Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yet another Steve Jobs 1/6 action figure: they're calling it iCEO - custom SJ figure with computer

This is yet another attempt at cashing in on the late Apple founder's fame. This iCEO 1/6 scale Steve Jobs lookalike 12-inch figure has just been revealed on the forums and is supposed to come with iPad, iPhone, Macbook and iMac with a mouse and keyboard. You know what? iSmell trouble. This one looks a lot less like Steve Jobs and a lot more like an impostor ;p After what the other company went through with Apple's lawyers and legal team, you would've thought they'll be running scared by now. We'll just have to wait and see if this ever sees the light of day.

Scroll down to see the pre-release / preview pictures of 1/6 scale SJ (for Steve Jobs) 12-inch action figure. It's too bad the other company's 1/6 Steve Jobs figure deal fell through. Now that would have been something to talk about and showcase.

It doesn't look as good nor as realistic as DiD's attempt which made the news big time and was on TV and in all the newspapers - read the account HERE

Pictures of DiD's excellent attempt HERE. Too bad they couldn't carry through with their project (entry posted HERE) :(

My attempt at a 1/6 scale Steve Jobs kitbash HERE, just when he announced his retirement.


One Shot said...

Shoot, the Chinese are not scared of a little piracy! LOL! they are the rulers of the world when it comes to making unlicensed items! BRING IT ON! they couldn't catch them if they wanted too!

xenom0rph said...

The DiD one definately was miles better. It's a shame about that piece. Lets see what happens with this one. Thanks for the info Alex!