Thursday, January 6, 2011

FLEX champion

I am proud to say that this Flex champion toy was designed, manufactured, produced and packed in Singapore. This toy is made of PC (Polycarbonate) plastic and not from vinyl. Manufactured parts are already blended to match exact pantone codes so very little post production work needs to be done.

Came across this just the other day in Harris bookshop. This is the Special Edition Flex toy.

Box description: We live in a technology driven world. Technology continues to changed the way we live and play. Flex, like many of us embraced the internet for our communications and entertainments. We use gadgets to allow us to enjoy the latest news, music and movies. Games entertainment has enabled us to escape to another world if just for a few hours. Meet Flex our cyber warrior; who loves to win.

Box contains one figurine with head, torso, legs and limbs; includes accessories as well as a promotional printed paper and a round sticker

This is the FLEX champion toy figure when assembled. It stands 3 inches tall and the parts can be painted to the colors of your choice if you prefer. This is his normal cute face.

The special edition figure is made up of different color parts (the basic figure is primarily made up of just one color - white, green, brown or black) and also comes with the baseball cap and earphones. Here's the figure wearing the baseball cap.

Flex champion comes with different faces instead of heads. You basically do a face-on face-off approach to change the figure's expressions. The thing at the back is actually a holster added for easy carrying. I like that it also looks like those turn keys used on the toys of old. He's carrying his ipod in his right hand.

You can see how this FLEX champion figure is assembled from the joint lines on this figure

The GUN (machine pistol) with nice detailing. The weapons are designed to be more fantasy based.

Here's FLEX with arms raised holding his gun and ipod in each hand.

Other accessories include a figure display stand that swivels, four extra faces (skull-face, angry face, face with goggles and "Don't get me started" face, the "just because i look cute doesn't mean i can't get angry" look), another machine pistol, two edged weapons (one short blade / knife and another longer one) plus audio headphones. The knife handles also have "bullet" storage. Don't ask me why.

Here's angry FLEX wearing headphones and brandishing his knives.

His ipod is stored in the holster on his back

Here's FLEX with twin machine pistols

And this is PUNISHER FLEX dealing his own brand of justice: "Eat lead, m**therf***ers!" haha FUN toy; isn't that what it's all about!

Another Singapore designed toy was STIKFAS. The mass produced STIKFAS Action Figure Kit debuted in December 2001 but it seems Stikfas has essentially gone out of business and ceased production of Stikfas kits. More about STIKFAS figures in future posts :)

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