Saturday, November 12, 2011

Incoming: Subway 1/6 Detroit 8 Mile Road "Eminen" 12-inch Figure

8 Mile is a 2002 American hip-hop drama film written by Scott Silver, directed by Curtis Hanson, and starring Eminem, Mekhi Phifer, Brittany Murphy, and Kim Basinger.

The film is an account of a young white rapper named Jimmy "B-Rabbit" Smith Jr. (Eminem) growing up in a poor area of 1995 Detroit, Michigan as he struggles for respect among his (mostly African-American) peers. Contrary to popular belief, the film does not detail Eminem's life growing up in Detroit, but instead, the average life of a rapper in Detroit, as stated by Eminem in interviews about the film. Despite this, the film is considered to be semi-autobiographical.

Subway will be releasing this 1/6 scale Detroit 8 Mile Road "Eminen" 12-inch Figure. The set will come with 1/6 scale "E" head sculpt, 12-inch figure body, Watch Hat (Deep Blue), Blue Denim Jacket, Gray Hooded Sweat Shirt, Light Blue Hip Hop Denim Jeans, Deep Blue belt with buckle, white underwear, V150 headphones, Sony Walkman, Wireless Microphone, Ballpoint pen, flyers x 2, pair of Direct Attach Soft Toe Work Boots (Tan).

This, for me, is a refreshing change from all the military figures we have been bombarded with constantly. A 12-inch figure in street clothes without a weapon (except his mouth) is a rather rare sight but a welcome one for me. I like what I see. Now to wait and see if the price is right ;p

Not everyone goes barging in with guns blazing. This outfit is ideal for use with undercover cop figures or gangs. Just add baseball bat or weapon of your choice.

Scroll down for more pictures of this Subway 1/6 scale Detroit 8 Mile Road "Eminen" 12-inch Figure. A different offering from what we usually see.

Make the wrong move and you can have 1/6 cop Bruce Willis (see previous post) bearing down on him and take him to the station for questioning LOL

Check out the other gang type figures under the label "Gangs". Some of them are pretty well dressed, especially those who belong to Tokyo Tribe 2!


One Shot said...

you might not listen to his music, but the man has talent! Doesn't look to much like him but I think I would like to have this in my collection.

alex teo said...

that makes two of us ;p PEACE!


Very interested to the doll, I would like to know more about it, who makes, how much it costs,if you selling .My emai is, please I am very interested in buy .Thanks!

alex teo said...

hello Dhairik, no release dates or price set yet, just these teaser pictures released by CmToys

hiran said...

im going crazy i never taught people would sell this i must have it