Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Check out Winson Ma’s newest 1:6 action figure creation – Terrarcotta Ape / YuanYong pics

Humanity began on Earth 2 million years ago, with modern technology, is not difficult to wonder if there is life beyond Earth. What if extraterrestrial intelligent life forms have already visited Earth in our ancient time, and what if there are Terracotta Ape (“Yuanyong”) back in the Qin dynasty (221 to 207 bc, dynasty that established the first great Chinese empire (the same time when Philip V became King of Macedonia in ancient Greece), An Ape warrior was born at this time.

At the age of thirteen, “Zhang” became emperor, and named the little ape “Yuanyong”. To learn how “Zhang” went on to become the first emperor to unified China, and how “Yuanyong” transformed from being an ape to a warrior and then defender of the kingdom; why the Great Wall of China was built and the purpose of the Terracotta Army, please stay tuned for the ultimate fantasy story of “Yuanyong – Conquest by the Ape”

Winson Ma’s newest 1:6 action figure creation – Terrarcotta Ape / Yuanyong Figure Accessories: Ape Head, Horse Head, 1:6 Figure Body, Imitation Leather Armor, Shoes, 2 Right Hand, 2 Left Hand, 2 Protective Gloves, 2 Leather Leg guards, Cotton Pants, Scarf, Belt, Bayonet Axe, Meteor Hammer, Metal Chains, Shield, Terracotta Warriors Bust, Long Sword

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In the ordering period, you can get a discount, the original price of HK$2,100/USD268/RMB1,680, preferential price ofHK$1,950/USD248/RMB1,560.

Preferential Date from 18/April/2018 to 18/May/2018, the estimated date of shipment in December 2018.


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