Tuesday, September 27, 2022

MezcoToyz 1:12 scale Golden Age Batman vs Two-Face Boxed Set

The World’s Greatest Detective is after criminal mastermind and fallen District Attorney, Harvey Dent, also known as Two-Face. The odds are two to one but in whose favor?
Batman dons a classic Golden Age-inspired Bat Suit including an integrated posing wire in his cape, bat insignia, and utility belt. Five head portraits are included, as well as a mask that he can hold in his hands or over his shoulders. The Caped Crusader comes equipped with 3D punch FX that attach to his fists, multiple Batarangs in varying styles, two-way Bat-radio belt buckle that attaches to his belt, and a Rebreather breathing apparatus.

Two-Face AKA Harvey Dent wears a suit inspired by his first appearance in the Detective Comics. His outfit is constructed of two different suits stitched right down the middle with a matching bow tie, gloves, and different colored shoes to compliment his twisted duality. He comes with two chemically disfigured head portraits as well as a pre-disfigured Harry Dent portrait. Two Face is equipped with multiple switchblades, multiple two-sided coins and flipping FX, and an old valise containing two bundles of dynamite and a timer.

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alex teo said...

Hey Colin, great to "hear" from you haha. I haven't gotten any of these myself although I've been very tempted to start

Kaido said...

Hi Alex, hope all is well! I haven’t visited in a while but wanted to drop in. Hope all is well!

alex teo said...

Hi Hi :) all good. Just not blogging these days. Busy with other projects. Hope you are doing great, Kaido!