Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ashley Wood 14.5" ThreeA Badbot REVIEW II

More pictures of the Ashley Wood 1/6 scale 14.5" ThreeA Badbot (see previous post)

The ThreeA Badbot has lots of articulation, including the individual finger joints

In this pose, it looks a bit like Dirty Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) with his Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum revolver from the "Dirty Harry"films

Don't be fooled; nothing on this figure is made of metal even though it looks like it. Everything's plastic and painted to look like rusty metal parts -  amazing paint job!

I'm still trying to get around the intestines hanging out bit; still doesn't sit well with me

Here's Badbot with one of his long-barrel pistol. The cylinder does rotate on its axis.

You know how I feel about the rusty gun (see previous post)

Interestingly, there are two robot heads for the popbot and badbot figures - one comes with one "eye" only whereas there's another robot head with two "eyes"

Badbot has its name tagged on its chest so everybody knows who they are dealing with

Like I said, not too keen on the intestines hanging out - reminds me of the gruesome scene in "Saving Private Ryan"

Another view of Badbot's HUGE gun / revolver / long-barrel pistol

Pipes sticking out of the back of Badbot - are they supposed to be exhaust pipes?

"Go ahead, punk, Make My Day!" (click on it to see it bigger & better)

One's good but two is even better!

Now this looks like a scene from the old Wild West! "Reach for the sky"

I really dig the STARs on both shoulders, like Badbot is some kind of a sheriff haha

Am I done with threeA Badbot yet? Check out the NEXT post where Badbot has company (does that mean they should be called 'bad' company? ;p)


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

i actually LIKE the intestines hanging out, heh heh :D
this thing is really artfully done, what a great toy! i have no idea where you find some of these things, Man... thanks for sharing

Vincent Tétreault said...

That's a Badass robot man !
I like the little "steampunk" style of it. It looks like a nice toy to animate in a stopmotion movie...(wondering) :) Nice pics by the way.

alex teo said...

hey colin, i get all my stuff from the good people at TFH - http://www.tfh.com.sg/ AND I'm just glad to share haha

thanks Vincent :) I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job making this into an animated stopmotion film CHEERS

Unknown said...

I'm not a huge fan of the "disemboweled" look either, and was tempted to just cut off or shorten some of the tubing/intestines. However, I noticed that I could just pop out the torso peg, and tuck most of the tubes behind the torso rather than in front, and now it doesn't look quite so disturbing...