Friday, December 20, 2019

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective 1/12 scale KGBeast 6.70 inches (17cm) collectible figure

Pre-order DC Comics One:12 Collective KGBeast 6.70 inches (17cm) action figure from BBTS (link HERE)

Anatoli Knyazev, the cybernetically enhanced assassin better known as KGBeast, was trained by a top-secret branch of the KGB known as “The Hammer”. The master of several martial arts, KGBeast has also mastered the use of every deadly weapon known to man and has proven himself to be one of Batman’s most challenging adversaries.

Outfitted in a sleeveless shirt with fortified armor, the One:12 Collective KGBeast comes ready for war. Complete with 3 head portraits including an unmasked Anatoli Knyazev sculpt, “The Beast” takes no prisoners and is equipped with a titanium alloy prosthetic gun in place of his left hand, a sickle, a sledgehammer, a machete with crossbody sheath, and more.

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