Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Incoming: ZCWO 1/6 "Jack" LAPD Police Officer 12-inch Figure

Tiger has a partner and his name is "Jack". Besides the 12-inch African American LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) officer figure named "Tiger" (who names their child after an animal anyway?) - see the previous post, ZCWO will also be releasing a Caucasian 1/6 scale LAPD Police Officer 12-inch Figure named "Jack". LAPD officer Jack will be equipped with almost everything Tiger has except for one or two variations in the accessories. Jack will be right-handed as opposed to Tiger which will come with a left-hand side holster.

Like all police officers, Jack will come with LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) hat, shades / sunglasses, LAPD Police uniform consisting of long sleeve shirt with tie, police badge and name tag, wrist watch, duty belt with pistol magazine pouch, radio and pouch, flashlight, handcuffs, baton, pistol with holster and Pepper spray, also known as OC spray (from "Oleoresin Capsicum"), OC gas and capsicum spray.

Here's jack in his basic LAPD police uniform, without his duty belt which can carry an average of 8 to 10 and sometimes up to 15 pounds of equipment.

The ZCWO "Jack" LAPD Police Officer 12-inch Figure 1/6 scale head sculpt looked to me like Jason Segel who plays Marshall Eriksen in the TV comedy series "How I Met Your Mother".

1/6 scale police officer 12-inch figures used to be released on a rather regular basis back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with Dragon Models Limited (DML) leading the way first with their line of Hong Kong Police SDU (Special Duties Unit) figures followed by more police officers, both from the Hong Kong Police Force and international police agencies.

Hot Toys also got in on the act then with their release of their own versions of SDU and LAPD SWAT. That was still early days for Hot Toys and they had not ventured into the official licensed movie collectible market for which they are now enjoying a tremendous reaping of profits at our expense :( The prices are just going up, up and away with constant complaints of quality issues - not the Hot Toys I'm used to when they were just starting out.

Even Medicom Toys went the way of the police and law enforcement with the release of their own 12-inch Special Forces figures back then, with their Cro-Magnon MSFS (Medicom Special Forces Series). If you were to click on the POLICE label below, you'll be able to see the various 1/6 scale police 12-inch figures released by the different 1/6 manufacturers.

The picture below shows all the gear and accessories that will come with the ZCWO 1/6 "Jack" LAPD Police Officer 12-inch Figure. Certainly a great way to upgrade and complete what's missing from Hot Toys T-1000 cop figure, especially for the highway patrolman outfit ;p

ZCWO 1/6 scale LAPD Police Officer (Jack) 12-inch figure parts list: 1/6 scale Real-Like Head sculpt (Tiger Woods), New ZCWO Slim Body (African American), 3 pairs of hands, sunglasses, Smartphone, Pen, Watch, Black Shoes, Police officer's Cap, Long Sleeve Uniform Shirt with Badge & Name Tag, Black Tie (Metal Clip), Uniform Pants with leather belt, White Tee, Black Socks, Patches, Police Equipment Duty Belt, Pepper Spray, M92F Pistol with Holster (Left Hand Side), Baton, Handcuffs, Flashlight, Radio with Pouch, Pistol Magazines with Pouch.

And here are pictures of ZCWO 1/6 scale "Jack" and "Tiger" LAPD Police Officer 12-inch Figures standing side-by-side, getting ready to serve and protect, to uphold the law AND to do their part for Homeland security!

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Brian said...

Do you think these are supposed to be based off anyone? You might be right about Tiger, but then again, perhaps it was the first name they thought of when they created a black character.

alex teo said...

Hi Brian, lately toy companies, or rather 1/6 scale action figure manufacturers tend to base their sculpts on actual people so that they can draw in another market i.e. movie / famous actor Collectors. Military Figure collectors / enthusiasts might buy the figure for the authenticity of the uniform, weapon, gear and accessories and people who collect figures resembling famous (or infamous) people might buy the figure for the head sculpt or just buy the head loose because they enjoy collecting famous heads (head hunters haha). That's why Head Play is doing so well and many companies (e.g. Loading Toys) are following suit.

Anonymous said...

They should of used a Ben McKenzie from Southland HS.

Unknown said...

Hi, I want to know if I buy this figure of Jack? Thanks

alex teo said...

HI Toni, this figure was released some time ago. Might be better chance to try ebay