Friday, February 24, 2012

Medicom Toys RAH (Real Action Heroes) Darth Vader version 2.0 - Be prepared to get "Sithed"!

You don't know the power of the Dark Side! In this case, the "dark side" and full of sith (oops, misspelling) is NOT Darth Vader but Medicom Toys! When will they ever learn? The Medicom RAH (Real Action Heroes) Darth Vader version 2.0 is still only 320mm tall (still NOT 1/6 scale and accurate) and will probably come with bio-degradable pleather material which disintegrates over time so that by the time the figure has gone to pieces on you, it'll be time for version 3.0 - how timely Medicom releases their figures, don't you think? For many of us who have suffered the Medicom "mediocre" curse (small scale, wrong size, high price, bio-degradable materials used for costumes and outfits, easily breakable brittle bodies - did I mention HIGH price?), it's once bitten forever shy! And believe you me, I've been bitten all over and it's not pretty at all!! So you know I'll be shying away from this purchase!

Consider this a fair and gentle reminder. If you want to take the chance, by all means but don't say you were not warned.

Let's see what Mediocre (I mean Medicom) is coming up with this time round to get people (especially unknowing Star Wars collectors and fans) to part with their hard earned money.

This Medicom Toys RAH (Real Action Heroes) Darth Vader version 2.0 supposedly will include a combination of 6 breathing sound effects and movie dialogs as gimmick. Will it include phrases like "Oh look! My costume is flaking and peeling off. Time to buy version 3.0" or "Oops! My leg just broke apart on its own. Waitaminit! That didn't happen in the film, only to Medicom bodies. Too bad"?

Already Medicom Toys is rather subtle. This pose has the subliminal inference of "I'll be BACK with version 3.0" followed by evil laughter sound effect

See what I mean? This figure is going to cost you an arm and a leg and it isn't even complete - he's missing his right hand haha (In "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi", Luke knocks Vader to the ground and severs his father's mechanical right hand)

Anakin Skywalker doesn't age every well at all. That's from wearing the helmet the whole day and being deprived from sunlight and a good tan.

And here's Darth Vader's light-up light saber. Looks like those light sticks people use for traffic control.

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Kenny said...

You are so right. My Medicom ROTS Darth Vader's leather is drying up and peeling.

I do wish Hot Toys come up with their own Darth Vader.

alex teo said...

Hi Kenny, from what I read on the grapevine, Sideshow will be doing a Darth Vader 2.0 and not Hot Toys. Apparently Hot Toys will only do the human figures (like Luke) but the armored figures will still be done by Sideshow (including Boba Fett) CHEERS

jason from cali said...

that was hella funny, you should do stand up! medicom have messed with the wrong collecter!