in the leather holster intended for this purpose. The holster can also be used to store the E-11 blaster rifle but not both weapons at the same time. There is a retaining strap which fastens to the holster via magnets.

Although this Hot Toys Stormtrooper comes with both right and left trigger hands for posing with his weapons, the holster is actually located on the left side of the figure and slightly at the back, meaning that it would be most difficult for the trooper to draw his weapon with his right hand as he not only has to reach over to the left side, it will also be quite a stretch to draw his weapon from the back left position. A left-handed person on the other hand, should be able to do so with ease. Still, we do see right- and left-handed Stormtroopers in the film even though the holster remains on the same side for all.

I like how Hot Toys solved the issue with the blast energy sinks. Those are the two white rectangular things dangling at the sides. They are meant to absorb blaster energy. By connecting the blast energy sinks to the utility belt via a white strip of fabric material, the sinks are flexible to adjust and move about without worrying that they might just drop off.

Check out the close-up shots taken of this Hot Toys MMS267 "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope" 1/6th scale Stormtrooper 12-inch Collectible Figure. This has to be the BEST looking 12-inch Stormtrooper by far. See my NEXT post for comparison pictures.

Close-up shot of the SE-14r blaster pistol in holster and thermal detonator at the back

Close-up of the 1:6 scale BlasTech E-11 blaster rifle

NEXT: Comparison pictures of the various 1:6 scale Star Wars Stormtroopers that have been released. Not all of them are 12 inches tall.

AFTER THAT: Is this the droid you are looking for? Check out my review of the Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars R2-D2 Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure

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