Friday, February 12, 2016

Pre-order 1000toys 12 Mechatro WeGo Aqua 22cm (8.6") tall figure - check out the link below

Announcement of the Mechatro WeGo Official Shop!

1000toys is ecstatic to announce the start of the Mechatro WeGo Official Site for our Oversea Fans! With a huge fan base in Japan and Asia that has spanned over 20 color variations and 4 custom shows at the Japanese hobby event 'Wonderfest' it has carved out its own niche in the Japanese Hobby Industry.

Popular as both a toy and a custom platform we think Mechatro WeGo is something that can be enjoyed by both toy collectors as well as teens and kids due to the quality of the item combined with cute design.

The first item on sale will be the 12 Mechatro WeGo Aqua. It will come with gimmicks such as built in LED lights, improved articulation and a cockpit that can be pulled out that was not possible in the earlier versions. Made of mostly ABS with limited Diecast it will come painted in a great looking retro green color. Extra parts will include an extra set of hands.

How to buy? Click on the link HERE to go to the product page to pre-order. Note: Item will ship in June 2016

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All built in LED's can be powered by button cells but can also be used by plugging in a USB cord to the rear. Even without cells you can use the light up function. Large, Heavy, Highly Articulated and even Lights Up! This one has it all and more and is sure to be a product you will love when it arrives.

Front hatch will open and allow for the drivers seat located in the chest to be pulled out. 2 set of hand parts will also be included. All outer parts are removable and can be mixed and matched with parts from the other types of the 12 Mechatro WeGo series to create your own color version.

As the name 12 Mechatro WeGo suggests, the scale for this will be approximately 1/12 and come in large at 8.6 inches (220mm). Put next to the 35 version you can tell how large it is.

The 35 Mechatro WeGo can be placed on the head and posed together like in the picture above. Size difference makes it look like a parent and kid playing with each other

Parts on the back will also come off so for those who enjoy customizing toys. This might work as a good platform for you.

About 1000toys:
1000toys(pronounced ‘Sen Toys’) is an independent art-toy brand started in 2012 to show the world the excellence of Japanese creativity. Along with renown Japanese creators such as Tsutomu Nihei, a manga artist who has earned world-wide recognition through his unique styled SF manga series ‘BLAME!’, ‘Biomega’ and the recent ‘Knights of Sidonia’, 1000toys has started the ‘TOA HEAVY INDUSTRIES’ brand with the ‘TOA HEAVY INDUSTRIES 1/6 Synthetic Human’ as its first line-up in 2014.

For a diverse line-up which has never before seen in the industry, 1000toys is also working in conjunction with multiple Japanese creators to build up a new world of art toy.

1000toys will keep on providing high-quality art toys worldwide, so be sure to keep an eye on us!

How to buy? Click on the link HERE to go to the product page to pre-order. Note: Item will ship in June 2016


Kaido said...

Glad you finally discovered 1000toys, Alex! Their 1/6 figures are currently the only line I collect fanatically, I have even given up on the Gangsters Kingdom line!

Inka said...

humor, innowacja, pomysłowość!