Friday, April 10, 2009

Nurse Joker from The Dark Knight

I'm BACK!! what a week it has been, mad rush and all... glad that's over :)

When I received this Nurse Uniform package, I was surprised at how small the box was. Produced and released by ToysMon Studio Ltd, this set is obviously meant for the one and only Heath Ledger Joker in his nurse uniform when he visits Harvey Dent in the hospital.

Here's a picture to demonstrate the size of the box - don't peek ;p

Contents of the box includes: 2 pairs of hands, 1 file folder with pen, 1 nurse uniform with name tag, watch and belt, face mask, remote control detonator, pistol with extended magazine and suppressor, black socks, white shoes, some stickers and a Joker card

Here's Nurse Joker in full costume/uniform (note: he does it commando style!)

"Here's looking at you, kid!"

If Hot Toys were to release this set, they would obviously release a 1/6 Nurse Joker in their body type without joints to keep it realistic. However, since this is not by Hot Toys, a regular Hot Toys body will have to do, hence joints and all.

This Joker's head sculpt is from the first release (link here) which was good when it came out but has since been upstaged by the even better head sculpts of Heath Ledger as the Joker from Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker release (link here). The first head sculpt is good for covering up the face.

The Joker (Heath Ledger) actually used a suppressed Glock 18 machine pistol as his main weapon several times in the movie. The pistol included with this set is a smith and wesson model 39 9mm pistol with suppressor and extended mag. (Thanks to an anonymous tip)

The Joker's unique remote control detonator for blowing up the hospital

Close-up view of the one-of-a-kind remote detonator

KA-BOOM!!! And the hospital comes crumbling down like a deck of cards

Nurse Joker's file and pen

The name tag reads "ADA" (i was wondering if it had any significance)

Overall not of the highest quality but acceptable for the price paid and a nice inclusion to the overall Joker line (Yup! Heath Ledger's Joker is getting much more attention than Batman, and why shouldn't he? He did a damn fine job but sadly, will not be able to reprise this role nor give us any more other roles for our enjoyment.)


Doly said...

Hi Alex,

The bare hands look like recasts from Hot Toys bare hands. Are they as good as the Hot Toys version?


alex teo said...

Hey Doly, the bare hands are similar to Hot Toys' and looks just as good but because the Hot Toys' true type body I used is of a slightly different skin tone, I didn't bother switching hands but went with the whole body instead. thanks for looking :)

Anonymous said...

hi ites me jeanna

WOW SO COOL! When i saw it i thought hot toys produced a nurse joker



alex teo said...

hi jeanna, the package (includes all the clothing and accessories BUT NOT including the head sculpt and figure) was about USD35 when i got it from my local store :) glad you liked the pictures

Anonymous said...

the gun is a smith and wesson model 39 9mm pistol with suppressor and extended mag. it SHOULD be a glock 18 machine pistol suppressed as in the movie.

alex teo said...

thanks for clearing that up - have amended the post :)