Friday, December 29, 2017

Devil Toys introduces World of Order WOO in Pocket 1/18th scale series wave 1 troopers

"Captain,shall we begin the mop up operation?"

Secret Trooper is ready for the war with combining the high powered handguns and automatic rifles which is the latest advancement in military technology of the organization, Providence.

"Theoretically, the operation should be done this way, but I don't think we can get it done this time. We better hurry and wrap things up then get back to investigate." Secret Master ran back to the smoke filled enemy camp alone after briefing his brothers in arms.

It is the year 2049, it has been 10 years since last great war. The state of the world is gradually moving toward extremes. The United States was severely traumatized by a nuclear bomb attack. The EU, led by Germany, have been split up into different forces due to repeated terror attacks and continued to experience varying degrees of fragmented battles. Eastern Japan, which is located in the east, was even more damaged by "that weapon."

With the excessive consumption of energy by countries and the escalating disputes among nations, the Third World War seems inevitable. Nine months after the "New York incident," the U.S. government paid a very large fee and privately hired Providence to send a 211-team headed by Secret Master to hunt for John, a genius hacker who caused a series of terrorist attacks around the world.

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Although each attack was conducted by Secret Master's powerful combat ability without causing tragedies, each time he came to the final phase of the operation, John was always one step ahead and was able to escape. Even more troubling, the intelligence that the 211 squad received directly from Providence and the United States government, despite having been verified and encrypted by Trinitas, the world's strongest quantum computer, is still mixed with false data faked by John, greatly affected the deployment of Secret Master. And John, like a ghost on the battlefield, always managed to get out and divert himself after each incident, as if intending to expand the battlefield to allow the U.S. government to establish more enemies with Providence.

It is said that factional fighting in Russia has already alerted the local government. They even hired Perfect Master, the legendary sniper, to intervene which made things more complicated and complex.

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Don said...

These nvew pics are great. Would definitely be interested in some news about product timeline, retail plans, or a cost estimate...

alex teo said...

I'm afraid Devil Toys have not been very forthcoming with other details at the moment :(