Thursday, May 31, 2018

DID & 3R 1/6th scale Japanese 32nd Army (24th Division) Private Takuya Hayashi 12-inch figure

The 24th Division was an infantry division in the Imperial Japanese Army. In July 1944, the division remainders were sent to Okinawa prefecture as part of the final defense of the Japanese home islands against the American invasion, taking the positions prepared by the departing 9th division at Ozato, Okinawa. Soon after the US landing 1 April 1945, the 2nd and 3rd battalions of the 22nd infantry regiment of the 24th division were used to reinforce the embattled 62nd division. For 24th division the Battle of Okinawa started north-west of Shuri, Okinawa 23 April 1945. In the all-out counterattack 4 May 1945, the 1st battalion of the 32nd infantry regiment managed to capture the Tanabaru heights in Nishihara, Okinawa, but the division failed to advance elsewhere. Following a war of attrition, by early June 1945 the 24th division had lost over 12000 troops and been reduced to approximately 3000 men. The division fragmented into several holdouts 20 June 1945, but the 1st and 3rd battalions of the 32nd infantry regiment continued to resist US occupation before surrendering in the late August to early September, 1945.

DID & 3R 1/6th scale Japanese 32nd Army (24th Division) Private Takuya Hayashi 12" figure SET FEATURES: Super realistic head sculpt (slightly weathered), 12-inch figure Body, Open palms (slightly weathered), Palms for holding gun (slightly weathered). Outfits: Type 90 Helmet with liner and cover (slightly weathered), Japanese Army Field Cap with neck flap, Janpanese Army Tropics 2/3 Sleeves Shirt (slightly weathered), Janpanese Army Raincoat (slightly weathered), Trousers (slightly weathered), Janpanese Army Combat Boots (slightly weathered), Jika-tabi boots

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Weapon: Type 99 rifle Arisaka with strap and bullets X 5, Type 30 bayonet with Scabbard & Real Leather Frog, Type 97 Fragmentation Hand Grenade with fuse

Accessories: Japanese Army Bread Bag, Japanese Army Octopus Backpack, Canvas water bucket, Scarf, Puttees, Gloves, National Flag of Japan, Good Luck Flag, Hachimaki (Headband), Senninbari (Thousand Stitch belt), Japanese Army Handbook, Ammo Pouches (Front) X 2 (Real leather with weathering), Ammo Pouch (Rear) X 1 (Real leather with weathering), Belt (Real leather), Canteen with harness, Mess kit, Dog tag with string, Japanese Army Oil Box, Shovel with cover and cord. Insignia: Collar tabs x 3

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