Friday, December 4, 2015

Watch out for Very Cool x Tencent 1/6th scale WeFire Light Speed Boy 12" figure coming soon

“Guns on hand, Combating anytime!”

Beginning from 2015, Tencent launched its first self-developed mobile shooter game – WeFire. WeFire, China's most successful mobile shooter game ever, has topped App Store charts in mainland China since its release in January 2015. According to App Annie, WeFire has been the top downloaded shooter app in China since January 2015. On the basis of the recent success of cooperation with Tencent Games on its Dou Zhan Shen series, VERYCOOL is pleased to bring WeFire characters to 1:6 collectible figures.

WeFire is the first Shooter Game for smart phone game of Tencent. Displayed with full 3D gorgeous screens, WeFire brings movie-like visual feast for gamers to take in. A variety of classical weapons and cool vehicles in the Game construct museum of military fans. WeFire offers gamers strongest mercenary group developing system and promotion to commander with unlimited power. Stepping forward in checkpoints mode, the endless modes of the Game reproduce real battlefields sceneries in playing. Exposed in real time fierce battles, a gamer will no longer shoot lonely!

Very Cool x Tencent VC-TJ-01 1/6th scale WeFire Light Speed Boy 12-inch figure features: head sculpt, regular size body, sunglasses, camouflage combat uniform, camouflage combat pants, SWAT tactical protection vest, combat boots (one pair), waist belt, tactical pack, AK47 triple magazine pouch, radio, square utility pouch, PVC knee pad (one pair), drop leg pistol holster, smoke grenade, AK47 assault rifle, AK47 magazine x 3, M1911 pistol, Radio, drop leg smoke bomb fixed belt, patches x 2, gloved hands (one pair), relaxed hands (one pair), gun trigger hands (one pair), fisted hands (one pair), figure stand, WeFire nameplate.

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Kaltier said...

The headsculpt looks a lot like the monk figure released a while back. But with hair.