Thursday, May 23, 2013

Post #7: Daniel Picard does it again. He takes GREAT pictures and makes it better each time!

More pictures from Dan :)

Last time we saw Daniel Picard's awesome work, his picture of Hot Toys The Dark Knight Batman spraying graffiti on the wall revealing Superman's identity was making the rounds on the internet. You can check out the high resolution picture HERE. This time he's giving Boba Fett and Star Wars the highlight with a picture of Iron Man vs Ambush as well.

The pictures are much bigger than they seem but due to limitations of blogger, they can only be viewed in this size. Click on each picture for a bigger and better view. You can really appreciate the art more!

Boba Fett sees his prey / bounty

Here's Sideshow Collectibles 1:6 scale Boba Fett tracking down his next bounty. He's been resized to fit into a 1:1 scale environment (that's part of Dan's amazing skill as photographer and digital artist. If you are seeing this toy blog post for the first time, then I should tell you that Daniel Picard makes 1:6 scale figures look like 1:1 scale by putting them in an actual real scene). Scroll sown to view more of his stunning work / pictures.

Boba Fett takes out his bounty. Time to collect!

Star Wars Dewback coming out of its kennel to take a leak ;p

Dewback about to take a leak

Hot Toys Iron Man takes out the trash (threeA's Ambush)

Iron Man takes out Ambush

IG-88s take down battle droids in a game of basketball. Alley-Oop!

IG-88s take down battle droids

You can check out Daniel Picard's website for more pictures :) He doesn't just shoot toys. Daniel Picard takes very nice pictures of people, places and things as well. Go to his facebook page and like it as well.

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