Sunday, March 27, 2016

Check out the Devil Toys 1/6th scale TEQ63 action figure and SRCH Robot K9 Sidekick

The Bulletpunk Universe – In the desolate world hundreds of years after the the global genocide known as the Purge of the Unchosen, exists survivors of mankind cornered into the shadows, away from the ruling race of intelligent machines run by programs that have been infused with the consciousness of man's terminal elite secret society known as the SYNTH Network.

As wars against the ruling sentient machines are waged, one of the mythical soldiers who have emerged and have sparked hope and morale to the human survivors is an enigmatic individual people know as TEQ63. He has been known to have inhuman speed in battle and is known to have one of the highest kill-counts of enemy units in skirmishes.

It is believed that TEQ63 has acquired some of the robotic technologies that the enemy machines have been using against the humans. He wields a custom-made butterfly-knife style sword people have nicknamed the "Balisword" and has been seen to be assisted by a robot k9 unit scout in battles.

Hong Kong-based toy brand Devil Toys, LTD. (Makers of MAXX.C and WOO) is proud to announce their collaboration with Philippines-based Artist -- QUICCS on a series of 1:6 scale projects based on his Bulletpunk Universe, the first of which will be his character TEQ63!

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The box set includes the main fully-articulated 12-inch action figure character TEQ63, along with the K9 Robot Dog Unit SRCH (15 points of articulation), the Balisword (Butterfly Sword, also fully articulated), and an FPG Folding Pocket Gun (also Fully Articulated). The release comes in two editions, the Original Colorway Black, and the Ghost Mode White Edition (Limited to 100 pcs).

TEQ63: 1/6 Action Figure [White Ghost Mode] Special Edtion of 100

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