Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4: Raiden by Medicom

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much about Metal Gear Solid but that hasn't stopped me from buying stuff related to video games. I already have two Metal Gear Solid 3 figures released by Medicom (I didn't get the latest Old Snake from MGS4 because he was very badly produced and just not worth it) and two Biohazard 4/Resident Evil 4 figures - Jack Krauser and Leon S Kennedy by Hot Toys. I wasn't giving much thought to MGS4 Raiden because of the way MGS4 Old Snake turned out - his one-piece rubberised suit was oversized and cumbersome, making him look fat, uncool and "plasticky"/cheap. I thought I'll lay off this line until Dennis Korol pointed Raiden out to me and insisted that I take a second and even third look at him which I did. I guess Medicom also realised their mistake with old Snake coz they took a very long time to release Raiden, perhaps to ensure that everything was done right this time around.

Well, I'm happy to report that Raiden is now standing proudly beside Deunan and Briareos, as well as Leon and Krauser :) 

Raiden in his tray. As with all Medicom stuff, no twisties and extremely collector-friendly - very much like a Mac: out of box, plug and play

His extra hands and accessories - one sword, one SOCOM pistol and two knives

Raiden with visor down

Raiden with visor (face armor) up and eye guard /Solid Eye System (SES) off

One of the coolest thing about Raiden is his headsculpt - simply amazing!!

Visor / Face Armor up

Eye Guards up

Eye guards in place - Solid Eye System (SES) on

Eye guards / Solid Eye System (SES) on and visor / Face Armor in position

The lighting seems to make the visor and shoulder pad colours more obvious and less translucent as this picture shows

The text on the eye guard / SES says, "Do not touch lens surface"

Side view of eye guards / SES in place

Shoulder pads with barcode 

Chest protectors

Raiden with SOCOM pistol

Raiden with his two knives

Check out his back plates

And butt plates - LOL!!

Raiden with his sword

Another look at his sword sheath

His drop-down thigh holster 

The only thing that irked me at first - what's with the heels? Actually they act as extra hands because the heel is a "thumb" and the toes become fingers so that he can actually fight and grasp his weapons with all four limbs. Amazing articulation achieved by Medicom as it actually works!

Feet grasping weapon

Truly a fine figure - not the prettiest but simply AWESOME!!!

Size comparison - SURPRISE! SURPRISE!! Raiden is taller than Leon and Krauser and almost as tall as Briareos. Medicom can actually scale things up - no more puny sizes


Unknown said...

Im glad he finally arrived! Did you know it took them over a year after the 1st release date to FINALLY release him? Yup. I gave up waiting but then BAM hese out!
I have been waiting for him for about 2 years. Only when i have enough money will i get him. But awesome pictures of course! You are missing out on the OLIVE drab old snake. Hese much better than the Basic old snake. Raiden in this game is outstandingly futuristic and his design is awesome!

alex teo said...

hi dennis, i didn't know he was delayed that long - i know everybody has been asking for him, especially when old snake came out - i didn't know about olive drab old snake - not really into the whole video game thing but you were RIGHT - raiden is AWESOME!!!

kenmoo said...

poisonous la bro...haaaarrrr....i actually cancel my orders from roy because Ah Pek Snake was really disappointing, look like i have to go "beg" him now...damn potent poison!!!

alex teo said...

hi ken, yeah Ah Pek Snake kenna sai and look like shite BUT raiden is the diamond siah. Si beh sui - don't get will regret lah ;p

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely awed by this Raiden... it looks so bad-ass. But, it's not as poseable as I want it to be.

I wish Hottoys would make a better version of MGS4 Raiden and MGS4 Snake, one that is made of different reparable materials and with metal swords and more durable and flexible materials where the muscles are just glued on the spandex that's underneath and the inner frame is made of metal skeleton frame. Plus his visors should be made of metal parts and should cover his eyes like goggles.

I so love what kojima has done I proudly dedicate the following gallery:

alex teo said...

hi anon, you certainly have an idea how to make Raiden even better!! yeah, kojima's photos ROCK!!

furei kinoko said...

hum... very detailed figure

alex teo said...

Yes it is ;> thanks for visiting

Anonymous said...

Awesome, I really like Raiden.

-waiting for MGS rising.

Anonymous said...

Great figure. But 1 great weakness: The hand joints. They break sooo easily. They all break on the hand side of the joint leaving the forearm side either on your hand or on the figure itself. It's like it sticks to the inside of the hand & when you twist or pull to switch hands, it breaks. No matter how slow & careful you are, they just break. Out of the whole set, I only got 1 good one left & I already know it'll break on the next move. I just wish they would make better heavy duty quality replacements. This problem aside, it is a cool figure.