Thursday, October 1, 2015

Preview Glitch Network Dissonance: Seraphim 1/6th scale figure (a scary looking Easter Bunny)

Seraphim is probably the powerful and the mightiest spirit in Terra Fantasme. Tenacious, determined and straight but sometimes reckless and not very good in convincing others. Oftenly having a hard time to express what's on its mind, that's why it tend to solve most problem with a slight touch of compulsion.

Along with its combat companion which Seraphim call "The Six", they are the only peacekeepers in the Terra Fantasme. All of them also possess different abilities in manifesting their spirit force to defend themselves. As a leader of "The Six", Serapim mastered a mysterious spirit force technique which make it the strongest among them all.

Glitch Network Dissonance: Seraphim Sixth Scale Figure contents: 1 (one) Seraphim figure in 1/6th scale, 3 (three) pairs of interchangeable hands, 1 (one) pair of panabay, 1 (one) kanabo, 1 (one) talibong, 1 A5 size limited print. Material: PVC, ABS and fabric clothing. Limited quantity of 500pcs

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