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Check this out: Phicen Limited PL2014-71 1:6 scale SHI 12-inch Collector Female Figure

SHI is a fictional comic book character created by writer / illustrator William Tucci. She first appeared in Razor Annual #1 (1993), and has since appeared in books by a variety of publishers, most notably, Tucci's company, Crusade Comics. SHI is a young woman of mixed Japanese and American ancestry drafted into a modern-day "shadow war" between descendants of the infamous sohei warrior monks of medieval Japan. As the story is deeply rooted in Japanese history and mythology, "SHI" literally translates to death (死) in Japanese, and her signature weapon is the naginata.

The series is known for its scenes of stylized violence, and originated during an American comics publishing fad sometimes called "bad girl comics". The series often touches on spiritual issues, especially as they pertain to Ana's dual background in the traditions of the yamabushi warrior monks, and Christianity. Shi has also appeared in several crossovers with characters from other publishers, including Lady Death, Daredevil,Vampirella and Cyblade.

Phicen Limited PL2014-71 SHI 1:6 scale Collector Figure will come with: Head sculpt x 2 pcs, Super flexible 28.5cm tall seamless body with stainless steel skeleton, Replaceable hands x 6 pcs, Neck strap, Arm armor, Upper garment, Briefs with mini skirt, Stockings with shoes, Samurai sword (long), Samurai sword (short), Sai x 2 pcs, naginata, shuriken (throwing star), Hair pin x 2 pcs, Flag with staff x 2 pcs, Stand for flag, Bracket, Figure display stand

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Shi is a young woman named Ana Ishikawa. Her father Shiro is a Japanese warrior and her mother Catherine is an American Catholic missionary. As a child, Ana witnessed the brutal murder of her father and brother at the hands of an upstart Yakuza thug named Masahiro Arashi. After this, she swore revenge on the Yakuza and set out to become one of the deadliest assassins in the world.

Ana was trained by her grandfather Yoshitora in the martial arts. In order to disguise herself, she painted her face white in order to resemble Tora No Shi ("Tiger of Death"), a legendary female warrior of medieval Japan. Ana herself acquired the name "Shi" ("Death" in Japanese) for her ferocity and ruthlessness.

There's a bit of Zhang Ziyi in the headsculpt. Zhang Ziyi is a Chinese film actress and model. Her first major role was in The Road Home (1999). She achieved fame in the West after leading roles in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), Rush Hour 2 (2001), Hero (2002), House of Flying Daggers (2004), 2046 (2004), and Memoirs of a Geisha (2005).

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Man! she looks so much like Zhang ZiYi! Not surprised if they DID base Shi's look on her...