Saturday, November 17, 2007

Aliens (1986): Private First Class Jenette Vasquez (Smart Gunner)

The M56 Smart Gun used in the movie "Aliens (1986)" was based on a German MG-42 machine gun, using a heavily modified steadicam harness. The handles were taken from a Honda motorcycle. The clutch cable was used to fire the gun from the rear handle.

The M56 Smart Gun consists of four major components: the operator's combat harness; the Head Mounted Sight (HMS); the articulation arm and the gun itself, all of which are beautifully reproduced by Hot Toys, including the extra DV9 batteries.

Handling one of the M56 Smart Guns was none other than Private Vasquez (played by Jenette Goldstein) who is in the same squad as Corporal Hicks (played by Michael Biehn) and proves that a woman can give as good as a man.

Close-up of Vasquez with gun. The M56 fires 10x28mm caseless ammunition and has a capacity of 300 rounds. The name "Smart Gun" comes from the advanced firing computer which is integrated into the weapon.


Anonymous said...

I'm an Aliens fan too, and I like the HOT Toys Colonial Marine's figures. Vasquez is my favourite.
Nice collection!

alex teo said...

HOT TOYS Colonial Marines ROCK!! Thanks for the compliments and thanks for looking :)

Dash MacBastard said...

Not THAT'S a gun!

Löst Jimmy said...

Oh how I wish I could've afforded this work of art!

Vasquez "Let's Rock!"

Anonymous said...

I have all the Marines figures in this series, and Vasquez is my favourite, too.