Monday, January 26, 2009

Loading Toys Dangerous Man/Spy

Since this is the "Niú (牛)" Year or Year of the Ox for us Chinese, it's most appropriate to re-introduce an all English bull, the one and only Daniel Craig as James Bond, MI6 Secret Agent 007 "licensed to kill". I've already covered Daniel Craig James Bond in suit as he appeared in theatrical posters and at the beginning of the film, where "Casino Royale (2006)" left off (see post here)

The outfit that Loading Toys produced was from the end of "Quantum of Solace (2008)", where Bond attacks and kills the departing Colonel of Police for betraying Mathis, and sets off a chain of explosions in the hotel where Greene and Medrano met, in the Bolivian desert. Just like in the first film where Daniel Craig filled in the shoes of Bond, he almost always charges into every situation and kills every suspect before he can interrogate them.

Daniel Craig as James Bond wearing black polo T-shirt, jacket, jeans and shoes (511 Low Caliga) by Loading Toys. Loading Toys only provided the head sculpt so you have to find your own body.

I had to ditch the jeans provided by Loading Toys because it's almost white. Talk about stone- washed jeans, these must be boulder-washed!

I also got rid of the pull tab of the zipper because it is HUGE. I don't understand why Loading Toys provided the jacket with two side pockets with miniature zipper (1/6 scale) but kept the main zipper 1/1 scale.

In his debut as Bond in "Casino Royale", Daniel Craig as James Bond was abducted, stripped naked, strapped to a chair which had its seat removed and then tortured by Le Chiffre (it was painful to watch - OUCH!).

Very nice shoes (511 Low Caliga) by Loading Toys

Check out the treads on the outer sole - very nice indeed!

James Bond with his Walter P99. The Walther P99 was the main sidearm of James Bond throughout "Casino Royale" but not in "Quantum of Solace". In the movie still shown above, Bond is holding a SIG-Sauer P210 when he faces Dominic Greene in the Bolivian desert. He picked it up from from General Medrano's room when he went to rescue Camille.

Another view of Loading Toys' Walter P99 pistol with suppressor

The name's Bond. James Bond.


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