Friday, August 31, 2012

Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises: 1/6th Selina Kyle / Catwoman Collectible Figure Preview

Following the great response of The Dark Knight Rises movie and our movie-accurate collectibles, Hot Toys is proud to present the highly anticipated female character - the 1/6th scale Selina Kyle/ Catwoman Collectible Figure from this movie.

The collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Anne Hathaway as the prominent character Selina Kyle/ Catwoman, highlighting the movie-accurate head sculpt, hair implantation, highly detailed costume and accessories.

Hot Toys - MMS188 - The Dark Knight Rises: 1/6th scale Selina Kyle / Catwoman Collectible Figure specially features: Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle / Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises movie, Newly developed head sculpt with eye mask and movie-accurate make-up, Real fabric hair implantation in long brown straight hair. Approximately 28 cm tall, TrueType body with over 28 points of articulations. Seven (7) pieces of interchangeable gloved palms including: One (1) pair of relaxed palms, One (1) pair of fists, One (1) pair for riding Bat-pod, One (1) right palm for holding pistol. Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

Preview Art-Figures AF009 1/6 scale City Police 12" Figure with "Sin City" Bruce Willis likeness

Sin City, also known as Frank Miller's Sin City, is a 2005 crime thriller film written, produced and directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. It is a neo-noir based on Miller's graphic novel series of the same name. The film is primarily based on three of Miller's works: The Hard Goodbye, about a man who embarks on a brutal rampage in search of his one-time sweetheart's killer, killing anyone, even the police, that gets in his way of finding and killing her murderer; The Big Fat Kill, which focuses on a street war between a group of prostitutes and a group of mercenaries, the police, and the mob; and That Yellow Bastard, which follows an aging police officer who protects a young woman from a grotesquely disfigured serial killer.

In "That Yellow Bastard", Bruce Willis plays ageing police officer John Hartigan who tries to stop serial child-killer Roark Junior (Nick Stahl) from raping and killing eleven-year-old Nancy Callahan (Makenzie Vega).

Art-Figures AF009 1/6th scale City Police 12-inch Figure (slated for October 2012 release) is basically inspired by Bruce Willis' John Hartigan character from "Sin City". Besides coming with a 1/6th scale head sculpt that will have Bruce Willis likeness, the 12-inch figure will also be attired in 1/6th attire / apparel worn by the character from the movie.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sideshow Collectibles 1/6th scale Boba Fett, Han in Carbonite and 12-inch Stormtrooper escorts

Earlier conversation...
Darth Vader: There will be a substantial reward for the one who finds the Millennium Falcon. You are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive. No disintegrations.
Boba Fett: As you wish.

The scene: Han Solo is captured along with Leia and Chewbacca by Darth Vader after Boba Fett manages to trail them to Cloud City where he informs Darth Vader of their whereabouts. Han is tortured to lure Luke Skywalker to Cloud City where Darth Vader awaits. Vader orders a carbon-freezing chamber prepared to freeze Luke, which will hold him in suspended animation for transport to the Emperor. The process is tested on Han Solo.

Darth Vader: You may take Captain Solo to Jabba the Hutt after I have Skywalker.
Boba Fett: He's no good to me dead.
Darth Vader: He will not be permanently damaged.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review II: Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 1/6 Boba Fett 12-inch Figure

continued from earlier post...

Through a military-style dedication to his art, native predatory instincts and an innovative battery of hidden surprises, Boba Fett has carved a reputation as the man who gets the job done. By the time he is recruited by Lord Vader to hunt down the Millennium Falcon during the Galactic Civil War, Fett has already become a feared and respected warrior, standing as an equal among the elite of his profession and the preferred contractor of Outer Rim crime lord, Jabba the Hutt. His successful tailing and capture of Han Solo allows him to collect double on the deal with both the Sith Lord and the Hutt, and also closes the books on a job that has occupied him for far too long.

This is Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Scum and Villainy 1/6th scale Boba Fett 12-inch Bounty Hunter Figure fully assembled with rocket jet pack and standing on the Deluxe Illuminated Display Base. Having already reviewed the box contents in detail in the earlier post, this second toy blog post on Sideshow's "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" Boba Fett sixth scale figure is meant to show the action figure in its full glory, posed with rocket jet pack, weapons and base.

IMHO this is the BEST Boba Fett figure out there right now. Scroll down to see why I say this is so. More pictures await you :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Winson Classic Creation x Hot Toys: Apexplorers II Apexworkbot (Double U-01) (Special Version)

We've seen the Winson Classic Creation x Hot Toys collaboration regular piece: Apexplorers II - Rescue Team - Apexworkbot (Double U-01) (colour version) in the previous post. Now let's take a look at the Hot Toys - OM120825 - Winson Classic Creation x Hot Toys: Apexplorers II - Rescue Team - Apexworkbot (Double U-01) (Special Version) Action Figure.

The 1/6th scale Apexworkbot (Double U-01) (Special Version) Action Figure specially features: Head light (white light, battery operated), LED-lighted eyes (yellow light, battery operated), White colored armor with battle damaged finishing and AWB logo on chest, Articulated fingers. Stands approximately 30 cm tall with Over 25 points of articulations.

The backstory of how this robot comes about has already been posted and covered in my previous toy blog post HERE. This post covers the SPECIAL version which is limited to 500 pieces only. Instead of the colored version which is orange, this version is mostly WHITE. Other than the color variant, everything else looks to be pretty much the same. And the bonus POWER DRILL (scroll down to see picture).

Winson Classic Creation x Hot Toys: Apexplorers II - Rescue Team - Apexworkbot (Double U-01)

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Apexworkbot (Double U-01) (Colour Version) Action Figure from the Apexplorers II series created and designed by Winson Classic Creation. This figure is fully poseable, highlighting the unique style of Apexworkbot and detailed accessories.

About Apexplorers part 2 / Apexworkbot:
In 2100, the situation on earth was very bad because of natural disasters. In October, the “International World Security Alliance” announced that Adam, the founder of the Apempire, will cooperate with the Earth and activate a new project named “Easter Island”. Apexworkbot will be transferred to the earth with construction machineries and industrial rescue techniques.

The “Easter Island” project will be initiated in Sichuan. New kind of metal energy is found. It was defined as innovative renewable energy. It has super kinetic power in pollution-free circumstances. The scientists in the worldwide immediately headed to Sichuan to study on it. The first priority of "Easter Island" project is to build the “Easter Island Industrial University”. Advanced technology from Apempire enables the crippled to have limb-sparing surgery. They will be well trained to work on the “Easter Island” project.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Review I: Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Scum and Villainy 1/6th scale Boba Fett 12-inch Figure

No name strikes more fear into the heart of a galactic fugitive than that of Boba Fett. The famed bounty hunter's cool, helmeted visage is known to the denizens of countless worlds, though few have ever encountered the mysterious warrior, and fewer still would have any clue to his true identity or face.

The product of Kaminoan cloning, Boba Fett was the unaltered clone and son of Jango Fett, a Mandalorian hunter no less deadly in his day than his progeny. Trained in the techniques of his people and gifted with his father's cunning, young Boba follows in Jango's footsteps after the bounty hunter's untimely death on Geonosis. Boba Fett's trademarks are his instantly recognizable Mandalorian battle armor, his scorched jetpack and battered old Firespray interceptor Slave I, inherited from his father. All the bounty hunter's tools are custom fitted with modifications and improvements that grant him the edge in tracking and tackling his marks.

This is the recently released Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Scum and Villainy Series 1/6th scale Boba Fett 12-inch Bounty Hunter Figure. Boba Fett is a "cult figure" and one of the most popular Star Wars characters. No one knows why Boba Fett has become so popular, nor cares why, both George Lucas and Jeremy Bulloch cite Fett's mysterious nature as reasons for his popularity.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dragon Models (DML) MIB3 (Men In Black III) 1/6th scale Agent J & Agent K 12-inch figures

The original duo of Tommy Lee Jones Agent Kay and Will Smith Agent Jay from "Man In Black" are now in 1/6th scale for the first time. These 12-inch action figures have long been on my waiting list since the movie first came out in 1997 and somehow it has taken that long to produce and release these figures. If not for the third film MIB3, I doubt that these would even be made. Most companies want to stay current and do not revisit old movies except for the sure, tried and tested ones such as Star Wars, Predators, Terminator and Batman movie franchise. Somehow collectors seem to not get enough of these and 1/6th scale manufacturers just keep churning out figures based on those movies. What about "The Fifth Element"? A 1/6th scale Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas OR Milla Jovovich as Leeloo would be a treat indeed.

"Men in Black" is a 1997 science fiction action comedy film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, produced by Steven Spielberg, starring Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Linda Fiorentino, Vincent D'Onofrio, Rip Torn and Tony Shalhoub. The film was based on the Men in Black comic book series by Lowell Cunningham, originally published by Aircel Comics. The film featured the creature effects and makeup of Rick Baker. The film was released on July 2, 1997, by Columbia Pictures and grossed $589,390,539 worldwide against a $90 million budget.

I've already done reviews on both Dragon's Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) in my earlier posts. You can check the Blog Archive (August 2012) for the posts. This particular toy blog post in Toy Haven is just for the two of them ;p They make a fine movie pair, don't they? There's no denying the chemistry between them. Other notable pairings that come to mind - Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson (Zoolander, Starsky and Hutch), Michael J. Fox and Christopher Loyd (Back to the Future), Robert Redford and Paul Newman (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting), just to name a few. Scroll down to see more pictures :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Incoming: Kumik KB005 The Bad 1/6th Scale "C.Y. Park" 12-inch Collectible Figure

The Good, the Bad, the Weird (좋은 놈, 나쁜 놈, 이상한 놈, Joheun nom nabbeun nom isanghan nom) is a 2008 South Korean western film, directed by Kim Ji-woon, starring Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun, and Jung Woo-sung. It was inspired by Sergio Leone's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

In the desert wilderness of 1930s Manchuria, The Bad (Lee Byung-hun as Park Chang-yi) - a bandit and hitman - is hired to acquire a treasure map from a Japanese official traveling by train. Before he can get it however, The Weird (Song Kang-ho as Yoon Tae-goo) - a thief (Honghuzi) - steals the map and is caught up in The Bad's derailment of the train. The Good (Jung Woo-sung as Park Do-won) - an eagle-eyed bounty hunter - appears on the scene to claim the bounty on The Bad.

Kumik KB005 The Bad "C.Y. Park" 1/6th Scale Collectible Figurine features: Highly detailed head sculpt, KUMIK body with over 30 points of articulations, Four (4) pieces of interchangeable palms. Each piece of head sculpt is individually hand crafted and painted

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dragon Models (DML) MIB3 (Men In Black III) 1/6 Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K 12-inch Figure

Agent K (also known as Kay, or simply K) is a fictional MIB agent and one of the two protagonists of the film "Men in Black", its sequels "Men in Black II" and "Men in Black 3", and "Men in Black: The Series". Agent K is portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones in the three films.

In the first film, Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K is the agent who recruits Agent J after his first partner, Agent D, retires. He and Zed realize James Edwards' potential and they recruit him into the Men in Black. Kay noted that he admires Edwards' refusal to strictly follow authority as well the as the physical effort he exerted to catch an alien suspect. Kay exhibits a very serious demeanor, rarely joking or smiling and giving very matter-of-fact responses.

Dragon Models (DML) MIB3 (Men In Black III) 1/6th scale Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K (2012) 12-inch Figure comes in a rather standard box packaging with the MIB3 logo prominently displayed. Scroll down to see more pictures including the accessories and weapons that 12-inch Agent K (2012) comes with :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hot Toys MMS187 "X-Men: The Last Stand" 1/6 scale Wolverine Limited Edition 12-inch Figure

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Wolverine Limited Edition 12-inch Collectible Figurine from the superhero blockbuster "X-Men: The Last Stand". The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the movie, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed X-Men suit, weapon and movie-accurate figure stand.

Hot Toys (Movie Masterpiece Edition) MMS187 "X-Men: The Last Stand" 1/6th scale Wolverine Limited Edition 12-inch Collectible Figure specially features: Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the "X-Men: The Last Stand" movie. Stands approximately 30 cm tall, Muscular body with over 30 points of articulations, Movie-accurate facial expression featuring his angered gesture with detailed wrinkles and skin texture; Detailed hair sculpture and beard; Three (3) pairs of interchangeable gloved palms including: One (1) pair of fists with blades, One (1) pair of fists, One (1) pair of relaxed palms. Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

Some of the cast of Saving Private Ryan in 1:6th scale - 12-inch Miller, Jackson, Caparzo & Ryan

I had to do it :) After getting the Dragon Models Limited (DML) 1/6th scale Private First Class "Cappy" - World War II US Army Ranger (2nd Battalion, France 1944) 12-inch military action figure (see earlier post), I wanted a group shot of the 1/6th scale cast from "Saving Private Ryan" that I have in my 12-inch figure collection. Not all of them are here but enough to make an impression for me :)

Let's see who I have in 1/6th scale so far (from left to right): Vin Diesel as Private First Class Adrian Caparzo, Barry Pepper as marksman Private Daniel Jackson, Tom Hanks as Captain John H. Miller and Matt Damon as paratrooper Private First Class James Francis Ryan

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dragon Models (DML) MIB3 (Men In Black III) 1/6 Agent J & 1969 Agent K 12-inch figures

Well, we've seen the Dragon Models released MIB3 Agent J (Will Smith)  - reviewed HERE and HERE - and 1969's Agent K (Josh Brolin) - see previous post, so now let's see how they stack up against each other :) Josh Brolin only came on in the latest film from the MIB (Men In Black) franchise, playing the part of a younger Agent K (older K is played by Tommy Lee Jones) as seen in 1969 when Agent J goes back in time to find him.

Presenting Dragon Models Limited (DML) Men In Black III (MIB3) 1/6th scale Agent J and Agent K (1969) 12-inch figures. They do make a nice pair.

Interestingly enough, Dragon Models didn't make both figures to be of the same height. Agent J (Will Smith) is actually taller than Agent K (played by Josh Brolin in the year 1969 and Tommy Lee Jones most of the other times). And how do they both look beside one another? Mighty fine, me thinks ;p

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review Dragon Models (DML) MIB3 (Men in Black 3) Josh Brolin as Agent K 12-inch Figure

In the 2012 American 3D science fiction comedy film "Men in Black 3" (stylized as MIB3 and alternately spelled Men in Black III), Will Smith as Agent J travels back in time to find Josh Brolin as Agent K of 1969. I think it was very good casting getting Josh Brolin to portray the young Tommy Lee Jones because they really do look like peas from the same pod, although one is obviously a much older version of the other but they could very well be clones LOL

What's even better is getting 1/6th scale versions of both Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K from MIB3. For a 12-inch figure collector like me, these are just figures I gotta have and I'm glad that Dragon Models managed to get the movie license to make and release all three of them because I wasn't about to pay the price the other company was asking.

Dragon Models (DML) MIB3 (Men in Black 3) Agent K (1969) 12-inch Figure comes with 1/6th scale Life-Like Head Sculpt of Josh Brolin as 1969 Agent K, 12-inch NEO Body 3, Black Suit consisting of white Shirt, black Tie, black jacket, black Belt, black pants and Shoes. Accessories / Equipment: SunGlasses, Ankle Gun, Standard Issue 1969 MIB Gun, Alien Brain Gun. Also included: Extra pair of Hands and Figure Display Stand

Monday, August 20, 2012

Incoming: CM Toys 1:6th scale Rome Gladiator Warlord Edition GOLD version - think Spartacus

Does this look familiar? If it does, it's because CmToys had also released pictures of this identical set earlier (see my post HERE), except now this is the GOLD version. Guess everyone's doing a Hot Toys and decided to repaint existing molds and re-sell them as variants.

CM Toys No.H011 will be the 1:6th scale Rome Gladiators Warlord Edition GOLD version which is inspired by the TV series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" with Andy Whitfield playing the historical figure of Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who from 73 to 71 BC led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic.

This incoming CM Toys 1:6th scale Rome Gladiator Warlord Edition GOLD version set includes: Head sculpt of Andy Whitfield as Spartacus, chest and shoulder armor, Leather Belt, Leg armor x 2, Cloth Leggings x 2, Scimitar x 2, interchangeable Hands x 6, Roman feet (1 pair), Cloth wrist x 2, gauntlets x 2, Underwear, Ribbon, Cloak / cape, Helmet (Crixus' helmet)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Preview MC Toys 1/6th scale Trialmaster Leather Jacket suit set - "I am Legend" Robert Neville

Just how many 1/6th scale Will Smith 12-inch figures are out there? Just this year alone, EnterBay and Dragon Models (DML) have both released Will Smith as Agent J 12-inch figures. See pictures of EnterBay's MIB3 Agent J figure HERE and my review of DML's Agent J in the previous two posts (HERE and HERE). Will Smith also impressed with his movie debut as CPT Steven Hiller, F16 Pilot in the movie "Independence Day (1996)". Hot Toys actually released a 1/6th scale Will Smith as Captain Steven Hiller figure way back - see pictures HERE. There is also a DML Will Smith as Police Detective Mike Lowrey from "Bad Boys II (2003)" - see pictures. That makes four Will Smith 12-inch figures.

Then there's the Dr Figures 1/6 scale CIA Field Operator 12-inch Figure with Will Smith head sculpt (reviewed HERE) which I used to kitbash a 1/6th scale Will Smith as Robert Neville 12-inch figure from "I am Legend (2007)" - check out the pics HERE. Well, now it seems MC Toys (Magic Cube) will be releasing a 1/6th scale Trialmaster Leather Jacket suit set which is exactly what you need if you want to bash an almost movie-accurate Robert Neville 12-inch figure.

MC Toys 1/6th scale Trialmaster Leather Jacket suit (Product MCF-016) will come with 1/6th scale Belstaff Trialmaster Legend Jacket, Belstaff Longway Triple Canvas Trousers, Belstaff Shoulder Bag 554, Palladium Pampa Shoes, Short Sleeve T-shirt and M4 Rifle. It will NOT include the 1/6th scale Head, 12-inch Figure Body, sunglasses, or dog. The head sculpt they have used to model their suit appears to be the one released by Loading Toys some time ago.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review II: Dragon Models (DML) MIB3 (Men In Black III) Will Smith as Agent J 12-inch Figure

I've done the first review (posted HERE) of Dragon Models Limited (DML) MIB3 (Men In Black III) 1/6th scale Agent J 12-inch Figure which comes with 1/6th scale life-like head sculpt of Will Smith as Agent J, 12-inch NEO 3 body, extra pair of hands, white shirt, black tie and suit (including belt and pants) with shoes, shades, Neuralyzer, cell phone, taser, time stop watch, Frank the pug dog, and figure display stand.

Now we see Agent J in full suit :) i.e. a Man In Black! Men in Black (MIB), in American popular culture and in UFO conspiracy theories, are men dressed in black suits who claim to be government agents who harass or threaten UFO witnesses to keep them quiet about what they have seen.

"Men in Black (1997)", starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith as Agent K and Agent J, was based on Lowell Cunningham's comic book about a secret organization that monitors and suppresses alien activity on Earth – The Men in Black from Aircel Comics. The film was followed by "Men in Black: The Series" and its 2002 sequel "Men in Black II". "Men in Black 3" was released on May 25, 2012.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Herocross 86HERO Hybrid Metal Figuration #005: Star Wars Stormtrooper Action Figure

The Imperial stormtroopers were the evolution of the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic. By the end of the Clone Wars in 19 BBY, the Galactic Republic was reorganized into the first Galactic Empire. As a result, the Grand Army was reformed into the Stormtrooper Corps, thus renaming all clone troopers as "stormtroopers."

Stormtroopers were the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire. Like Imperial-class Star Destroyers and TIE fighters, stormtroopers served as ever present reminders of the absolute power of Emperor Palpatine. With few exceptions, they were distinguished from all other military units by their signature white armor.

New Hong Kong figure maker Hero Cross (formerly known as 86 Hero) presents this Stormtrooper from Star Wars as the 5th installment of their cutting edge Hybrid Metal Figuration line, each of which are made of approximately 70% alloy and 30% PVC.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dragon Models (DML) MIB3 (Men In Black III) 1/6th scale Will Smith as Agent J 12-inch Figure

Men in Black 3 (stylized as MIB3 and alternately spelled Men in Black III) is a 2012 American 3D science fiction comedy film and the third installment in the Men in Black film series based on Lowell Cunningham's The Men in Black comic book series. The Men in Black are a secret organization that monitors and suppresses paranormal activity on Earth (which includes aliens, demons, mutants, and other extraterrestrial life), while keeping the populace ignorant of its happenings.

Frank the Pug is a fictional character from the movie Men in Black, its sequel, its animated series, and the video game MIB: Alien Crisis. Within the films, Frank has the appearance of a normal pug dog, but he is actually an extraterrestrial in disguise (a Remoolian). Frank is played in both movies by a trained pug named Mushu with Tim Blaney providing his voice in the first two movies, the series, and the video game. Frank the Pug doesn't appear in the third film. However, his photo can be seen hung in Agent J's home.

Dragon Models Limited has released a set of 12-inch figures as a movie tie-in with the release of the Men in Black 3 film in Hong Kong. The figures released are Agent J, Agent K, Agent K (1969) and Boris the Animal.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MC (Magic Cube) Toys 1/6 Mossy Oak Winter Camouflage Outdoor Suit for Man & Woman

These are also upcoming releases announced by MC (Magic Cube) Toys. It is their MC M-007 and MC M-008 1/6th scale Mossy Oak Winter Camouflage Outdoor Suit for Man & Woman (male & female 12-inch figures) respectively. Interestingly enough, these are civilian hunting camouflage and not military based.

To be honest, I was bowled over when I first saw them :) I never thought real tree leaf patterns printed onto fabric could look this nice. Not sure as to why I like this as much as I do but it has got a nice sexy appeal to it haha. Maybe the thought of combining civilian camouflage with military ops gear, etc. for a totally different look.

These really make great kitbash ideas for a "Red Dawn" scenario, especially when combined with a couple of captured uniform pieces, maybe an AK or an RPG and a civilian shotgun. For those unfamiliar, Red Dawn is a 1984 American war film directed by John Milius and co-written by Milius and Kevin Reynolds. It stars Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Charlie Sheen and Jennifer Grey. It was about the dawn of World War III and how in mid-western America, a group of teenagers band together to defend their town, and their country, from invading Soviet forces.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Check out MC Toys 1/6th scale NAVY Working Uniform Set, last seen in "Battleship" the movie

Battleship is a 2012 American Alien Invasion science fiction naval war film inspired by the classic board game. The film was directed by Peter Berg and released by Universal Pictures. The film stars Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård, Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, and Tadanobu Asano.

Taylor Kitsch stars as Lieutenant Alex Hopper, an undisciplined US Navy Tactical Action Officer assigned to the USS John Paul Jones. Liam Neeson is Admiral Terrance Shane, Commander of the United States Pacific Fleet and Rihanna plays Gunner's Mate Second Class (GM2) Cora Raikes, crew mate and a weapons specialist on the USS John Paul Jones.

In July 2010, the new Navy Working Uniform and coveralls became the only authorized working uniforms. Based on the Marine Corps MARPAT Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform, with multiple pockets on the shirt and trousers, it uses a multi-color digital print pattern similar to those introduced by other services.

Preview Sideshow Collectibles Mass Effect 3 1/4 Commander Shepard Premium Format Figure

Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the Commander Shepard Premium Format figure from the acclaimed title, Mass Effect 3. Each piece is hand painted and finished, depicting the mercurial Commander Shepard with stunning attention to detail. Armed with his signature weaponry and finished with a high impact light up display base, the Commander Shepard Premium Format figure is an outstanding addition to any gamer's collection.

Backstory: Commander Shepard is a character whose future is as varied as his incarnations and those incarnations are limited only by the number of people who have inhabited his (or her) role.

The Sideshow Collectibles 1:4 Scale Commander Shepard Premium Format Figure features: M-8 Avenger Rifle, Omni Blade, Light Up Base and Stands Approximately 19 inches tall. Sideshow Exclusive: Additional Helmeted Head for alternate display

Sunday, August 12, 2012

MC Toys MC M-006 1/6th scale Women's Black Tactical Suit OR time to play dress up your gal

This is going to be MC Toys' M-006 1/6th scale Women's Black Tactical Suit for 12-inch female action figures. When it comes to 12-inch action figures with fabric clothes / outfits, inadvertently the topic and debate of whether it should be called an action figure or doll will pop up, even more so if it is a female figure.

To me, an action figure is one where the figure is rather articulated and can be posed in action stances, hence the keyword "ACTION" figure whereas a doll is a figure dressed up to look like a girl, usually more to do with fashion than action. A Barbie doll is therefore NOT an action figure but 1/6th scale female figures released by Hot Toys based on action movies they have appeared in and come armed with weapons and accessories for fighting bad guys are ACTION figures ;p Check out my toy blog post "I collect Action Figures" where I posted lots of pictures of action figures, NOT dolls!

You can also click on the "Femme Fatale" label to view the female action figures I have posted on / blogged about on TOY HAVEN :) So shall we let the topic "Action Figures or Dolls" be put to rest?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Review: ZCWO Mens Hommes Vol.004 1/6 Construction Crew Tools and Accessories set

I've done a review of ZCWO Mens Hommes Vol.003 (Boxing Legend) which is a great set for 1/6th scale kitbashing - pictures HERE

And this is ZCWO MH004 Mens Hommes Vol.004, offering the attire / apparel and gear plus accessories to kitbash your own construction crew or just a very well equipped D-I-Y (Do-It-Yourself) guy with his tools for working in the tool shed or workshop. This set can be called "A Construction Worker's Tools and Accessories" set as it offers 1/6th scale Protective Work Wear, Hand Tools and even a Workshop scene / diorama. 12-inch Action Figure Not Included.

ZCWO is to be applauded for taking the packaging / box which contains all the 1/6th scale items that comes in it and turning it into a tool shed / workshop scene. It's not much but it does work and it gives a very unique background for taking pictures. At least you don't just think of throwing the box away. Scroll down to see more, especially all the cool 1/6th scale tools

Incoming: BBK Journey To The West 1/6th scale Zhu Bajie / 西遊記-豬八戒 or Pigsy 12-inch Figure

From a green skin rampaging monster (see previous post) to this!

Zhu Bajie, also named Zhu Wuneng, is one of the three helpers of Xuanzang in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. He is called "Pigsy" or "Pig" in many English versions of the story. Zhu Bajie is a complex and developed character in the novel. He looks like a terrible monster, part human and part pig, who often gets himself and his companions into trouble through his laziness, gluttony, and propensity for lusting after pretty women. He is jealous of Sun Wukong and always tries to bring him down.

Inflames Toys had announced their upcoming release of a 1/6th scale 齊天大圣 The monkey king limited edition 12-inch collectible figure in June (posted HERE) and now BBK is coming up with a Journey To The West 1/6th scale ZHU BA JIE 12-inch figure? Are they in cahoots or at loggerheads I wonder? While InFlames monkey king figure is very detailed with lots of layered 1/6th scale clothing and armor, BBK's Zhu Bajie.

His Buddhist name "Zhu Wuneng", given by Bodhisattva Guanyin, means "pig (reincarnated) who is aware of ability," or "pig who rises to power", a reference to the fact that he values himself so much as to forget his own grisly appearance. Xuanzang gave him the nickname Bājiè which means "eight restraints, or eight commandments" to remind him of his Buddhist diet.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Preview: Hot Toys The Avengers: 1/6th Hulk Limited Edition Collectible Figure is 16.5" Tall

Hot Toys is proud to present the highly expected 1/6th scale Hulk Limited Edition Collectible Figurine from the smash hit The Avengers. The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of the giant green-skinned angered monster Hulk in the movie, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt with rolling eyeballs and specially sculpted muscular body.

Hot Toys - MMS186 (Movie Masterpiece Series) - The Avengers: 1/6th scale Hulk Limited Edition Collectible Figurine specially features: Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Hulk in The Avengers movie. Stands approximately 42 cm / 16.5 inches tall with One (1) newly developed head sculpt with separate rolling eyeballs, Movie-accurate facial expression featuring his angered gesture with detailed wrinkles and skin texture, Detailed hair sculpture, Giant green-skinned muscular body featuring detailed skin texture and tendons, with over 20 points of articulations with built-in joints in neck and arms which allow flexible movement. Two (2) pairs of interchangeable palms including: One (1) pair of relaxed palms, One (1) pair of forceful fists. Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

Incoming: Play Imaginative 1/6th scale DC New 52 Super Alloy Batman designed by Jim Lee

Play Imaginative is currently accepting pre-orders on its 1/6th scale Super Alloy Batman featuring a New 52 Justice League costume design by DC's Jim Lee and boasting a body that's 85 percent diecast metal. In addition to its 50+ points of articulation, the figure will also come with "a detachable and posable fabric cape, grappling gun and batarang accessories, and a magnetic dragon gargoyle display base," according to PI's official listing.

The figure will come with embedded magnets in its hands and feet to interact with all of its own wonderful toys. The SPECIAL EDITION "Batman by Jim Lee" figure comes in a limited edition gloss finish and is only available through pre-order and at the Play Imaginative Booth G3 at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention from 1-2 September 2012. The price? Available for Pre-order at S$315 (Retail at SGD350) at PI stores and the 2012 Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC 2012) in September.

Play Imaginative's Super Alloy 1/6th Scale Collectable Figure "Batman by Jim Lee" Official specifications: 12 inches tall (approximate), Sculpted PVC face, Detailed skin-textured face, Double-jointed neck, Double-jointed elbows, Ball-jointed wrists, Ball-jointed hips, Double-jointed knees, PVC utility belt, Two ABS batarangs, One ABS grappling gun, Die-cast metal torso, arms and legs, Fully articulated hands and fingers, Armoured figurine with 50 points of articulation, Gun-metal finish on main parts of body, Ball-jointed shoulders for full range of arm movements, Double-jointed body, bendable at upper torso with ability to swivel from left to right at waist, Ball-jointed ankles with articulated boot front, Magnets embedded under feet, Removable and posable cape, Figure display dragon gargoyle base with stone finish and embedded magnet, Magnet feet lock at dragon gargoyle base, Box packaging comes with magnetic clasp and box sleeve

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy National Day to all Singaporeans

Singapore turns 47 today and even though she is a young country, she has shown much progress and I am most proud to call Singapore my home. Whenever I take short breaks overseas for holidays, it always feels good to be home :) Every National Day the family will watch the National Day Parade on television together as Singapore celebrates her independence from Malaysia in 1965.

On National Day, most spectators who watch the National Day Parade live at the Marina Bay Floating Platform will dress in the national colors of Red and White. This same dress code is maintained by all students throughout the country as all the schools celebrate National Day as well and it's quite a sight when you see almost everyone dressed in national colors with such pride.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ZCWO MH007 Mens Hommes Vol.007 Boxing Legend 2.0 "How about another round, Rocky?"

Besides going into producing 1/6th scale figures (see previous post), ZCWO has been releasing quite a number of boxed outfits with accessories and the latest previews we are getting are pictures of ZCWO MH007 Mens Hommes Vol.007 Boxing Legend 2.0 for outfitting or creating your own 1/6th scale Boxer (you only need to add a 12-inch figure).

This comes after the success of ZCWO MH003 Mens Hommes Vol. 003 Boxing Legend set which I had reviewed earlier HERE. This makes it the second set in their boxing series and it's looking pretty good (except for the hat which is unacceptable).

ZCWO MH007 Mens Hommes Vol.007 Boxing Legend 2.0 set will have the follwoing items included: Boxing Accessories consist of Boxing Robe, Boxing Trunks, White Vest Top, Leather Boxing Shoes, Boxing Socks, Leather Boxing Gloves (Metal Plate inside), Championship Belt, Thai Pads, Free Standing Boxing Bag. Scroll down to see pictures of the 1/6th scale boxing ring which is included

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

ZCWO Premier Collection: 1/6 Black Jack 12-inch Anime / Manga Collectible Action Figure

Black Jack (ブラック・ジャック Burakku Jakku) is a manga written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka in the 1970s, dealing with the medical adventures of the title character, doctor Black Jack. Black Jack consists of hundreds of short, self-contained episodes that are typically about 20 pages long. Black Jack has also been animated into an OVA, two television series (directed by Tezuka's son Makoto Tezuka) and two movies. Black Jack is Tezuka's third most famous manga, after Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion.

Black Jack is a medical mercenary, selling his skills to the highest bidder. He is a shadowy figure, with a black cape, eerie black-and-white hair, and stitched-up scars worming all over his body with the most prominent being across his face.

Black Jack's real name is Kurō Hazama (間 黒男 Hazama Kurō). When he was eight years old, he was terribly injured in an explosion but he was rescued thanks to a miraculous operation by Dr. Jōtarō Honma. The skin covering the left side of his face is noticeably darker due to getting a skin-graft from his best friend, who is half African. Kurō refused to have plastic surgery to match the skin color as a sign of respect for his friend. Part of Kurō's hair also turned white due to shock. Marked by this experience, Kurō decided to become a surgeon himself, taking the name of Black Jack.

Monday, August 6, 2012

This is a stunning piece: Sideshow Collectibles Ben Kenobi, Desert Nomad Mythos Statue

After the prequel trilogy we know Obi-Wan to have led a hermit’s life on Tatooine. During this period our assumption is that his time wasn’t entirely spent living in a lonely hut, but instead as a desert nomad, exercising mental strength and physical fortitude.

Sideshow Collectibles proudly introduces the next entry in the Star Wars Mythos line, Ben Kenobi. As a nomad, wandering the desert landscape of Tatooine, Ben carries a unique collection of mementos, the weight of the memories they contain as heavy as the pack itself.

The Sideshow Collectibles Ben Kenobi - Mythos Polystone Statue features: Hand Painted and highly detailed Alec Guiness and Ewan McGregor portraits for custom diplay, Tusken rifle and bladed weapons, disarmed from Raiders during his travels, Jawa Bandoliers, Armor from Ben's service in the Clone Wars, Keepsakes from Ben's fallen Master Qui-Gon, poncho and lightsaber; Anakin's lightsaber, held by Ben for Luke to come of age; Water cistern, Jerba skin rug

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Coming soon: Playhouse 1/6th scale U.S. Navy VBSS Team 12-inch Figure is not a SEAL

Playhouse will be releasing this 1/6th scale U.S. Navy VBSS Team operator and believe it or not, this figure is NOT a SEAL. US Navy VBSS teams are made up of "regular" sailors and not NSW personnel. Visit, board, search, and seizure (VBSS) is the term for maritime boarding actions and tactics, designed to capture enemy vessels, to combat terrorism, piracy and smuggling, and to conduct customs, safety and other inspections, as employed by modern navies, marine and maritime services, military and police forces.

This is also a rather current VBSS gear loadout although we might be mistaken to think that this is the late 90s ' early 2000s due to the apparel this operator is wearing. On the contrary, US Navy Sailors are authorised to wear DCU and AOR 2 in combat roles - AOR1(desert) is only allowed for NSW.

The Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU) is essentially the same as the United States military's Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) uniform, only featuring the three-color desert camouflage pattern of dark brown, mint green, and beige, as opposed to the pale green, dark/light brown, beige, and black and white rock spots of the Desert Battle Dress Uniform.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pre-order ThreeA 1/6th scale HALO Spartan MKV Commando & Commander Carter Figures

ThreeA (3A) HALO 1/6th scale figures are now ready for pre-orders. There are two to choose from or you can order both.

Spartan MKV Commando (Bambaland Exclusive) 1/6th scale Collectible figure features: Fiber Optic illuminated helmet and combat armour, Magnetized shoulder shield and rear pouch that all weapons can be attached to, Rubberized suit over a fully articulated body with complete outer armour attachments, Fully articulated fingers. Stands 13.5 inches tall. Weapon loadout: One (1) M392 DMR (Designated Marksmen Rifle), Two (2) M9 HE-DP APG Frag Grenades, One (1) Combat Knife with Sheath.

Scroll down to see more...

DID has made the Russian President Vladimir Putin into a 1/6th scale 12-inch action figure

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (born 7 October 1952) is a Russian politician who has been the President of Russia since 7 May 2012. Putin previously served as President from 2000 to 2008 and as Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000, and again from 2008 to 2012. Putin also served as chairman of United Russia and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Union of Russia and Belarus from 2008 to 2012.

Putin began his career in the KGB but entered politics in his native Saint Petersburg in 1990. He moved to Moscow in 1996 and joined president Boris Yeltsin's administration where he rose quickly, becoming acting President on 31 December 1999 when Yeltsin resigned unexpectedly. Putin won the 2000 presidential election and was re-elected in 2004.

This upcoming 12-inch figure to be released by DID is undoubtedly 1/6th scale Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of Russia (ITEM NO: R80085) which will be made available in September 2012. This President Putin action figure will be having the NEW All-Era Body! Accessories include a Wooden Podium with Microphones and two Flags with stands will also be included! Scroll down to see more pictures ;p

"Howdy Pardner" - Crazy Owners COF-028 1/6th scale James Dean Cowboy 12-inch Figure Set

"Giant" is a 1956 American drama film, directed by George Stevens and was the last of James Dean's three films as a leading actor, and earned him his second and last Academy Award nomination – he was killed in a car accident before the film was released. The movie portrays how the oil industry transformed the Texas ranchers into the super rich of their generation.

From Crazy Owners comes this 1/6th scale "James Dean" Cowboy 12-inch Figure Set comprising a "Precision" Head Sculpt, 12-inch Figure Body, Cowboy Hat, Flannel Shirt, Cowboy Vest, Denim Vintage Jeans, Cowboy Chaps, Belt with Holster, Revolver, Bullets x 5, Cowboy boots and Spurs

It isn't very often a 1/6th scale company offers 12-inch cowboy figures. It's been mostly military and movie-related so this is a nice addition to the ever growing expansion of 1/6 figures. The last cowboy figure I got was BBK's 1/6th scale Josh Brolin as DC Comics Jonah Hex from the 2010 movie of the same name (pictures posted HERE). And if you click on the "Cowboys and Indians" label at the bottom of this toy blog post, you can view the other entries of mostly 1/6th scale Cowboy and Indian 12-inch Figures ;p

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pop Toys 1/6th scale TAD Fighting Clothing outfit set in black, green & tan / sand for 12-inch Figure

Pop Toys seems to be on a roll. Since they popped up recently with preview pictures of their 1/6th scale Water Monster Jumpsuit for 12-inch action figures (posted HERE), they have once again published pictures of their next release: 1/6th scale TAD Fighting Clothing outfits for 12-inch figures. TAD stands for Triple Aught Design and they offer 1:1 scale outdoor, tactical and adventure clothing and equipment for hiking and climbing. Military personnel swear by them and lots of SOF (Special Operations Force) personnel have been seen wearing their stuff. That's as good an advertisement as any.

If 1:1 military personnel wear TAD clothes and gear, then you can be sure 1:6 manufacturers / companies will produce and release 12-inch figures clad in TAD apparel / outfit and equipment.

So it's no surprise that 1/6th scale company Pop Toys will be releasing three different versions of TAD apparel for 12-inch figures. Model: POP1201-C TAD Fighting Clothing Set C consists of Sand TAD Tactical Stealth Hoodie, Sand TAD Mountaineering Combat Pants, Black Tight-fitting Long-sleeved T-shirt, Black Belt, Merrell Mountaineering Boots (with 2 feet joints which can be connected to Hot Toys or Soldier Story body) and Sand Cap or Tuque.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Counting the cost of being Iron Man

You think it costs a lot to be Batman (see previous post)? Wait till you see how much being Iron Man cost? After compiling the costs of being Batman, has also put together the cost of being Iron Man. It's a case of the rich (Bruce Wayne) versus the rich (Tony Stark) because let's face it, poor people cannot afford to be superheroes. How accurate this is nobody really knows, but based their calculations on the following references:,,,,,,,,, and

Based on their calculations and estimates, says Tony Stark's Iron Man Mark III armor suit costs a whopping $110,302,000 which is way more than what Bruce Wayne paid for his suit but then again, Batman can't fly in his suit. That's why DC has been producing TV episodes of the animated Batman and Justice League whereas Marvel has been churning out all the movies on Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Hulk and the Avengers. Marvel has the moolah!

So you want to be Batman? Let's see if you got what it takes to be a crimefighter, money wise

Ever wondered how much it cost to be BATMAN? Well, wonder no more. bothered to do a calculation based on research carried out by themselves and has compiled this most interesting Batman Info-graphic that puts a price to everything Batman (Bruce Wayne) owns. So now we can rest easy knowing that we are not Batman because we just cannot afford it haha. Let's just let Bruce Wayne continue to do what he's been doing with the resources he has at his disposal.

I guess anger and wanting to avenge the death of one's parents just aren't enough reasons to go out and fight crime. You need moolah and lots of it too ;p Scroll down to see how much things would really cost if Bruce Wayne as Batman have to dig deep into his pocket / bank account to fund his war on crime. Upholding justice don't come cheap... it takes a lot of money for one man in a mask and costume to fight injustice!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Check it out: POP toys 1/6th scale Water Monster Jumpsuit for 12-inch action figures

Product list: 01 x hood / cap, 01 x jumpsuit and 01 pair shoes. 12-inch Figure and 1/6 dive mask NOT included. It's about time :) I have a number of figures that need this badly due to disintegrating rubber dive suits that have dried up and cracked over time. Certainly will be picking this up. Probably will need more than one set too but hey, beats spending good money on expensive figure stands ;p (see earlier post)

Okay, I don't know why this is called "Water Monster" by Pop toys but I'm thinking something was lost in translation ;p it happens. Anyway, this looks pretty good and I for one am looking forward to these.