Saturday, October 27, 2007

Akira 2 - Kaneda's Bike

One of the great things about Akira was Kaneda's bike - what a thing of beauty!! When this bike came out in 2004, I decided to let my boys have the McFarlane version because it just pales in comparison.

This bike could be stripped to reveal the wonderful die-cast details.

All assembled and ready to rock & roll!!

Kaneda on his bike

Good for health, bad for education - LOL!!

Kubrick-type Kaneda & Bike

Akira (1998) - Kaneda

"Akira (1988)" was a Japanese animated film co-written and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo based on his manga of the same name. The movie ignited interests for Japanese anime and brought many wonderful manga stories onto the big screen, including "Ghost In A Shell", "Jin Roh - Wolf Brigade" and "Appleseed". "Spriggan" is another great favourite although no action figure was made for it :(

Kaneda plays one of key roles in Akira. He is a streetwise punk who leads a gang of bikers (the Capsules) on the streets of Neo-Tokyo.

Check out Kaneda's super uber cool bike!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

SAS 8 by Kubrick

Medicom Kubrick went on to release this Kubrick Special Forces SAS Assault Vehicle Set - very cool. It's your basic Landrover in black with opening doors and seats four SAS Kubrick figures.

Rear door has removeable breaching tools

The top is removeable to reveal the interior

These are the classic 80s SAS

The vehicle's roof has a ladder mounted for assault breaching

Kubrick also released the modern SAS figures, albeit without vehicle

Saturday, October 20, 2007

SAS 7 by Medicom

In the year 2000, Medicom released this exceptional SAS figure under the "Cro-magnon" series - the first of many Special Forces figures.

SAS 6 - "Clark" by BBi Elite Force

This was part of the first series of figures produced by BBi in 2000. Overall quality wasn't quite there yet and this figure was a little disappointing - had to change the assault vest, belt and helmet to improve the look.

SAS 5 - "Nigel" by Dragon

Many years later, in 1999, after Dragon's success with Hong Kong SDU (Special Duties Unit), SAS "Nigel" was next in line. There was a sudden surge of special force/counter terrorism figures back then. This was the modern SAS, much improved from the SAS of the 80s in terms of weapons and equipment. Dragon was the first company/the pioneer in this area for producing highly detailed 12" collectible figures; their WWII German "Hans" blew everybody away and brought a whole new level to 12" figures that was never seen before.

SAS 4 - SAS Parachutist

Due to the success and demand for SAS, Palitoy also produced the SAS Parachure Attack which came with working parachute.



Thursday, October 18, 2007

SAS 1- Special Air Service: "Who Dares Wins"

On 5 May 1980, 5 days into the siege of the Iranian Embassy in London, the whole world sat up and were awed by a new kind of response to terrorism: the storming of the embassy by the SAS in full view of television cameras.

Operation Nimrod was regarded as a success and became a textbook assault that has been studied ever since by special force teams around the world.

These Action Man figures were produced by Palitoy soon after and were extremely popular. These were meant as toys for boys just like barbie is for girls. They have since become collectible figures, unlike the current trend where collectible figures are produced just for collectors (not that I'm complaining coz now there's a whole world of collectibles out there, unlike before).

From 1978 to 1984 (Hasbro's GI Joe line ended in 1976), Palitoy introduced the "Eagle Eyes" figure with "Dynamic Physique" (much like the recent Bruce Lee figure with the moving eyes) and these were used with great effect for the SAS figures. I was totally bowled over by this figure when I first saw it and it was definitely one of the reasons I got into 12" figures. It can't be compared to the ultra-detailed collectible figures of today (pictures to follow shortly) but keeping in mind that this was just meant to be a toy then, it certainly was something to behold.

SAS 2 and SAS 3 (more vintage)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hellboy 13: Abe Sapien - comic version

Hellboy 12: Johann Kraus - comic version

Johann's body was destroyed during a séance and the B.P.R.D. developed a suit which allowed him to regain control of his form. He became a member of the B.P.R.D. and can temporarily give form to the dead, and allow them to comunicate with the living. He can also sense souls that have left their bodies, allowing him to detect if someone is dead or "playing possum."

Hellboy 11: Hellboy with rocket pack - comic version

Mezco Toyz series 2 - Hellboy with his jacket and rocketpack (inspired by the Rocketeer)

Hellboy 10: Herman Von Klempt - comic version

A nazi scientist. He was part of Project Ragna Rok and the Nazi Space Programme. He spent most of his life as a flying head in a jar. He has his personal bodyguard/Gorilla for company.

Hellboy 9: Lobster Johnson - comic version

Hellboy 8: Liz Sherman - comic version

Hellboy 7: Hellboy - comic version

Mezco Toyz produced this in 2005 and it is the most accurate interpretation of the comic by Mike Mignola. It really brings the character to life!