Thursday, March 9, 2017

Very Cool Toys 1/6th scale Azura Series Exiled God 12-inch collectible figure looks very oriental

Attested by the spear, sword and crossbow, there is no one but knows the name.

Carrying the lineage of gods, yet his fate relates more to the mortals. As the guardian of heaven orders and god dignities, he protected the paradise from the attacking of seven devils. The man has earned his name by fights and blood, thus is worthy of the title, God of War. He was born to be extraordinary, a third eye on the forehead reveals his destiny at the beginning. Once he hated the strict etiquette and laws for not being accepted by the most, but now he has become the defender of so-called inflexible mighty honor since his success.

Unfairness leads to fight, comes in silver, stands the Exiled God.

Very Cool Toys 1/6th scale Azura Series Exiled God 12-inch collectible figure Features: Head - Male body - Hand assortment - Dark blue cross-collar coat - Dark blue trousers - Petal-shaped dark blue girdle - White front cloth attached by jade beads and golden bands - White back cloth with borders - Leather waist support - Leather belts - Silver beast buckle - Silver immortal horns - Silver helmet with a immortal eye - Silver upper-body armor attached by sapphires - Silver shoulder armor - Silver vambraces - Silver skirt armor - Silver caligas - White interfacings for arms - Golden floating band - Tri-pointed double-edged halbert - Sword - Scabbard - Cotton cloud

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Somebody got carried away while staring at the cheese grater and silver cutlery in the kitchen LOL


Unknown said...

do you know what skin tone this figure has?

alex teo said...

Sorry Jimmy I don't know the skin tone. I assumed it was Asian.