Saturday, November 21, 2020

Bandai Spirits Super Sentai series Choudenshi Bioman Shodo Super Bio Hunter Silva figure

Pre-order Bandai Spirits Choudenshi Bioman Shodo Super Bio Hunter Silva Exclusive at BBTS (link HERE)

Bio Hunter Silva (Baio Hantā Shiruba) is a mechanical assassin created during the Bio Civil War by the Anti-Bio Union (反バイオ同盟 Han Baio Dōmei) faction; after the planet's fall, he later becomes a major wild card in the battle between the Biomen and the Neo Empire Gear.

Silva is built alongside the gigantic robot Balzion as the ultimate secret weapon of the Anti-Bio Union during their war with the Bio Peace Union 500 years in the past. His main objective is to track down and destroy any and all Bio Particles he comes across regardless of what it is or who or what possesses them.
From the Super Sentai series Choudenshi Bioman comes Bio Hunter Silva as part of the Shodo Super line! This articulated figure includes his Bi Buster gun and 4 elbow spears to take out his target.

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Monika Demi (Besu) said...

Wow he looks really cool!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Very nice, I like that design!

alex teo said...

That's a very retro look XD and I like it too