Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dragon 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) "Ryan"

This is Dragon's "Ryan" from 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), released in 2001 and wearing PASGT (Personal Armor System, Ground Troops) helmet with white cloth cover, Bolle T800 tactical goggles, sunglasses, Woodlands Battle Dress Uniform (BDUs), white snow parka and trousers, extreme weather gloves, Woodlands camouflage assault vest, web belt with ammo pouches, M67 fragmentation grenades, water canteen with cover, M9 bayonet with scabbard, Motorola Walkie-Talkie, M16A2 assault rifle, M14 rifle with sniper’s scope, ALICE (All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) Woodlands camouflage backpack with "metal" frame harness, white field pack cloth cover, cold weather overboots and snow shoes.

The 10th Mountain Division is not just trained and equipped for cold weather high altitude warfare. They have also been deployed to the desert terrains of Afghanistan and Iraq. As one division sergeant was quoted as saying: "We don't do mountains".

Other 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) soldiers - G.I. Joe Snow Trooper (link here), Hot Toys 10th Mountain Division Sniper in ACU (link here) and BBI's 10th Mountain Division Trooper "Lucas" (link here)

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