Wednesday, October 29, 2008

15th The King's Hussars

Hussar refers to the light cavalry created in Hungary in the 15th century and used throughout Europe and even America since the 18th century. The Polish winged hussars were a sight to behold, as they looked like Pegasus when mounted. Some modern military units retain the title 'hussar' for traditional reasons. The hussars played a prominent cavalry role in the Napoleonic Wars (1796-1815). As light cavalrymen mounted on fast horses, they would be used to fight skirmish battles and for scouting. Most of the great European powers raised hussar regiments.

The 15th The King's Hussars was a cavalry regiment in the British Army, first raised in 1759 and distinguished themselves under the Duke of Wellington in Spain and Portugal in the Napoleonic Wars, including Napoleon Bonaparte's defeat at the Battle of Waterloo (Sunday 18 June 1815).

DiD's Napoleonic Series has been exceptional and their latest release "15th The King's Hussars" is no exception. This is the BEST of the series by far.

Basic Hussar "George" figure out of box

The tight fitting braided jacket worn by the hussars was known as the dolman. "George" comes with two pairs of trousers.

Calvary boots were made in soft leather and the V-shaped front gave flexibility at the knee

"George" looks rugged and the sculpt is quite nice

Check out his side burns

The hussar also wore reinforced breeches which had leather on the inside of the leg to prevent them from wearing due to the extensive riding in the saddle. There is a red stripe running up his breeches on the outside.

Hussar's belt with his saber and scabbard

Sabertache - a distinctive leather satchel carried by calvarymen, hung from the saber belt, used to hold writing and sketching materials

A very well dressed calvaryman indeed

His cartridge box carried on a crossbelt worn over the left shoulder

A fully decked out (almost) King's Hussar

The King's Hussar wore a fur busby with plume. Note the other crossbelt with clip for carbine fastened together with the cartridge box and belt by a stud

Hussar with saber drawn

Close-up of the King's Hussar's saber

A complete 15th The King's Hussar by DiD with his pelisse: a short fur-edged jacket which was often worn slung over one shoulder in the style of a cape, fastened with a cord. This garment was extensively adorned with braiding (often gold or silver for officers) and several rows of multiple buttons. It was worn over the braided dolman or tunic.

What can I say? A FINE figure by DiD. They didn't hold back on this one.

DiD's other Napoleonic Era soldiers include the 42nd Royal Highlander Regiment and the Royal Scots Line Infantry Regiment.

DiD's other period piece was 24th Regiment of Foot Private Williams

One of their most outstanding figure of all - Samurai Date Masamune


Anonymous said...

Good score, Alex! Initially, was thinking to get this cool figure. Because I like its uniform and accessories. Finally, decided not to buy it as to save money for the toys I like the most rather than go into another toylines. Also, have to save as much as possible to prepare for the current financial crisis..

alex teo said...

thanks desmond. one of the reasons that got me into this hobby were the ceremonial uniforms released by Action Man because of the superb detailing and accessories. We all got to tighten our belts now with the crunch :(

Little Plastic Man said...

Well...can eat less, bathe less (save water), buy less clothes...etc so that can continue to buy toys..LOL

alex teo said...

hear hear adrian all for MORE toys!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to rain on your parade. This is not a Hussar.

All Hussars had to have a mustach at this time. All no exceptions.

The Herald

alex teo said...

thanks for that bit of "hair-y" info :) I learn something new every time someone leaves a comment CHEERS!!

Anonymous said...

Great detail but what's the point when no one is doing
a horse that's of the same quality.
With no horse he becomes infantry.

alex teo said...

perhaps if we all made more noise, the 1/6 manufacturers will hear us ;p