Thursday, April 21, 2022

Visit to Singapore's 1:6 Guru Alex's Place

Revisiting an old post from way back 

Posted: Sunday, May 04, 2008 by a dear friend Shaun

I had quite the geek weekend, having attended Free Comic Book Day at G & B Comics on Saturday, followed by a visit to toy heaven holy city promised land Alex's place on Sunday.

That's no house, it's a toy museum

I first chanced upon Alex's collection via Cliff's post way back in October 2006, and raved about his amazing collection, which led to us striking up an online friendship.

Being quite the toy enthusiast and learning that he lived pretty close by, I asked him (nicely) whether it'd be ok to drop by his place to check out his cool stuff. Best Pal (who collects every toy) and Michelle (who collects 1:6 figs) were keen to come along too, which resulted in our long awaited visit to Alex's place.