Friday, February 17, 2012

Ever Heard of Madelman from Spain? Maybe you have and maybe you haven't... read on

According to wiki, Madelman was a doll of toy articulated action, made ​​between 1968 and 1983 by Madel Plastic Industries. The first madelman figures were released during Xmas 1968, in a small display box that was later changed to the standard box in 1971. The early madelman figures didn't have feet but rather pegs onto which the boots were fitted. Also, they had what collectors call ‘crystal eyes’, which were hand-painted! [source:]

In 1975 / 76, they developed the second madelman figure, which had jointed feet and painted eyes. A female figure was also added to the line. A third body type was released during the last years of Madelman in 1982 / 84.

Madelman is only about 7 inches or 17cm tall (i.e. approximately 1:11 scale) and after the line ended in 1984, collectors and customizers managed to keep the line going with their great customs. Scroll down to see some amazing customized Madelman figures. Truly works of art.

Thanks to my toy blog, I was able to connect with like-minded passionate people who are just as excited about their action figures and some pretty amazing Madelman customizers :) Check out the stunning detailed Madelman customs posted in this entry. They belong to Jett Custom, an amazing Madelman customizer whom I recently came to know.

The first figure posted was that of a World War II Deutches Afrika Korps DAK followed by Panzer Division Wiking (pictured above) and Patrick McGoohan as David Jones of MI6 from the 1968 action film "Ice Station Zebra" (pictured below)

Customized Madelman Marine, also from "Ice Station Zebra" based on Alistair MacLean's 1963 Cold War thriller of the same name.

Madelman WWII 101st "Screaming Eagle" Paratrooper. More pictures are available at Jett Custom ;p

This customized commando figure is by another Madelman collector and customizer Madelman Blog Show. You can also check out his site by clicking on the link :)

It's always nice to see passionate people deal with a subject that's close to my heart :) Keep up the GREAT work, guys!


Juan Miguel said...

Hi alex!
greetings from Spain and congratulations for your blog.. it is amazing!

alex teo said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, Juan :) I enjoy your blog as well - opened the world of Madelman to me CHEERS

jett said...

Alex, thanks for your kind and encouraging words, you're as great as your collection. I'm indebted to you.

alex teo said...

Just spreading the word and sharing the passion Jett :)