Tuesday, June 25, 2019

How to Get Your Superhero Game On?

Superheroes are in. From blockbuster movies that have been raking in millions for the last decade to new TV shows, there’s apparently a lot of crime fighting to be done, and we aren’t complaining about it.

What makes the idea of superheroes so poignant is that it breaks age barriers wherein people from all walks of life enjoy the battle between good and evil knowing that there is always hope on our side that can and will make a difference in the end.

Whether you are a comic book fan, a superhero movie watcher, or just an enthusiast take your superhero game to the next level.

Gone are the days when collectables such as action figures were considered child’s play. For one, look at the prices of these models, which in some cases can go into hundreds of dollars. Then, there is the visible detail that goes into producing the figures. Action figures nowadays are no less than sculptures, creating a whole new genre for artists, that not only showcase the love for a character or a movie but appreciation for art as well. The choice though is yours in the end. You can get your superhero game on by having a few collectables featuring your favourites or as some people do, go all in and create a display that will make the most ardent of fans jealous of your collection.

What’s better than getting a chance to be entertained by your favourite characters and simultaneously make money? Living the life of a fan isn’t cheap. Everyone needs money for movies, comics, action figures, and what not, so it only makes sense to take this fascination with superheroes and include it into having some fun with online casinos. Now, once you are past choosing the right mobile casino for yourself, it is possible to play themed slots on it, that feature characters such as Batman, Superman and even the Terminator. A way to connect with the movies, having an online game is ideal when you are standing in line for Comicon tickets or just want to relax and appreciate the joys of earning profits from the comfort of your home.

A more real-life way to indulge in superhero fandom, cosplay might seem juvenile but is a lot of fun. Dressing up as a cherished character is more than just about loving them, it is a way to demonstrate your creativity and also an excellent opportunity to meet with like-minded people. Cosplay events are a regular occurrence during many comic conventions, but if nothing is happening around you, simply dress up for a movie screening.

It’s one thing watching all the superhero movies that come out, and an entirely different experience when you read comics. For starters, comic books are the base material for most of what we see on screen, and then they also make for great collectables that allow you to revisit stories any time you want. The good thing about technology is that you can now access digital comics and carry them with you while travelling, but having a unique first edition in your hands, and flipping through the pages discovering the origins of a superhero, is a remarkable feeling like no other.


Papersmith action figure maker said...

I feel that having the actual comics in your hand feels more satisfying that a digital version. Then again, I'm an 80s guy from the old school of collecting

alex teo said...

I'm definitely with you on this :) feels nice to know there are kindred spirits out there