Friday, April 30, 2010

Pre-order Tim Burton "Batman Returns" Catwoman

UPDATE November 18, 2010: "Batman Returns" Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman figure REVIEW

As promised, pre-order is now up for the 1/6 scale 12-inch Tim Burton "Batman Returns (1992)" Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman (see the PREVIEW pictures HERE)

Pre-order your Feline Girl HERE. Expected launch date: July 2010

UPDATE November 18, 2010: "Batman Returns" Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman figure REVIEW

Medicom Kubrick TRON set C & D revisited

continued from my earlier post "Medicom Kubrick TRON set A & B revisited"

Recognize this? (ha ha, I couldn't resist the pun)

A Recognizer (also known as a Reco by both programs and Users) is a hovering vehicle originally created by Kevin Flynn in 1981 for his video game Space Paranoids. However, when Ed Dillinger stole Flynn's games, the vehicles became part of the game grid and were used by the MCP's (Master Control Program) army to capture conscripts and programs.

It is extremely big and made an unique ominous sound when hovering, similar to a helicopter. It captured programs by rotating its "legs" to make a single limb and literally "stomp" on the program, however this doesn't harm the program but just simply captures it. [source: tron wiki]

Medicom Kubrick TRON Recognizer came with positionable "legs"

Guards are the security programs loyal to Sark and the MCP in the computer world. They use long wand-like staffs as weapons to stun programs and also to block attacks. It seems they don't use their identity disks as weapons.

Besides the Recognizer and Guard, Medicom Kubrick TRON set C also came with a yellow Lightcycle. As mentioned in the earlier post, a Lightcycle is a motorcycle driven by programs in the computer world.

The gladiator games on the Game Grid involved the Lightcycles leaving an impenetrable jetwall behind them. The gamers must avoid the jetwalls at all costs or they will derezz by crashing into them. If a lightcycle is eliminated from the game, what jetwall that lightcycle leaves behind will fall.

The lightcycles in the Game Grid have their brakes disabled and cannot be stopped. When on the Game Grid, lightcycles turn at 90-degree angles making it very hard to control. Outside of the Game Grid, the jetwalls are disabled and they are able to turn normally like a regular motorcycle.

Medicom Kubrick TRON set D has a blue lightcycle included.

Sark was the commander of the MCP's army and overseer of the games fought on the Game Grid. He was a merciless and evil program, willing to do anything that pleased the MCP. Sark was in charge of forcing the programs that believed in the users to play gladiator games with personnel from Sark's Army as the opponents. [source: tron wiki]

Medicom Kubrick Sark from TRON set D also comes with his Identity Disk.

The Master Control Program (or MCP), played by David Warner, is the main villain in TRON. It was a rogue computer program created by Ed Dillinger (also played by Warner) that ruled over the world inside ENCOM's mainframe computer. During the rule of the MCP, many programs were enslaved and pitted against the program's henchmen, led by Sark (also played by Warner).

The combined efforts of Flynn and Tron resulted in the deresolution of the MCP by throwing a disk into the base of the MCP. The MCP then reverted back to its original chess program appearance (which, in the digital universe, appeared as an old man in a control chair) followed by this program vanishing as it was deleted.

Medicom Kubrick TRON Master Control Program (MCP) from TRON set D has an opening dome to reveal a defeated MCP

Earlier posted pictures (dated September 17, 2007) of Medicom Kubrick TRON Set A HERE, Set B HERE, Set C HERE, Set D HERE and a group shot of all four sets HERE.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ashley Wood + ThreeZero = threeA

Ashley Wood is an award winning illustrator who worked for many years in both the U.K. and international comic book worlds (working on characters such as the British icon Judge Dredd), before breaking into the U.S. market where he worked for such companies as Marvel and DC. Ashley Wood is also the creator of the Popbot series of graphic novels which are currently in film production with Resolution Independent.

In 2008, Ashley Wood and ThreeZero's founder Kim created threeA, a Hong Kong based production house for designing, developing and manufacturing toys, posters, prints and clothing based on characters created by Ashley Wood. [source: wiki]

And here are some of the robots produced and released by threeA. The ones below were all designed as 1/6 scale robots with the weathered used-universe look made famous by Star Wars creator George Lucas, in contrast to the futuristic, sleek and clinically clean universe of Star Trek and other Sci-fi shows that had come before.

These World War Robots with gatling guns are all 1/12 scale (thanks for the update, BigHatDino). The majority of the robots they've released recently are their 1/12 scale WWR product line.

1/12 scale "Black-Ops" bot with several severed heads :)

This latest 1/6 version has to be the ugliest of them all - looks like a trash can, and the flat top doesn't help.

1/6 scale is still the best size to achieve all the wonderful accurate details coupled with articulation. Many manufacturers have chosen this size and platform to showcase what they can achieve at this level. Besides threeA, Enterbay and other 1/6 scale manufacturers out there, Hot Toys is King of the 1/6 world, bar none.

1/6 scale Masked men in a post-apocalyptic world. Post-apocalyptic stories often take place in an agrarian, non-technological future world, or a world where only scattered elements of technology remain. There is a considerable degree of blurring between this form of science fiction and that which deals with false utopias or dystopic societies.

And there are always the main characters in every story. Here's Kenshiro and Koji

And here are two really cool 12-inch femfigs (female figures) from POPBOT: Tomorrow Queens ThreeA Female Figure Ashley Wood - Yubi O

and Odayaka Na. Those are some killer heels - ouch!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The Fifth Element is a 1997 science fiction film directed by Luc Besson, starring Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Milla Jovovich, Ian Holm, and Chris Tucker. Mostly set during the twenty-third century, the film's central plot involves the survival of humanity, which becomes the duty of a taxicab driver (and former special forces major) named Korben Dallas (Willis) when a young woman (Jovovich) falls into his taxicab. Upon learning of her significance, Korben must join efforts with the girl and a priest (Holm) to recover four mystical stones which are key to defending Earth from an impending attack of pure evil and destruction. [source: wiki]

And coming soon from Wild Work, The Five Element LOLZ. The head sculpt looks nothing like Milla Jovovich as Leeloo, the "supreme being" and the fifth element (except the color of her hair)

Wild Work is trying to reproduce Leeloo's signature outfit in 1/6 scale but me thinks they have fallen far short and the quality looks piss poor IMHO

The only nice thing are the 1/6 boots

What's worse? Wild Work tried to reproduce Leeloo's other outfit

The result? BAD BAD BAD!!!

Why can't any manufacturer give us a good Milla Jovovich head sculpt and body. The body type used here is totally wrong and unsuitable for a Milla Jovovich as Leeloo bash

This Action Figure Box set will set you back US$99.99. Wouldn't want it even if it was for FREE. Just posted this for everyone to have a good laugh ;D

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brother Production 1/6 scale Replicant PREVIEW

Brother Production Presents 兄弟工作室制作: Blade Hunter (Revenge of the Replicant) 複制人

Comes with: Real like head sculpt x 1 正常头雕 x 1, Alternate hurted (I think they meant injured) version head sculpt x 1 受傷头雕 x 1, Leather-like futuristic coat with hidden wire for posable collar 仿皮皮衣(內藏鉄線作造型), Sneakers with dirt effect 波鞋(舊化效果) x 1對, Socks with dirt effect 襪子(舊化效果) x 1對, Grey tee 灰色上衣 x 1, Dark grey trouser 深灰色長褲 x 1, Dark grey boxer 深灰色內褲 x 1, Newly-developed male body with tattoo print 新規造型素体 x 1, Pigeon (resin made) 鴿子 x 1, Hurted (injured) hand have real nail (movable) x 1 pair 有釘受傷手 x 1, Normal hand x 1 pair 普通手 x 1對

He's supposed to be Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer), the leader of the renegade Nexus-6 replicants which "Blade Runner" Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) has to hunt down and "retire".

Of the many films Hauer has done, Blade Runner is his favorite. As he explained in a live chat in 2001, "BLADE RUNNER needs no explanation. It just IZZ [sic]. All of the best. There is nothing like it. To be part of a real MASTERPIECE which changed the world's thinking. It's awesome."

Leather-like futuristic coat with hidden wire for poseable collar

Newly-developed male body with tattoo prints

At the climax of the film, Roy Batty protectively cradles a pigeon. Brother Production's miniature pigeon will be made of resin. Word to the wise: Don't drop it since it's a "clay pigeon".

As Roy's life ends, he delivers a soliloquy on his life: "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time to die."

This figure is meant to accompany the Brother Production 1/6 scale 12-inch "Blade Hunter" released in August 2009 and reviewed HERE

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