Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III - Part II

This is the second part of my Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece 1/6 scale 12-inch Iron Man Mark III photo review. There are just so many wonderful things about this figure that it cannot be covered in two posts. Now we'll just look at the armored figure itself :)

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III comes with two pairs of extra hands/gloves. I've already shown him with fists clenched in the previous post. These are his open palm hands.

Lights on! And these are his semi-cupped hands with lights showing as well.

Iron Man charging up to fire his repulsor ray

Repulsors on!

Another view of the magnificent armor sculpted and produced by Hot Toys

Check out the sleek lines and all the details in his armor - I just can't get enough of this figure

The side of Iron Man Mark III's head, again with all the fine details

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Iron Man Mark III torso

The side view of his armor - running out of words to describe him, just add drool

Now let's take some time to admire Iron Man's armor from the back (will show pictures of the parts that can open in the next post when I cover flight and Iron Man flying)

Now just sit back and drool some more ;p You can see where the batteries compartments are for the light-up features that add to the COOL and WOW factor.

Here's where you can see the difference in the materials used. Believe me, it isn't that obvious - just check out the picture above of his torso and all other pictures posted - I tweaked the colors slightly in this picture to bring out the contrast.

Check out those sculpted legs (in the next post you'll see Iron Man Mark III's leg missiles and opening flaps)

A view of Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III from the back

Another close-up view of his back armor

His shoulder pauldron/armor and beautifully sculpted arm (will also show his forearm missiles in the next post - now you know why I need to split this review into three parts)

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Iron Man Mark III will "shock and awe" you with what can now be achieved with 1/6 scale figures.

Convinced yet?

One of the famous poses in the Marvel Iron Man comics...

The double repulsor ray blast!! AWESOME

Next post: Iron Man Mark III in flight mode

Now better go and order the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I now before it's sold out. Just click on the link below.

Iron Man Mark 1 12-inch Figure

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III - Part I

It's still Chinese New Year and I finally got the red "packet" I was anticipating for for a long time now. In Chinese society, a red envelope or red packet/red pocket (known as Hong Bao in Mandarin, Ang Pao in Hokkien or Teochew) is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions, such as Chinese weddings or on holidays such as the Lunar New Year. The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits.

The red packet I got was a BIG one :)

I usually don't dwell on boxes but this time round, Hot Toys packaging deserves some mention for the way it was thought out and designed. It adds up to the overall excitement. Opening the cover flap held together by magnets reveals the inner chest.

The cover flap unravels to reveal...

A very nice product shot of Iron Man Mark III - simply beautiful!

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece 1/6 scale 12-inch Iron Man Mark III out of box

There's so much to cover about this Iron Man that one post will not be sufficient. I haven't even began to scratch the surface of this wonderful masterpiece! Here's a close-up shot of Iron Man Mark III - head shot

His beautifully sculptured armor - amazing synergy of materials, some soft and hard plastic combined to perfection. You can't tell them apart unless you touched it.

Let's not forget the legs. Overall, this figure is really stunning to behold and cannot be truly appreciated unless it is held right in front of you. Finally, a 1/6 realization of one of Marvel comic's greatest superhero.

Let's not forget the man behind the iron mask - Tony Stark, played to perfection by Robert Downey Jr. He brought a depth to the character as only he could as his own troubled past made him an appropriate choice for the part.

Again, Hot Toys head sculpt is spot on as Robert Downey Jr made Tony Stark a "likeable a$$hole", which was what the director Jon Favreau was going for. (Head sculpt by Hot Toys, body and suit by Saturday Toys)

In the Marvel comics, Iron Man is supposedly Tony Stark's body guard so that he can keep his true identity secret. Not so in the movie version - he's too proud of who he is and what he has become.

"It's a bit dark in here, Iron Man. Lights on, if you don't mind!"

Yup! One of the many surprises (well, not really a surprise since we have already seen preview pictures but still, the WOW factor kicks in - your own personal torchlight for those blackout moments)

Well, it's lights out for me till the next post where more of Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Iron Man Mark III is revealed... I can't wait.

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Part 3 review of Iron Man Mark III

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jackie Chan (成龍) by Dragon

After Bruce Lee's passing, no martial artist could replicate his success or come close until Jackie Chan (成龍). At the age of 17, Jackie Chan worked as a stuntman in the Bruce Lee (李小龍) films "Fist of Fury" and "Enter the Dragon" under the stage name Chen Yuen Long. Jackie Chan's first major breakthrough was the 1978 film "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow" where he established the comedic kung fu genre which proved to be a breath of fresh air for the asian audience. Jackie Chan followed up with "Drunken Master", which finally propelled him to mainstream success.

Jackie Chan finally succeeded in establishing a foothold in the North American market in 1995 with a worldwide release of "Rumble in the Bronx", attaining a cult following in the United States that was rare for Hong Kong movie stars. The success of "Rumble in the Bronx" led to a 1996 release of "Police Story 3" in the United States under the title "Supercop", which grossed a total of US $16,270,600. Jackie then co-starred with Chris Tucker in the 1998 buddy cop action comedy "Rush Hour", grossing US$130 million in the United States alone.

Jackie Chan is one of the best-known names worldwide in the areas of kung fu and action films. In his films, he is known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons and innovative stunts. [source: wiki]

This is Dragon's 1/6 scale 12-inch figure of Jackie Chan from "Jackie Chan: My Story (1998)". "Jackie Chan: My Story" chronicles Jackie Chan's life beginning with his birth and ending in 1998 with him poised on the brink of his current success in America.

Dragon's Jackie Chan comes with shades that go into the side of his head as his hair covers his ears. He is wearing the yellow jacket he wore in "Jackie Chan: My Story".

Accessories include a movie clapper board. Jackie Chan is not only a martial artist and actor but also action choreographer, film director, producer, omedian, screenwriter, entrepreneur, singer and stunt performer. We all know he is famous for doing his own stunts in his movies.

Jackie Chan without his sunglasses. Amazing likeness, down to the nose - LOL!

Dragon's 1/6 scale Jackie Chan with hood

Jackie Chan getting ready to execute a move

Jackie Chan is extremely agile, very acrobatic and nimble in his steps. The way he scales buildings and obstacles is just amazing to watch.

I'm sure Jackie can kick higher than this but this is the highest Dragon's 1/6 scale body can go. Also offers a view of the boot treads on the outer sole.

Another view of Dragon's 1/6 scale shoes

One of many fighting stances by Jackie

Jackie Chan was in Singapore last week for a go-green initiative. He took the chance to share his ways of saving the environment.

"Some people dispose the toothbrush and soap after using once or twice. It's a waste. My habit is that once I un-wrap the soap which the hotels provide, I will carry it along with me until I finish using it. As long as items are provided free of charge, everyone should just use as much as they can; I always tell the hotel staffs, they should consider charging people for the items they use, so that they will think twice before using," he added.

To save water, Chan says the production team and stuntmen will visit the washroom together and get in queue. "The last one flushes!" he laughed.