Monday, December 31, 2012

Preview Hot Toys G.I. Joe Retaliation: 1/6th scale Snake Eyes 12-inch Collectible Figure

Finally: Ending the year with a bang! Hot Toys actually plans to release something NEW instead of releasing or re-releasing something from the overdone (done to death) lines like Batman, Iron Man, Predators and Terminator

In view of the popularity of the G.I. Joe series and the launch of the G.I. Joe Retaliation movie in early 2013, Hot Toys is proud to present the Snake Eyes Collectible Figure from the G.I. Joe Retaliation movie as the first collaboration with Hasbro. The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Snake Eyes in his black “military ninja” bodysuit in the movie, highlighting the character’s image, highly detailed costume and weapons.

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS192 G.I. Joe Retaliation: 1/6th scale Snake Eyes Collectible Figure specially features: Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Snake Eyes in his black “military ninja” bodysuit in the movie; Is Approximately 30 cm tall; TrueType body with over 30 points of articulations; Five (5) pairs of interchangeable gloved palms including: One (1) pair of fists, One (1) pair of palms for holding gun, One (1) pair of palms for holding swords, Two (2) pairs of relaxed palms

Preview Foxbox Studio "God Complex: Inari" 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure - It's so Awesome!

What a GREAT piece of news for the year-end and so much to look forward to in 2013!

Backstory from Foxbox Studio site: High strain between the Rulers and the humans can be felt throughout the Earth. However, in the exotic land of Nippon, a different atmosphere took place. Undeterred by the human's highly advanced technology and science in the region, both races live in harmony. The Rulers race in this region are a philanthropic bunch and using their connection to nature, they helped the people of Nippon to get back on their feet after their dark and traumatic past. In many places of the land, the humans built many temples in honor of their deeds, and more than one-third of the temples are dedicated to their favorite Ruler, Inari.

Inari is among the most fortunate of all Rulers. It is believed that many who follow after Inari will also experience great fortune, thus the reason he has many followers. He never let his stature to shadow his purpose and he walks among people as one of them, never to let them turn into zealots. Rumor has it that the Kitsune Rod on his right arm is his tool to annihilate misfortunes.

Incoming: World Box 1/6 scale "Scout GO” from GO BABY series – "Take Happiness Home"

This is the fourth Lakor baby to be released by WorldBox but the first in their new military line called the LAKOR 1/6 scale "Scout GO” from GO BABY series, as in "Let's Go Baby!!" I've already shown preview pictures of their three earlier announced releases starting with Joker Baby HERE, followed by Bat Baby (pictures HERE) and Iron Baby previewed HERE.

Till today, I'm still wondering who the target audience for these figures are because I really don't get it? I collect 1/6 figures and I collect generic toy figures as well (those that I like) which are non-1/6 scale but I just cannot understand the baby angle. I guess they are just not my cup of tea as I find them rather creepy.

SCOUT GO BABY Action Figure Manufactured by World Box is approximately 6" tall (150mm) and Features: 1/6 scale Baby Head, 6-inch Body (150mm), Camouflage clothing (what I see is a fur-lined outfit), Gas mask, SPC Vest, MOLLE Pouch, Dump Pouch, Anti-noise earphone, Rifle sling, AK gun, Gloves, Badge, GPRS, Watch Cap (knit cap also known as Tuque), Chocolate stick x 4 (3 + 1) and Boots (it's listed but I don't see them)...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Preview ZC World ZCWO 1/6 scale Dr Kirico 12-inch Figure from Black Jack manga / anime

Black Jack (ブラック・ジャック Burakku Jakku) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka in the 1970s, dealing with the medical adventures of the title character, doctor Black Jack.

Black Jack consists of hundreds of short, self-contained episodes that are typically about 20 pages long. Black Jack has also been animated into an OVA, two television series (directed by Tezuka's son Makoto Tezuka) and two movies. Black Jack is Tezuka's third most famous manga, after Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion.

Dr. Kiriko (ドクター・キリコ), the "death doctor", is another shadowy doctor, traveling the world like Black Jack. When Kiriko was a war doctor, he saw many patients in great pain, and got into the habit of using euthanasia. He often appears in the manga, attempting to kill terminally ill patients which Black Jack wants to save.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review 3: Jason Statham as Lee Christmas – Art Figures 1/6 Soldiers of Fortune 12-inch figure

continued from previous post...

Finally where it all comes together. This is my third toy blog post / review of Art Figures AF-010 1/6 scale Soldiers of Fortune 12-inch action figure which is obviously inspired by Jason Statham as Lee Christmas from "The Expendables" movie. Having already covered the box contents and packaging in my first post / review HERE and then following that up with pictures of 1/6 scale Lee Christmas with Beretta M9 pistol drawn HERE, it's only appropriate to finish it off with pictures of 12-inch Jason Statham as Lee Christmas armed with his Noveske Rifleworks Diplomat rifle.

During the raid on Garza's compound, the majority of the Expendables can be seen carrying the Noveske Rifleworks Diplomat which is equipped with a Vltor VIS-1 monolithic upper receiver assembly. In February 2009, ISS (Independent Studio Services) received 12 Vltor VIS-1s with Diplomat barrel assemblies, with KX-3 flash-hiders. ISS also received 24 EMod stocks from Vltor, which were intended to be used in "The Expendables". The rifles were converted to full auto.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Incoming: Hot Toys Iron Man 2: 1/6th scale Hall of Armor Collectible with Light-up display

Oh Great - more Iron Man stuff from Hot Toys...

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Hall of Armor Collectible from the Iron Man 2 movie from the Diorama Series, where Tony Stark displays his armors in his basement workshop in the house. The movie-accurate Hall of Armor is highly-detailed and has LED light-up functions, which is suitable for displaying the Hot Toys 1/6th scale Iron Man Collectible Figurine Series, so that you can easily create your own Tony Stark’s workshop in 1/6th scale!

Hot Toys - Diorama Series DS001A-C - Iron Man 2: 1/6th scale Hall of Armor Collectible specially features: Authentic and highly detailed Hall of Armor, Approximately 35cm H x 23cm W x 17.5cm D, LED light-up functions; Suitable for all Hot Toys 1/6th scale Iron Man Collectible Figurine Series; Transparent acrylic plate with stickers with holographic-like effect; Each Hall of Armor can be combined with another to create the diorama setting; AC / DC compatible

Art Figures AF-010 1/6 scale Soldiers of Fortune "Lee Christmas" 12-inch action figure Review II

continued from previous post...

This is Art Figures recently released AF-010 1/6 scale Soldiers of Fortune 12-inch action figure fully kitted (minus his assault rifle - that's up NEXT) and posed with pistol drawn and ready for action :) I have already covered the box packaging and contents in my earlier post HERE of the basic figure and here's my follow up toy blog post of 1/6 scale Jason Statham as "Lee Christmas" from "The Expendables" movie. Art Figures have been putting out some pretty neat stuff and their 12-inch figures have all been top notch, starting with their Art-Figures: SAVES "Punisher: War Zone" Figure (reviews and pictures HERE and HERE)

In the movie "The Expendables", Jason Statham as Lee Christmas carries a Beretta 92G Elite 1A on his vest in a cross draw holster. He uses it in conjunction with his knives in the final assault on General Garza's fortress.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review 1: Art Figures AF-010 1/6 scale Soldiers of Fortune 12-inch action figure "Lee Christmas"

In the 2010 action film "The Expendables" and the follow-up film / sequel "The Expendables 2" directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone, former SAS soldier Lee Christmas (Jason Statham) is Barney Ross's (Sylvester Stallone) worthy right hand man. Lee is a martial arts expert, very adept at hand-to-hand combat, close quarters knife combat and is especially good at knife throwing. Interestingly enough, there was an actual person by the name of Lee Christmas. Lee Christmas (born February 2, 1863, Livingston Parish, Louisiana - died January 24, 1924) was an American mercenary in Central America. (source: wiki)

This is Art Figures recently released AF-010 1/6 scale Soldiers of Fortune 12-inch action figure and let's just say its release just before Christmas was most timely and apt, don't you think? I had to get 12-inch Lee Christmas for the season right? And I'm most glad I did :) What a fine figure this turned out to be. Scroll down to see more pictures, including the box packaging and contents. Very NICE indeed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day with Playmobil Set 4890 Santa Claus and Snowman

Boxing Day is traditionally the day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts from their superiors or employers, known as a "Christmas box". Today, Boxing Day is better known as a bank or public holiday that occurs on 26 December, or the first or second weekday after Christmas Day, depending on national or regional laws. It is observed in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and some other Commonwealth nations.

In South Africa, Boxing Day was renamed to Day of Goodwill in 1994. In Ireland it is recognised as St. Stephen's Day (Irish: Lá Fhéile Stiofáin) or the Day of the Wren (Irish: Lá an Dreoilín). In some European countries, notably Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Scandinavia and the Netherlands, 26 December is celebrated as the Second Christmas Day. [source: wiki]

I had already posted on Christmas (see previous post) but hey, Christmas is more than a day. Some people even celebrate Christmas over 12 days, as the lyrics of a popular song goes. This is the Playmobil set no. 4890 which consists of a 7.5 cm (2.95 inches) tall Playmobil Santa Claus mini figure and a Snowman mini figure. I much prefer Playmobil figures to Lego figures because Playmobil figures are bigger and cheaper, hence more value-for-money than Lego figures which are smaller and while the attire of most Lego figures is mostly painted on, Playmobil figures have costumes that are layered which makes it more interesting :) Scroll down to see more pictures

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pre-order Dollsfigure CC206 1/6 scale Sexy Female Xmas Full Costume Set for 12" figures

It's Christmas and here's wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all. Since I've been posting Santa Claus almost every year at Christmas (see my last Santa Claus post HERE - it has a bit of Leon and lots of Chupa Chups), I thought I'll give it a rest and post pictures of sexy Santarina instead ;p

Dollsfigure CC206 1/6 scale Sexy Female Xmas Full Costume Set for 12-inch figures will come with Santa Hat, Neck Collar, Sexy low cut dress (Santarina costume?), Arm sleeves, Belt, One pair lace stockings, One pair cotton socks, Drop leg holster, Phone, Pistol. 1/6 Female Head sculpt and 12-inch Female Body not included.

The addition of the drop-down leg holster is a nice touch and keeps it interesting ;p I especially like the pistol done in two colors - red with a white slide. That's pretty cool too. I think this outfit is quite nicely put together :) Have a GREAT Christmas everybody. Scroll down to see more pictures of Dollsfigure CC206 1/6 scale Sexy Female Xmas Full Costume Set for 12" figures.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Pre-order Dollsfigure 1/6 scale SEXY Female Ninja Costume set for 12-inch figure

What's better than a ninja (see previous post)? A sexy female ninja that's what ;p

Here's Dollsfigure CC209 1/6 scale SEXY Female Ninja Costume set for 12-inch figures. Items Included: Headgear Belt, 3 pcs Collars, Face Mask, Ninja Costume, One-piece Mesh Lingerie, 1 pair of short arm sleeves, Underwear, Kneepad, 2 pairs of firearm, 2 pairs of spear. Head, Body & Boots NOT included.

You can pre-order this Dollsfigure 1/6 scale SEXY Female Ninja Costume set at TFH (The Falcon's Hangar). According to the manufacturer, this release will be available come January 2013. Scroll down to see more pictures :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Over 10,000,000 (Ten Million) Pageviews and Counting - A BIG Thank You to Everyone :)

When I posted my first toy blog entry in TOY HAVEN back on July 18, 2007 (see my very first post HERE), I never imagined that there will come a day when I'll get over 10,000,000 pageviews but that day has come and sooner than I thought possible. In a short span of over five years from then till now (Blogger Stats has it from May 2008 - December 2012), there have been so many pageviews and visitors to my toy blog that has seen TOY HAVEN grow in visitor numbers year by year and I have everyone to thank for that :) If you are reading this, then you are one of the contributing factors and I thank you. I count myself very blessed for having met so many fellow collectors and like-minded people over the years and a lot of you have been with me for a very long time, going by the comments and emails I have received and I thank you all for that :)

It will never beat South Korean Psy's Gangnam Style video which has already amassed 1 billion hits but hey, I'm doing my small part for the toy community in general and the 1/6 scale collectors' market in particular. Nowadays when I need to look for stuff on my toy blog, I find it a lot easier and faster to google it as it usually appears on the first page of the searched list. There have been occasions where other bloggers and scumbag thieves have taken my entire posts including my pictures and reposted them as their own but that has not reduced the visitor numbers at all. I look forward to all your continued support as I continue my passion of blogging about the subject of toys and the things I enjoy in my free time. JESUS comes first (because of Him, I've been incredibly blessed) and family is second but toys are a very close third haha

Pre-order Crazy Owners 1/6 scale Master Ninja Set (Black and Camouflage versions) at TFH

Recently, it has been a case of deja vu over and over again haha. First there was the announcement of the re-release of the Hot Toys Scar Predator 14-inch figure (preview pictures HERE) which I already have (see the original FIRST version pictures and review HERE). Now this - Crazy Owners 1/6 scale Master Ninja Set (Black and Camouflage versions). It's like I've seen all these before ;p

I had posted pictures of Devil Ninja by TAO some time back in 2008 (see the pictures HERE) which came with the classic devil mask like the one shown here and now Crazy Owners is offering the same or quite similar.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

DASH is Giving Away Amazon Gift Cards

At DASH we have a pretty good idea what collectors like, but we can’t make everyone happy with every single contest. So we’ve decided to take the route of grandmas around the world this holiday season and simply give away gift cards. You might think it lacks creativity, but there’s nothing quite like a shiny new gift card underneath a tree, especially when it gives you the control. Welcome to the DASH Community Contest #7, where 10 lucky winners will win a prize that transforms into the toy of their choosing.

To enter, just register on (if you haven’t already), and then add new items to your My Collection page. Each item you add is an extra entry into the contest (up to 100 per day), so take a few minutes to fully update your collection and you’ll be increasing your odds of taking home a free gift card along the way. And when Christmas Eve rolls around, keep your eyes out for a lifesize Santa action figure as he brings more contest entries down the chimney.

We hope you enjoy adding figures to your collection, and we think once you start, it’ll be difficult to stop. And don’t forget to go ahead and start adding items to your wanted list to get ready for next year too!

And don’t forget we’re also giving away a Captain Action figure signed by Joe Jusko! Just like Captain Action on Facebook for all the details and to enter!

For complete contest rules and requirements, please email

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Pre-order Dollsfigure 1/6 scale Miyamoto Musashi Samurai Head, clothing and accessories

Up for pre-order at TFH are two sets of 1/6 scale Dollsfigure head and outfits. They offer different Asian (Japanese) head sculpt but with identical Samurai clothing. You have a choice of going for rooted hair (implanted hair version) or sculpted hair. Going by the head sculpt, one can't help but think of Miyamoto Musashi.

Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵) (c. 1584–June 13 (Japanese calendar: May 19), 1645), also known as Shinmen Takezō, Miyamoto Bennosuke, or by his Buddhist name Niten Dōraku, was a Japanese swordsman and samurai famed for his duels and distinctive style. Musashi, as he was often simply known, became renowned through stories of his excellent swordsmanship in numerous duels, even from a very young age. [source: wiki]

Asmus Toys had released a 1:6 scale Miyamoto Musashi 12-inch Samurai figure already (see the preview pictures HERE) and so did Crazy Owners - Historical Series @ COF-011 - 宫本武藏 Miyamoto Musashi (pictures HERE). Scroll down to see more pictures of the rooted hair and sculpted hair versions.

Pre-order ZCWO Astro Boy Vinyl Collectables Master Series 1 Figure - Don't be shy

This is the ZC World ZCWO Vinyl Collectables Master Series 1 Astro Boy Vinyl Figure that is now up for pre-order at TFH (The Falcon's Hangar).

Astro Boy (鉄腕アトム Tetsuwan Atomu, "Mighty Atom," lit. "Iron Arm Atom") is a Japanese manga series first published in 1952 and television program first broadcast in Japan in 1963. The story follows the adventures of a robot named Astro Boy and a selection of other characters along the way. Astro Boy was adapted into the first popular animated Japanese television series that embodied the aesthetic that later became familiar worldwide as anime. It originated as a manga in 1952 by Osamu Tezuka, revered in Japan as the "God of Manga." After enjoying success abroad, Astro Boy was remade in the 1980s as Shin Tetsuwan Atomu, known as Astroboy in other countries, and again in 2003.

Astro Boy is a science fiction series set in a futuristic world where robots co-exist with humans. Its focus is on the adventures of the titular "Astro Boy" (sometimes called simply "Astro"): a powerful robot created by the head of the Ministry of Science, Doctor Tenma (aka Dr. Astor Boyton II in the 1960 English dub) to replace his son Tobio ('Astor' in the 1960s English dub; 'Toby' in the 1980s English dub and the 2009 film), who died in a car accident (ran away in the 2003 anime; vaporized in the 2009 film). Dr. Tenma built Astro in Tobio's image and treated him as lovingly as if he were the real Tobio, but soon realized that the little robot could not fill the void of his lost son, especially given that Astro could not grow older or express human aesthetics (in one set of panels in the manga, Astro is shown preferring the mechanical shapes of cubes over the organic shapes of flowers). [source: wiki]

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Preview Hot Toys Alien vs. Predator: 1/6th scale Scar Predator Collectible Figure (Re-release)

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Scar Predator Collectible Figure from the Alien vs. Predator movie. The movie-accurate Scar Predator collectible is specially crafted based on his image in the movie, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed body armor, weapons and accessories, as well as detachable light-up mask.

It's a case of deja vu ;p This is a re-release Predator figure as Hot Toys had released this "Aliens vs Predator" Hot Toys 1/6th scale Scar Predator 14-inch figure back in 2006. You can check out my post HERE for the original first version Scar Predator which is one of my toy blog posts with the most number of hits / page loads. Scroll down to see more pictures of this version 2.0 Hot Toys Scar Predator.

S is also for Star Wars and these are NOT your regular sized Star Wars Lego mini figures

From a post-apocalyptic future (see previous post) to a galaxy far far away...

Lego has ventured into making other products besides their little bricks. I've bought some Lego Star Wars boxed sets in the past but have since decided to focus on my 1/6 scale collection as I much prefer the articulation and ultra-detailed accessories, gear, uniforms and weapons. That said, I still have a thing for Star Wars and besides the 12-inch Star Wars figures, I do collect some of the Star Wars mini figures as well. Here's a picture I took recently of my Star Wars Lego figures standing alongside the Medicom Toys Kubrick Star Wars figures as well.

The Medicom Toys Kubrick Star Wars mini figures in the picture above are the two Imperial Stormtroopers on the right standing on either side of the Medicom Toys Kubrick Star Wars Darth Vader figure. I had posted pictures of the Kubrick Stormtroopers by Medicom Toys HERE as well as pictures of the Kubrick Darth Vader HERE and HERE

Besides the Lego mini figures (standing right in front), there are the Lego LED Key Light Star Wars figures and the much bigger Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock :) Scroll down to see more pictures

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Preview DAM Toys 1/6 MARSOC (Marine Special Ops Regiment) Special Ops Team leader

Marine Special Operations Regiment (MSOR) consists of a Headquarters Company and three Marine Special Operations Battalions. The MSOBs are tasked with direct action, special reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, and information operations. They are also trained to carry out peacetime foreign internal defense and unconventional warfare. This includes giving military training to friendly foreign nations. These Marine elite of the Marine Special Operations Teams of the MSOB was initially drafted from the famous Force Reconnaissance Marines.

The Marine Raiders were elite units established by the USMC during World War II to conduct amphibious light infantry warfare, particularly in landing in rubber boats and operating behind the lines. Raiders are said to be the first United States special operations forces to form and see combat in World War II. Raiders Lt Col Evans F. Carlson used egalitarian and team-building methods learned from the Communists during his years in China: he treated raiders officers and enlisted men with minimum regard to rank as leaders and fighters, gave his men "ethical indoctrination," describing for each man what he was fighting for and why, and used the Chinese phrase "Gung-ho!" as a motivational slogan.

Looks like DAM Toys is going into Soldier Story's territory ;p Soldier Story has been the king of 1/6 scale modern warfare 12-inch military figures (Playhouse is also up there but doesn't seem to put out as many figures) with DiD staying focused producing and releasing military figures of the World War II era. Now DAM Toys seem to be coming up strong on the market with their own version of the modern warrior. It's all good for us 1/6 scale figure collectors because it only means that there are more options for us to choose from.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ThreeA WWR 1/6 scale N.O.M. Disciple Twenty-Seven 12-inch action figure REVIEW II

continued from previous post...

This ThreeA WWR 1/6 scale N.O.M. Disciple Twenty-Seven 12-inch action figure deserves that much attention, hence a two-part review :) I had already covered the box, its contents and the figure straight out of the box in the previous post. Now let's do a breakdown and see what lies beneath the outer layers.

A quick re-cap: N.O.M. (which stands for "Not Ordinary Men") exists in the WWR (World War Robot) universe which Ashley Wood and TP Louise created and they are fighting in the Great War which involves other parties / factions as well. This N.O.M. Disciple Twenty-Seven 12-inch action figure is released by ThreeA, a collaborative effort between toy maker ThreeZero and Ashley Wood.

ThreeA (3A) World War Robot (WWR) 1/6 scale N.O.M. Disciple Twenty-Seven 12-inch action figure comes with a WWII German helmet, gas mask with air hoses coming out of it and going into an oxygen tank, very weathered / dirtied hooded shirt with the number 27 printed on the left chest, a gun belt that has two holsters which hold his two revolvers (one on each side), a baton in holder, three pouches (they are actually WWII German StG44 triple magazine pouches) and the pouch / carrier for his oxygen tank, pants and boots.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Review 1: ThreeA WWR 1/6 scale N.O.M. Disciple Twenty-Seven 12-inch action figure

N.O.M. (which stands for "Not Ordinary Men") is a faction in "World War Robot" (a graphic novel illustrated by artist Ashley Wood and written by both Ashley Wood and TP Louise. Also called the Great War) which sides with neither the Earth Coalition (Religious to a point at which they do not allow another belief on their world) or the Martians (atheists who left Earth to live on Mars) and are fighting their war to reunite humanity and put and end to the Great War. Their logo and beliefs are based on the trinity in which humanity must exist and one day return.

N.O.M.'s true enemy is M.O.D., who seek to stop N.O.M. and keep the war in constant motion. This is the latest WWR 1/6 scale N.O.M. figure to be released by ThreeA and it is a N.O.M. Disciple Twenty-Seven 12-inch action figure.

ThreeA has released quite a number of Ashley Wood's WWR N.O.M. 12-inch figures already, with 1/6 scale Nom de Plume being the first character to be released in the World War Robot toy line by ThreeA. There have also been the N.O.M. Commanders released as well. Scroll down to see more pictures of this latest WWR figure by 3A - 1/6 scale N.O.M. Disciple Twenty-Seven 12-inch action figure.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Preview ZC World ZCWO 1/6 scale New York Police Officer "Gregory" 12-inch action figure

The New York City Police Department (NYPD), established in 1845, is the largest municipal police force in the United States, with primary responsibilities in law enforcement and investigation within the five boroughs of New York City. The NYPD is one of the oldest police departments established in the United States; tracing its roots back to the first Dutch eight man night watch in 1625, when New York City was New Amsterdam. It has its headquarters at One Police Plaza in Lower Manhattan.

The NYPD has a broad array of specialized services, including the Emergency Services Unit, K-9, harbor patrol, air support, bomb disposal, anti-terrorism, criminal intelligence, anti-gang, narcotics, public transportation, even public housing; The New York City Transit Police and New York City Housing Authority Police Department were fully integrated into the NYPD in 1995. According to the department, its mission is to "enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment." Members of the NYPD are frequently referred to by the nickname New York's Finest.

House (also known as House, M.D.) is an American television medical drama that originally ran on the Fox network for eight seasons from November 16, 2004, to May 21, 2012. The show's main character is Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), a drug-addicted, unconventional, misanthropic medical genius who leads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH) in New Jersey.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Incoming: Pop Toys 1/6 scale German Female Instructors Uniform Skirt Set for 12-inch Figures

This is the up-and-coming Pop Toys 1/6 scale German Female Instructors Uniform Skirt Set for 12-inch figures. Do note that the 12-inch female figure body, 1/6 scale head sculpt and hands are NOT included.

This German uniform set will come with Women’s Grey Ship cap, Women’s White Long-sleeved Shirt, Women’s Grey Uniform, Women’s Grey Uniform Skirt,Lether Belt and Cross-body Strap, Black Tie, Black Long Tube Pantyhose, Black High-heels, Badges, Pins, Armband, Swastika armband. Pop Toys says that this suit set will be fitter, because of the new cutting style. The head in the picture is provided by the brand Kumik. They has used the same head when they modeled their PopToys 1/6 scale Office Lady’s Suit Set for 12-inch female figures (3 versions) - see the earlier post HERE

Another similar figure previewed earlier HERE was the Original Effect Army Attractive series 1/6 scale Viola 12-inch female action figure. She looked pretty much the slut, I meant the part and although she didn't have a Swastika symbol, we all knew which country she was supposed to represent.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review III: 3A BBICN Exclusive World War Robot WWR 1/6 scale Bot Sniper Punter 12-inch Figure

continued from part 2...

In my first part review of this 3A Punter Bot Sniper figure HERE, I covered the box packaging and a undressed i.e. basic grunt looking figure without the full gear. This was then followed up with a review of Punter wearing the assault and load bearing vests as well as the boonie hat but without the camouflage ghillie suit (pictures HERE). So finally we get to see how threeA (3A) BBICN Exclusive World War Robot (WWR) 1/6 scale Bot Sniper Punter 12-inch Figure really looks like fully suited up.

The 3A Bot Sniper camouflage ghillie suit is not so much worn but more tied together. There are strings located in the reverse side for you to tie the camouflage "netting" to the figure's arms and neck so that the ghillie suit stays in place and does not slip off. Unlike BBI Elite Force 1/6 scale USMC Sniper "Snake" 12-inch figure which came with a full ghillie suit with "strips" which you had to manually tie to complete the look (you can view the pictures HERE), 3A WWR Punter Bot Sniper ghillie suit is less of a suit and more of a "cover" - you just lay it on top of the figure's existing outfit and tie it down in place with strings at strategic locations, two for each arm and one for the neck. Scroll down to see more.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Incoming: Hot Toys 1/6 scale TrueType Figure - Advanced Muscular, Regular and Slim Bodies

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale TrueType Figure - TTM20 Advanced Muscular Body, TTM21 Regular Body and TTM22 Slim Body. Since the last release of the Hot Toys TTM19 TrueType Muscular Body Figure (reviewed HERE in December of 2011 - that's one year ago), Hot Toys has not released any news about any upcoming new figure. Other companies have since jumped on the bandwagon and offered lots of alternative body types for 1/6 collectors to choose from to add to their collection.

Well, it looks like Hot Toys is back with their 1/6 versions of the 12-inch figure body. They should since they usually release their figures with more than one head sculpt therefore leaving collectors scrambling for additional bodies to fit the extra head. Previously the Hot Toys TrueType Male 12-inch bodies come with 1/6 scale head sculpts but these latest batch do not have heads. Does that mean that they will cost less? Hopefully so.

The 1/6th scale TrueType Figure – Advanced Muscular Body will have the following features: Figure will be approximately 30 cm tall (the tallest of the three - note the additional extension in black at the ankle region) with over 38 points of articulation. This will be the Advanced muscular body and will come with Two (2) pairs of interchangeable palms including: One (1) pair of relaxed palms, One (1) right palm for holding gun, One (1) left fist. Suitable for 1/6th scale fabric costume and accessories. Especially suitable for the T-800 series. Accessory: Figure display stand. Release date: Q1, 2013

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

3A BBICN Exclusive World War Robot WWR 1/6 scale Bot Sniper Punter 12-inch Figure Review II

continued from earlier post...

I like military figures. The properly trained and honed military guys always strike me as well-disciplined soldiers transformed into lean mean fighting machines with a heart. A strong military gives the people of the country confidence and acts as a deterrence to opposing / invading forces which in turn helps to ensure a good government. A military that is too strong makes it dangerous as martial law can take over at anytime. A weak military puts the country at risk of invasion and civil unrest / war.

That said, military figures in a future sci-fi world like the colonial marines seen in "Aliens" or "Starship Troopers" as well as soldiers of a post-apocalyptic world intrigues me even more because in these instances, the artist is imagining how the future is seen through the eyes of these soldiers. So the grunts of World War Robot Universe designed by Ashley Wood interests me much because besides humans, they also fight robots or warbots.

This is the 3A World War Robot WWR 1/6 scale Bot Sniper Punter 12-inch figure which was released as a BBICN Retail Exclusive. I've pretty much covered the box packaging and its contents in the earlier post, including detailing the parts and accessories, and what Punter wears under the assault and load bearing vests. This is the second post and part 2 review of threeA's Punter Bot Sniper 1/6 scale figure.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Coming soon from Hot Toys – 3-inch tall Monsters, Inc. Cosbaby (S) Series

In view of the popularity of the Monsters, Inc. movie and the upcoming launch of the 3D version of that movie in early 2013, Hot Toys is proud to present the Cosbaby (S) series from the Monsters, Inc. movie. Each cosbaby stands approximately 3 inches / 7 cm tall, featuring your favorite movie characters of six unique designs in baby forms and their unique designs in special format.

Monsters, Inc. is a 2001 American computer-animated comedy-adventure film directed by Pete Docter, released by Walt Disney Pictures, and the fourth film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Co-directed by Lee Unkrich and David Silverman, the film stars two monsters who work for a company named Monsters, Inc.: top scarer James P. Sullivan (voiced by John Goodman)—known as "Sulley"—and his one-eyed assistant, Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal). Monsters generate their city's power by scaring children, but they are terribly afraid themselves of being contaminated by children, so when one enters Monstropolis, Sulley finds his world disrupted.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Preview DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 Spade 2 12-inch figure - animated Vinnie Jones

DAM Toys surprised everyone when they first released pictures of their upcoming new line of Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale figures with Spade J who looked a lot of an animated Jason Statham 12-inch figure (check out my earlier post HERE)

Well, DAM TOYS has just released preview / prototype pictures of their second 1/6 scale Gangsters Kingdom figure which they are calling Spade 2 (GK002#) and he looks a lot like Vinnie Jones! Vincent Peter "Vinnie" Jones (born 5 January 1965) is a British actor and former professional footballer.

DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 Spade 2 12-inch figure will come with 1/6 scale head sculpt, 12-inch Action Figure body, sunglasses, Black T-shirt, Long Sleeve Tee (hooded sweater), Baseball Jacket, blue jeans, skating board shoes (one pair), interchangeable hands x 3, Remington 870 Compact Shotgun, metal baseball bat, whiskey flask, whiskey flask carrier, Gold watch, Gold Necklace.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Preview DID 1/6 scale George C. Scott as General George Smith Patton 12-inch figure

"Patton" is a 1970 American biographical war film about U.S. General George S. Patton during World War II. It stars George C. Scott, Karl Malden, Michael Bates, and Karl Michael Vogler. It was directed by Franklin J. Schaffner from a script by Francis Ford Coppola and Edmund H. North, who based their screenplay on the biography Patton: Ordeal and Triumph by Ladislas Farago and Omar Bradley's memoir A Soldier's Story. "Patton" won eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

The opening monologue, delivered by George C. Scott as General Patton with an enormous American flag behind him, remains an iconic and often quoted image in film. The film was a success and has become an American classic. In 2003, Patton was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

DID will be releasing this 1/6 scale George C. Scott as General George Smith Patton 12-inch figure as he is seen in the movie "Patton". DID Corp. may have labelled this release as General Patton but the head sculpt is that of George C. Scott as the General in the movie. Nonetheless, head sculpt not withstanding, this is another amazing 12-inch military figure to be released by DID.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Review 1: 3A BBICN Exclusive World War Robot WWR 1/6 scale Punter Bot Sniper 12-inch Figure

The term World War Robot Universe refers to the complete fictional story and world of the World War Robot intellectual property of Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise. WWR format figures are 1/6th scale toys of the various bots and humans of the WWR Universe, while their smaller WWRp counterparts are half that size at 1/12th scale.

The Great War takes place between multiple different factions; the most obvious are the Martians, humans who have left Earth and settled on Mars seeking refuge, and the Terrans those who remain on Earth and seek to subdue the Martians to their fanatic religious ideals with violent means. Both sides utilize warbots in their ongoing conflict.

Grunts are the lowest ranking Terran soldier in the World War Robot Universe. They are described as having very little training for the battlefield and being the "pawns" in the Terran's war. The Grunts are young soldiers who are enlisted as servants for the religious purpose and are given very little investment in training.

Bot Sniper Punter is a Grunt-based character that uses a rather LARGE sniper rifle. His attire includes a boonie hat and camouflage ghillie suit. He snipes warbots!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

DASH Has Gifts For You This Holiday Season

Every action figure collector knows what it’s like to wake up on that special day, find that giant box, and open that toy you’ve been dreaming about all year. DASH also knows how wonderful that feeling is, and that’s why we’re trying to give five lucky collectors the Christmas of their dreams and their childhood. Check out the details for our Christmas Club Contest and register on to make sure you’re entered to win one of our special Christmas gifts which will arrive wrapped and all.

Standard registered users on DASH have a pile of things under their tree, but there’s even more stuff in the stocking when you upgrade your membership. Not only do you get access to the world’s best action figure values, detailed collection reports, and full use of a great mobile app for collectors, you’re also part of a select group eligible to receive the ultimate gift in our Christmas Club Contest.

But DASH’s giving spirit doesn’t end with the Christmas season. We’re giving away great new figures every two weeks in our Community Contest, and this time around a brand new G2 Bruticus might make its way down your chimney. The only way to win this great prize is by being a registered member on DASH, as every account on the site is automatically entered to win.

If you thought that was all our contests currently running, you must be lacking some holiday spirit. We’re adding new contests every week, and the only way to see them all is to Like DASH on Facebook. We hope you have a great holiday season, find a toy or two under your tree, and make the most of your collection with DASH.

For complete contest rules and requirements, please email

Review MC Toys 1/6 scale Trialmaster Leather Jacket suit for "I am Legend" 12-inch figure

This is the latest Will Smith "I am Legend" Robert Neville I have put together and this one is the easiest because almost everything you see was released by MC Toys. This MC Toys 1/6 scale Trialmaster Leather Jacket suit was produced specifically so that you can kitbash your very own 12-inch Will Smith "I am Legend" Robert Neville action figure. All you need is the 12-inch figure body and 1/6 scale Will Smith head sculpt.

Just how many 1/6th scale Will Smith 12-inch figures are out there? Just this year alone, EnterBay and Dragon Models (DML) have both released Will Smith as Agent J 12-inch figures. See pictures of EnterBay's MIB3 Agent J figure HERE and my review of DML's Agent J in two earlier posts (HERE and HERE). Will Smith also impressed with his movie debut as CPT Steven Hiller, F16 Pilot in the movie "Independence Day (1996)". Hot Toys actually released a 1/6th scale Will Smith as Captain Steven Hiller figure way back - see pictures HERE. There is also a DML Will Smith as Police Detective Mike Lowrey from "Bad Boys II (2003)" - see pictures. That makes four Will Smith 12-inch figures. Other Will Smith head sculpts include one released by Loading Toys some time ago and another by Dr Figures (check out my review HERE)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Falcon's Hangar will be at Licence2Play 2012, Dec 7 to 9 from 11am to 9pm at Hall E!

Licence2Play will be held at Sands Expo & Convention Center this coming weekend from December 7 to 9 and The Falcon's Hangar will be there from 11am to 9pm at Hall E clearing their inventory to prepare for 2013! That means everything will be priced to go and if you have ever been to one of their sales, you'll know that this is THE SALE you don't want to miss. Popular brands like Hasbro, Bandai, Mattel, Takara Tomy and many more are all up for grabs.

NECA Resident Evil "Operation Raccoon City" Wolfpack Vector 7-inch action figure REVIEW II

continued from earlier post...

Little is known about the background of the operative known as "VECTOR;" his true name and origin remain a mystery. After becoming employed in the ranks of Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.), an elite paramilitary unit and subsidiary branch of the Umbrella Corporation, VECTOR was sent to Rockfort Island where he honed his skills as a soldier.

This is the NECA Resident Evil Vector 7″ action figure from the Resident Evil franchise, Operation Raccoon City. The figure comes in a clamshell packaging and is described as "a hooded soldier decked out in full tactical gear with an arsenal of weapons and loads of articulation. Vector is ready for combat and the zombie attack."

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Preview Soldier Story 1/6 scale FBI CIRG (Critical Incident Response Group) 12-inch Figure

Wikipedia states that the Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) is a division of the Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). CIRG enables the FBI to rapidly respond to, and effectively manage, special crisis incidents Nation-wide.

In response to public outcry over the standoffs at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and of the Branch Davidians in the Waco Siege, the FBI formed the CIRG in 1994 to deal more efficiently with crisis situations. The CIRG is designated to formulate strategies, manage hostage or siege situations, and, if humanly possible, resolve them "without loss of life," as FBI Director Louis Freeh, who assumed the post four-and-a-half months after the Waco fire, pledged in a 1995 Senate hearing. CIRG was intended to integrate tactical and investigative resources and expertise for critical incidents which necessitate an immediate response from law enforcement authorities. CIRG will deploy investigative specialists to respond to terrorist activities, hostage takings, child abductions and other high-risk repetitive violent crimes. Other major incidents include prison riots, bombings, air and train crashes, and natural disasters.

Soldier Story will be releasing this 1/6 scale FBI CIRG (Federal Bureau of Investigation Critical Incident Response Group) 12-inch Figure and it's just AWESOME! He comes LOADED, really LOADED with lots of nice stuff. And the head sculpt is a nice bonus :) Scroll down to see more...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Incoming: CooModel 1/6 scale Skeleton Soldier & 2012 Death (Commemorative Edition) figures

Remember when I first previewed the CooModel 1/6 scale Human Skeleton 12-inch figure (posted earlier HERE) and said it would have been awesome if it came with sword and shield? Well, guess what? CooModel presents their latest 1/6 scale Skeleton Soldier which will come with Human skeleton body, Skeletal Hand x 6, Skull, Shield, Sword. Attachment: connector of hand, foot connector support HT interface

Scroll down to see more pictures of this very cool CooModel 1/6 scale Skeleton Soldier as well as their 2012 Commemorative Edition which is a DEATH figure personified, otherwise also know as Grim Reaper with his trademark scythe.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pre-order Brother Production Presents 1/6 scale Sky Fall MI6 Agent "Bone" 12-inch Figure

Skyfall is the twenty-third film in the James Bond series of spy films, produced by Eon Productions and distributed by MGM and Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2012. It features Daniel Craig's third performance as James Bond, and Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva, the film's antagonist. The film was directed by Sam Mendes and written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan.

The film centres on Bond investigating an attack on MI6; it transpires that the attack is part of a plot by former MI6 operative Raoul Silva to humiliate, discredit and kill M as revenge against her for betraying him. The film sees the return of two recurring characters after an absence of two films: Q, played by Ben Whishaw; and Eve Moneypenny, played by Naomie Harris.  [source: wiki]

The Brother Production Presents Sky Fall MI6 Agent "Bone" (the name's "Bone", NOT "Bond" - resemblance is purely coincidental) will come with 1/6 scale head sculpt, 12-inch base body with over 35 points of articulation, realistic and detailed suit, long sleeve shirt, bow tie, black tie (with metal wire for pose-ability), belt, socks, shoes, sunglasses, watch. He will be armed with Walter PPK handgun with silencer, UMP submachine gun with suppressor / silencer (and debonair good looks ;p)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Review 1: NECA Resident Evil "Operation Raccoon City" Vector 7-inch action figure

In September 1998, an incident in the underground laboratory of Umbrella Corporation resulted in Raccoon City being devastated by the effects of Umbrella's t-Virus, which had managed to escape into the city's population, most of which died from the infection and became reanimated as "zombies."

In order to ensure Umbrella's survival, U.S.S. (Umbrella Security Service) Command determined that nothing could be allowed to link the company to the catastrophe that destroyed an entire city. Hence, VECTOR and his team were deployed for the commencement of Operation: Raccoon City, which entailed nothing less than the extermination of any kind of evidence, including survivors, that could potentially implicate Umbrellla Corporation in a number of "morally questionable activities," such as illegal experimentation and viral weaponry.

"VECTOR" is the codename of a covert operative who served in the ranks of the Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.), an elite paramilitary division of the Umbrella Corporation. Prior to the Raccoon City outbreak of September 1998, VECTOR was assigned as a recon to the newly-reconstituted U.S.S. Delta Team, nicknamed "Wolfpack," shortly after the previous team's destruction on the Ecliptic Express.