Thursday, April 19, 2018

SCDF Exoskeleton to be worn by firefighters

The SCDF Exoskeleton, developed jointly with local engineering company Hope Technik and the Ministry of Home Affairs, was unveiled at its annual workplan seminar on Wednesday (April 18). A frame to be worn by firefighters, the Exoskeleton bears the weight of firefighting equipment and comes with pneumatic pistons that will help to push firefighters up when they are climbing stairs.

Looks like the suit we saw in the 2013 science fiction action thriller film Elysium is all too real. Check out my action figure review of the DollsOddSaga 1:6 "Outer Heaven" collectible figure which is 1/6th scale Matt Damon as Max Da Costa with a powered exoskeleton surgically attached to him posted on my toy blog HERE and HERE.

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A new portable emergency responder robot, the Red Rhino Robot - called 3R for short - was launched at the Singapore University of Technology and Design by Minister for Home Affairs and Law K. Shanmugam. The Red Rhino Robot, which has autonomous firefighting capabilities, will be fitted into the sixth-generation Light Fire Attack Vehicle and equipped with an initial firefighting medium of compressed air foam. This will buy the firefighters some time as they set up their main water line.

Other new technological innovations launched on Wednesday include the Life Detection Robot, which will help the rescuers locate signs of human life in urban search and rescue operations.

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