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Check out Inflames toys x Newsoul toys 1/6 Story Of A Journey To The West - Sun Walker (孫行者)

Journey to the West (Chinese: 西遊記; pinyin: Xī Yóu Jì) is a Chinese novel published in the 16th century during the Ming Dynasty and attributed to Wu Cheng'en. It is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. The novel is an extended account of the legendary pilgrimage of the Tang dynasty Buddhist monk Xuanzang who traveled to the "Western Regions", that is, India, to obtain sacred texts (sūtras) and returned after many trials and much suffering. The Ming dynasty novel adds elements from folk tales and the author's invention, that is, that the Buddha gave this task to the monk and provided him with three protectors who agree to help him as an atonement for their sins. These disciples are Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and Sha Wujing, together with a dragon prince who acts as Xuanzang's steed, a white horse.

Sun Wukong is the name given to this character by his teacher, Subhuti, the latter part of which means "Awakened to Emptiness" (in the Waley translation, Aware-of-Vacuity); he is called Monkey King.

His primary weapon is the "Ruyi Jingu Bang", which he can shrink down to the size of a needle and keep in his ear, as well as expand it to gigantic proportions. The rod, originally a pillar supporting the undersea palace of the Dragon King of the East Sea, weighs 17,550 pounds, which he pulls out of its support and swings with ease. The Dragon King had told Sun Wukong he could have the staff if he could lift it, but was angry when the monkey was actually able to pull it out and accused him of being a thief; hence Sun Wukong was insulted, so he demanded a suit of armour and refused to leave until he received one.

These are preview pictures of the soon-to-be-released Inflames toys x Newsoul toys 1/6 scale Story Of A Journey To The West - Sun Walker (孫行者) 12-inch figure. This is certainly not the first Monkey King figure to have ever been released. Inflames Toys also released the 1/6th scale 齊天大圣 The monkey king limited edition 12-inch collectible figure (preview pictures posted HERE). There was also the Very Cool x Coo Model 1/6 scale The Monkey King (Donnie Yen as Sun Wukong) 12-inch figure (posted HERE). Even the Japanese were in on it. Check out the Medicom Toys RAH (Real Action Heroes) 1/6 scale Monkey Magic Saiyūki Gokū 12-inch Figure reviewed HERE.

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Sun's behavior is checked by a band placed around his head by Guanyin, which cannot be removed by Sun Wukong himself until the journey's end. Xuanzang can tighten this band by chanting the "Ring Tightening Mantra" (taught to him by Guanyin) whenever he needs to chastise him. The spell is referred to by Xuanzang's disciples as the "Headache Sutra", which is the Buddhist mantra "oṃ maṇipadme hūṃ". Xuanzang speaks this mantra quickly in repetition.

Sun Wukong's childlike playfulness is a huge contrast to his cunning mind. This, coupled with his great power, makes him a trickster hero. His antics present a lighter side in what proposes to be a long and dangerous trip into the unknown.

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