Sunday, November 13, 2011

CmToys H004 & H005 1/6 Roman Gladiator 12-inch Figures

1/6 scale Roman Gladiator 12-inch figures seem to be very popular this time of the year :)

Hot on the heels of the recent releases of Kaustic Plastik's 12-inch Roman gladiator figures and ACI's Flamma, CmToys has released pictures of their 1/6 scale gladiator figures as well. CmToys 12-inch Roman gladiator figures are based on the television series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand".

Spartacus: Blood and Sand is a Starz television series that premiered on January 22, 2010. The series is inspired by the historical figure of Spartacus (played by Andy Whitfield), a Thracian gladiator who from 73 to 71 BC led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic.

The main actor, Andy Whitfield died on September 11, 2011, from complications of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Spartacus producers and Starz executives weren't sure they would go forward without Andy Whitfield, who they said had brought "gravity and heart" to the role of the famous warrior. "It's unheard of to recast your titular character in a television show, and we did a lot of soul searching about whether we even wanted to try", DeKnight said. "And then Andy [Whitfield] said, 'I really think the show should go forward without me. I give you the blessing. I want this story told.'"

The new series will premiere in January, 2012 with Australian film and TV actor Liam McIntyre selected to replace Whitfield as Spartacus

CmToys seems to be pushing the boundaries with their offering of the seamless body figure but I am most skeptical about seamless rubber bodies due to how badly rubber holds up over time :(

CmToys other Roman gladiator 12-inch figure is H005 is Crixus (died 72 BC) who was a leader of the slave rebellion in the Third Servile War, along with Spartacus and Oenomaus.

Manu Bennett stars as Crixus – a Gaul, Batiatus' top gladiator in "Spartacus: Blood and Sand".

To see the earlier REVIEWS (with lots of pictures) of the other 12-inch Roman Gladiator figures I got, just click on the "Pre-WWII" label or check out the blog entries on the right side bar with title and picture ;p


Mick said...

They look very promising. Im very glad to see more figures in this genre. I have plans to work on some gladiator fights and an arena for my Memento Mori comic.

If you like to follow the production, visit Memento Mori on Facebook:

greetings from Germany

alex teo said...

Thanks Mick for sharing the link :) Let me say once again that you do some mind-blowing stunning work and more visitors should check out your blog site:

Mick said...

Thank you very much @lex. Im always glad to get some (y) "like" clicks on the FB page. That can help me to win some sponsors.

btw, have you heard anything about a release date of the new gladiators?

alex teo said...

hey Mick, no release dates as yet :( just these teaser pictures

Richie said...

I's great that companies are releasing this genre! We have a collection of some Romans, mostly either scratch built or from Ignite (not much detail there).

The only problem I have with gladiators is that you can't quite complete the collection..there are so many types of armor, weapons, clothes, etc. I hope they don't stop with these.:D