Sunday, November 29, 2009

Comparing HT DX01 Joker and HT 1st version Joker

For those of you who never bought the first release Hot Toys MMS 1/6 scale 12-inch Heath Ledger JOKER from "The Dark Knight" and only recently picked up the Hot Toys MMS DX01 Joker (which is essentially TWO jokers in one box, reviewed HERE), then I say, "Good for you!" For those of us (me included) who already have the FIRST version Hot Toys Joker which was released in August 2008 (see my post HERE) and also bought the latest DX01 JOKER, we want to know what's the difference with the costume/outfit since it is supposed to be the Joker's trademark/classic outfit/costume in the movie.

When we bought the first Joker, we didn't know that Hot Toys would be releasing the second Joker (i.e. Bank Robber Joker - pictures HERE) with much improved head sculpts (two head sculpts were provided, obviously one to replace the FIRST version head sculpt which seemed okay until the second head sculpt came out)

Everyone was expecting perhaps a third Joker figure, speculating that it could either be nurse joker or Gotham police joker so when it was announced that there would be a cop joker (previewed HERE), there was a resounding "YES" because Heath Ledger was so GOOD as the joker he practically carried the film.

But why another Joker costume/suit/outfit? Well, Hot Toys wasn't satisfied with the original/FIRST version so they decided to offer a improved and movie-accurate Joker costume. So let's see where the improvements are by comparing pictures of the FIRST release Joker (version 1.0) and the latest DX Joker.

This head sculpt is actually from the Bank Robber Joker set which I switched with the original as it's much better than the first. See my post HERE for Joker with Smith & Wesson M76 submachine gun. The first head sculpt was then used to kitbash a nurse joker (pictures HERE).

Hot Toys MMS DX01 Joker with P.E.R.S. (Parallel Eyeball Rolling System) - Reviewed HERE

First let's check out the shirt and tie...

The designs on the shirt of the DX version is sharper and brighter, and the tie, which is also far more accurate in terms of the pattern, fits much better around the neck and under the collar.

Instead of the brown leather belt which the FIRST version joker wears around his waist,

the DX version Joker has a very nice pair of suspenders with leather details which are fastened to the trouser waist band. The chain hanging from the right side is also different, supposedly it is of a much more accurate length.

The waistcoat or vest of the DX version has the full four pockets (version 1.0 had only two pockets): two with rounded flaps and two cut pockets. The vest is held shut by two snap buttons instead of the Velcro on the FIRST version.

Now we check out the sport coat and overcoat

The gray sports coat of the DX version is also better executed than version 1.0 and the DX overcoat has the additional set-up (rig) for attaching the five grenades, including a hook for the pull ring (see my last post). All very well produced, including the fine stitching - amazing work done for a 1/6 scale figure!!

Now to the pants / trousers...

The pants/trousers are a tighter fit on the DX Joker (almost like drain-pipe pants), and the pinstripes on them is more pronounced as compared to the first version.

Even the socks are different, with smaller squares on the DX version. There also seems to be more work done on the DX version shoes as compared to version 1.0

Overall, the materials used for the outfit and the cut of the entire 1/6 scale JOKER costume looks GREAT on the body as the many layers of clothing (overcoat worn over the sports coat worn over a vest/waistcoat worn over a shirt with tie, and pants with suspenders as well) do not cause the figure to look bulky or puffed-up and makes this collectible figure utterly believable and realistic. The same cannot be said for the Medicom version nor DC Direct version. Those do pale in comparison (What a joke they are! pun intended). Heck, based on them, Hot Toys first version Joker already beats them hands down.

So to the king of 1/6 JOKER goes the crown - Hot Toys is KING; Medicom and DC Direct are the clowns or posers! It's not even a close fight.

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desmond said...

Alex, I prefer the head sculpt for bank robber version as the paint job is more natural. As for DX Version, the colour paint on the lips looks a bit like DC Direct Joker. Of coarse, the outfit for DX version is nicer than the first version.

Anonymous said...


Read this review today and I must say it very informative. I already have the v1 Joker and since the DX01 outfit is so much better I was planning to buy one for it (v1). As I understand the v1 body is not the Truetype narrow shoulder, wanted to know if you have an idea whether the DX01 outfit will fit on the original Joker body nicely?

Will really appreciate your help.


alex teo said...

Hi Mike

I did not attempt to switch over the outfits to find out if they fit nicely but given that the Narrow Shoulder body is slightly smaller (Hot Toys developed this particular body type so that the figure will look more natural with many layers of clothing as well as for putting on the armor without looking too bulky), it stands to reason that the DX Joker outfit might be a tight fit for the first version Joker (v1) because that is based on the older body type - same goes for the Batman (the difference is even more obvious; check out the link: CHEERS

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Alex for your prompt reply. With the DX01 price going through the roof, guess instead of the DX01 outfit I should buy one Truetype narrow shoulder and clothe it with the v1 Joker outfit : )

Thanks again for the response and clarification. I do not know if I can ask you this here, but I am looking to buy the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV 1/6. I have read on certain forums that after a few months of the release of Hot Toys figures, you might end up getting a fake figure. They said that pre-ordering stuff is the best way to be safe from such a situation. I wanted to know, from your experience, is there anything like that at all? Is eBay a safe place for me to buy the HT IM Mark IV.

Sorry for overloading you with my queries : ) Hoping to hear from you, Mike..

alex teo said...

Hiya Mike, getting a Narrow Shoulder TrueType for your v1 joker - now that's a great idea. Let me know how it goes :)

HT figures are limited to the number of pre-orders they receive. HT releases prototype/preview pictures and dealers get their customers to pre-order. Hot Toys will only make the numbers that meet the pre-orders (and maybe slightly more) but they will never flood the market with their figures. That's why their stuff is always in demand becoz many people don't pre-order OR don't know about it and only want the product when it is released but by then, the numbers released are limited due to the pre-ordered quantity. It's always safer to pre-order because you know you're going to get it!

I don't know about HT fake figures because I haven't seen any before but I think it's always best to buy from reputable sellers. The older HT figures are definitely very hard to find and rare. CHEERS