Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bank Robber Joker by Hot Toys

First previewed here, now it's in my hands :) It's even nicer when it's up close and personal.

Comes with the customary slip case cover but this isn't Hot Toys' usual slip case cover. They chose to deviate from a movie still shot which is actually quite refreshing.

The back of the slip case cover shows the actual product shots

Box cover also doesn't show actual Joker

Basic Joker out of box with his bank robber outfit consisting of shirt, jacket, trousers with nice leather belt with buckle and shoes, no socks this time though

When Hot Toys released their first Joker, I didn't think that Hot Toy's Heath Ledger Joker head sculpt could get any better. I'm so glad to be proven wrong. What a fantastic head sculpt, true to the character!

Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker's accessories include: one bank robber's bag for putting his smoke and fragmentation grenades, the Bank Robber Joker head sculpt, clown mask, extra pair of gloved hands, Smith & Wesson M76 submachine gun with foldable stock and removable magazine, Glock 18 pistol with removable 33 rd ammo clip, deck of joker cards and stack of dollar bills

The Smith & Wesson M76 (Originally developed by S&W for the US Navy during the Vietnam War after Sweden imposed an arms embargo thereby depriving the SEALs of the Carl Gustaf M/45 (Swedish K) SMG, the M76 saw limited combat service in Vietnam and eventually S&W ceased production of the original weapon in 1974) is used by The Joker, during his faceoff against Batman in the streets of Gotham and not in the bank.

The bag contains the smoke and fragmentation grenades neatly packed so as to prevent them from rolling about. The Joker certainly doesn't want things to blow up unexpectedly.

A Glock 18 is used by The Joker in the bank heist. It has a chrome slide, and is equipped with an extended 33 rd magazine. It is also used with a suppressor during the scene in the hospital where he confronts Harvey Dent in a nurse's uniform.

Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker with his clown mask. I liked that the mask is soft, rubbery and flexible. It fits well over his face and you can see his eyes through the eye slits.

Happy: So why do they call him "The Joker"?
Dopey: I heard he wears make-up.
Happy: Make-up?
Dopey: Yeah, to scare people. You know, war paint.

One of the earliest teaser shots of Joker from The Dark Knight has him standing by the sidewalk waiting for his ride to the bank, carrying his bag and mask, with his back towards us.

Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker without his clown mask

Hot Toys gave us not one but two GREAT sculpts of Heath Ledger as The Joker with this release

"Why so serious?" "Let’s put a smile on that face!"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your detailed review..

alex teo said...

hey desmond, you are most welcome :)

Anonymous said...

AMAZING! I just bought version 1 of the Hot Toys Joker doll last week. Looking everywhere to get this one! Any advice?

alex teo said...

hi JR, from what i hear, this one's very much in demand - keep looking :) all the best!

Anonymous said...

JR, you may try Action City at Plaza Singapore, Bugis Parco or Marina Square. Can try CSC..

alex teo said...

thanks for your help, desmond :) much appreciated

Anonymous said...


alex teo said...

thanks DVA hope you keep visiting :)

Unknown said...

By far the best. Nothing will, or can get closer. This is the best must buy, never sell it!
Too bad they did not make the headsculpt this good for the 1st joker, because the 1st jokers outfit is very good. This one is not the trademark outfit. Though the bank robber outfit is nice.

alex teo said...

hi dennis guess this will be your first Hot Toys figure then :) the headsculpts are GREAT. So are the outfit and accessories too. I switched heads with the first Joker figure so that i could have a great head on a great outfit. am keeping the first head for Joker nurse - outfit coming soon.

Uptown said...

anyone can tell me if i can found out this Glock without the all figure ? i just want to get the glock for a project... any website sells accessories ? thx

One Shot said...

I bought this from AZTECA and I still look at the head sculpt in my display case with amazement. This is such a nicely detailed figure. I am debating on the Police officer Joker still. LOL!

alex teo said...

Hi George, I think this was a major turning point for Hot Toys. People have come to expect EXCELLENT quality headsculpts from them since then. The latest HS that blew me away was that of Wesley Snipes as Blade.


dw said...

Hey there,

I just received the new TrueType regular body from HotToys in the mail since my Bank Robber Joker leg broke off the knee hinge. I'm stripping his clothing off (insert jokes) and I'm down to the shirt and I'm wondering how to remove the top button? I can't see how it is fastened on (the rest were velcro) and I see some thread so I'm afraid to pull and risk ripping something. Any suggestions?


alex teo said...

Hi dw, the top button of the shirt is a snap fastener type (one male end and one female end). If you google, you'll see the images. You just have to separate them to unfasten. It's pretty easy, just put your nail between the two and pop them open ;p