Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The US Navy SEALs are first and foremost, combat swimmers and underwater demolition experts. Although SEAL teams operate in the full range of tactical environments of sea, air and land, their defining role is amphibious special operations. So here's a collection of 1/6 US Navy SEALs.

From left to right: Action Man SAS Diver (okay, not USN SEAL but my first combat diver after the Deep Sea Diver), BBI Elite Force US Navy SEAL UDT "Stingray", Hasbro GI Joe US Navy SEAL with Limpet Mine

Dragon US Navy SEAL Combat Swimmer "Stan" and Kitbash US Navy SEAL HALO jumper (before Hot Toys released their superb SEAL HALO jumper and Night Ops Jumper)

SEALs are officially organized into eight teams of about 200 men and 50 officers, specializing in special ops with the ability to operate in all types of environment - temperate, desert, artic, jungle or urban. They are also trained for VBSS (Visit Board Search and Seizure) and are part of the four Naval Special Warfare Groups (NSWGs).

US Navy SEAL snipers - "3 shots, 3 kills" (link here)


Anonymous said...

Hey, I have Dragon "Stan" too..Haha!!

Shaun said...

cool group shot my guru.

alex teo said...

hi desmond, Stan's a nice figure :)

hey shaun, thanks ;p your comments always inspire =>!!