Sunday, February 21, 2016

ThreeA’s 2000 AD 1/12th Scale Collectible Series Edition JUDGE MORTIS 6.6" action figure

Only rot and decay remain when Judge Mortis is near!

Judge Mortis is one of the four Dark Judges alongside Death, Fear and Fire. He was once a Judge from the parralel world Deadworld, and was transformed into his horrific form by the two Sisters of Death. His powers alow for anything he touches to rapidly rot and decay.

ThreeA’s 2000 AD 1/12th Scale Collectible Series Edition brings the eerie Mortis to life with incredible detail including newly sculpted grotesque features, tattered faux leather suit, and skeletal tail.

ThreeA 2000 AD (Created by Alan Grant, John Wagner, and Brian Bolland) 1/12th Scale Collectible Series JUDGE MORTIS action figure features: Design inspired by Brian Bolland, Figure Stands 6.6 Inches (16.76cm) Tall, Fully Articulated, Uniquely Designed 1/12th Scale Dark Judge Body including Exposed Decayed Details, Highly-Detailed Sculpt and Faux-Leather Tattered Tailored Outfit, Includes Interchangeable Sculpted Hands x 6

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