Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ultra Seven Human Form by 5 Star

Every superhero has a secret identity - Clark Kent is Superman, Bruce Wayne is Batman, Viggo is Aragorn, and Dan Moroboshi is Ultra Seven in human form. Dan joins the Terrestrial Defense Force Ultra Guard (TDF UG) so that he can be one of the first to be informed when Earth is threatened. When monsters appear, Dan will transform into Ultra Seven to fight the monsters and save the day. Dan Moroboshi is played by Kohji Moritsugu.

This boxed set was released by Five Star Toy (Japan) in 2002 as a 35th year anniversary of the debut of Ultra Seven in 1967 and limited to only 100 pieces worldwide.

The back of the box details all the accessories and parts that come with this boxed set

The boxed set is similar to Toys McCoy's Indiana Jones packaging. Kohji Moritsugu was so into the character that his signature even resembled Ultra Seven - talk about dedication!

Dan Moroboshi's civvies - bright yellow jacket, vest, boxers, jeans and shoes plus his sling bag

Check out the shoes - really reminds me of those days when these were hip and cool, no Nike or Adidas then

Check this out - "do-it-yourself" hands with individual moving digits / fingers (Neo Guy from Volks) plus the customary gloved hands

Kohji Moritsugu as Dan Moroboshi

His TDF UG helmet (B type), chrome metal ultra gun and ultra eye

He's wearing his watch communicator / "videoceiver"

His TDF UG belt with buckle and holster for his ultra gun

Dan Moroboshi transforming into Ultra Seven

Ultra Seven has his Monster Capsules carried on his belt. When unable to fight (usually because his Ultra Eye has been stolen), Dan will often produce a small capsule that releases a giant-sized monster to fight in his place. Although he is shown to have four or five capsules, only three capsule monsters are shown in the series - Windam, Mikuras, and Agira. The beginning of Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) - LOL!!


Comes with the half transformation stage - half-human, half-Ultra Seven

Side-view of half transform Ultra Seven

Five Star Toys Dan Moroboshi with Takara's Cy Girl Anne Yuri, both from TDF UG


kenmoo said...

wah, sibeh rare~!!! ho ayezzz bro

alex teo said...

ha-lo brother ken :) wah sibeh heng - managed to snag this during my one and only trip to japan sometime back. at that time, i didn't know there were only 100pcs released but the price was good i.e. cheap so it was a good buy ;p

Shaun said...

love the converse all-stars! very cool fig my guru.

cosmicbaby said...

Nice figure! must be very impressive when you have all the human forms of Ultraman & Kamen Rider all standing together! They should make the fat bloke behind the box cover too!

alex teo said...

ja ja, me liking it too :) methinks you got a shoe fetish - ha! ha! have you seen the number of shoes Marcus have?

alex teo said...

oops! was replying Shaun when Marcus' comment came in - "speak of the devil" (hee! hee!). hi marcus, nice to get the Ultraman human forms for their helmets and uniforms. Love the outrageous designs - not very subtle.

Shaun said...

yes I have to admit to a liking for cool kicks. I guess Marcus has as many shoes as his toys!

alex teo said...

wah lau eh, Shaun, mighty impressed! how do you reply so fast?!!

Shaun said...

my guru, my job requires that I am online most of the time.