Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bite Me! Dam Toys Gangsters Kingdom 12-inch Heart 3 "Bartley" figure with 1/6th Rottweiler dog

The gang is growing... and so are the animals. This is the second 1/6th scale canine to be released by Dam Toys under their Gangsters Kingdom series. The first (a wolf) came with Diamond 5 (GK011) and it has just been released - see my August 2016 haul toy blog post HERE.

A little backstory (the actual one is extremely long and reads like a novel so I thought I'll spare you all the headache): The 3 of Heart, Bartley, used to be in the army. He was good at pimping back when he was in the force, introducing all kinds of women to soldiers and low-rank officers. After his discharge, he joined a small road gang. He had a little exotic bar running, which was quite profitable and famous around the locals. That was where he met Billy. With his natural-born eloquence, Bartley talked himself up and earned his chance to work for Billy.

Dam Toys' Gangsters Kingdom series 12-inch action figures all feature 1:6 scale caricaturish head sculpts which are more animated than real, with larger than life hands to match. The head sculpts are also of famous people, mostly actors although English football stars have not been spared. This latest head sculpt of Heart 3 "Bartley" bears a strong resemblance to Ron Perlman, best known for his roles as Vincent in the television series Beauty and the Beast (for which he won a Golden Globe), as the comic book character Hellboy in both 2004's Hellboy and its 2008 sequel Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and as Clay Morrow in television series Sons of Anarchy.

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Dam Toys GK014 Gangsters Kingdom 1/6th scale Heart 3 "Bartley" 12-inch figure comes with Head sculpt, action body, filler underwear, purple shirt, Green tie, Red waistcoat, Red gold suit, Black trousers, black belt, M1911 machine pistol A, M1911 machine pistol B, 30-round magazine A, 30-round magazineB, 15-round magazine, cigar with smoke effects, cigar, cigar cutter, zippo lighter, pocket watch, 1/6th scale Rottweiler dog with chain / lease and comic book.

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niiiiice!!!!!!i ll start to buy clothes,a body and wait for the loose head...

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