Monday, January 7, 2019

DAMTOYS 1/6th scale Gangsters Kingdom Club 2 Van Ness 12-inch action figure Preview Pics

The 2 of Club, Van Ness, was born in America. He was the orphan of Hong Wu’s top lieutenant, and was adopted by Hong since young age. Hong Wu put real efforts on him. Hao was smart and strong as well, soon to be trained to a Kong Fu master. He created his own set of swordsmanship combining Japanese Kanata and Chinese short stick. With that skillset, he outrun Sasaki of the other side and won the place of 2 of Club.

DAM Toys 1/6th scale Gangster's Kingdom: Van Ness (Club 2) 12-inch action figure Features: Head Sculpt, Action Body, Hand Assortment, Baseball Jacket, Tank Top Shirt, Jeans, Belt, Double Pistol Shoulder Holster, Knife Sheath, Waist Chain with Wallet, Boots, M1911 Pistol x2, Sword with Scabbard, Butterfly Knife, Tactical Shotgun, Sunglasses, Bracelets x2, Necklace x2, Duffel Bag

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No relation to Vanness Wu: a Taiwanese-American actor, entertainer, singer, director, and producer. He is a member of the Taiwanese boyband F4 and the Korean Mandopop duo Kangta & Vanness. Wu was born in Santa Monica, California, and lived in Newport Beach in his mid-to-late teens. After graduating from Corona Del Mar High School, he worked as a telemarketer before moving to Taiwan at the early age of 21 to "search for a life with more meaning". Wu studied performance arts and acting classes in Hollywood and is fluent in Cantonese and Spanish as well as English and Mandarin Chinese.


One Shot said...

I had been waiting on news of a new release coming from DamToys. This looks great

tofanpw said...

And here I thought Dam's GK line is dead, finally a GK with neckless headsculpt. Was that so hard. Dam?(Now, they'll actually look good showing off their tattoos).

Unknown said...

Those look nice

Unknown said...

Like the new line-up