Saturday, May 5, 2018

Modeling Toys 1/6th scale Military Series - S.D.U. Special Duties Unit 12-inch figure Preview Pics

The SDU was established in 1974 by the British Hong Kong Government in response to the ever-increasing threat of international terrorism. The SDU, consisting of ten odd members, used existing police weaponry and devised their own tactics. In early 1978, the British Special Air Service sent an advisory team to Hong Kong, which was initially to evaluate the SDU and subsequently trained two land assault teams resulting in considerable changes to SDU equipment and tactics. In 1982, the British Special Boat Service sent an advisory team to Hong Kong to establish a water assault team including training in military diving. The water assault team was later disbanded in 2000, with the assaults teams now integrated as new training standards required all officers to be equally trained and proficient in maritime operations.

After the handover of Hong Kong’s sovereignty from Britain to China in 1997, the SDU not only continues its training exchanges with many European, North American, and Asian police tactical units and military special forces units, but has also begun to form closer ties with Mainland China.

Modeling Toys MMS9004 1/6th scale Military Series - S.D.U Special Duties Unit 12-inch figure Set Includes: Head Sculpt “Jin“, M1 Body, CRYE Precision G3 Combat Shirt, CRYE Precision G3 Combat Pants, Cobra Idr Rigger Belt, B-Hawk Belt Pad, Helmet Cover Solid, Gas Mask Pouch For 2015 Sdu, Balaclava Fire Resistant Bibbed, Eski Medic Pouch, Pa Sdu Land Team Magazine Carrier, Releasable Modular Vest (Rmv), Bicep Arm Protectors, Shoulder Pieces, Neck Pieces, Side Neck Pieces, Groin Protector, Bhawk Single M4m16 Mag Pouch (Holds 1) With Speed Clips System, Blackhawk 9Mm Pouch With Speed Clips System, Bhawk Radio Pouch Molle With Speed Clips System, Bhawk Utility Pouch With Speed Clips System, Bhawk Flashbang Pouch With Speed Clips System, Blood Type Patch, War Zone Patch, Hong Kong Flag Patch, Sdu Team Patch

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Accessories: Fast Base Jump, L4 G24 Breakaway Lever Mount, Mum-14 Night Vision Mini Multi-Use-Monocular, Comtac Peltor Swat-Tac Iii Ach Single Communication Headset, Headset Mount, Avon Ct12 Gas Mask, I-Force Safety Glasses, Motorola Astro Saber Iii Speaker, Motorola Apx Impres Remote Speaker Mic, Nico 9 Flash Bang Grenade, Suunto Core Military, Monadnock - Compact Double Cuff, Cyalume Infrared Ir Chem- Tactical Light*3, B-Tech Wrs Level Ii Duty Holster - Glock 17, Dan-Ner Flight Assault (Dfa) Gtx Boots

Weapons: Mp5a3 Submachine Gun W/ Mp5f A3 Universal Retractable Stock, Mp5 Sf M63 Tri-Rail Forend Rail System, Laser Aiming Pointer, Surefire M600b Scout, Aimpoint Comp Ml3 Scope. Glock 17 Gen3 Pistol, Glock 17 Magazine

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