Monday, May 20, 2013

Incoming: Phicen Female seamless body pale skin large bust version 4.0 - they got bigger ;p

continued from previous post...

We saw Phicen 12-inch Female seamless body with pale skin and mid bust size for 1:6 figure Version 04 (Item No.: PLMB2013-15) in the previous post. This is Phicen Limited 12-inch Female seamless body in pale skin / Large bust size for 1:6 figure Version 04 (Item No.: PLLB2013-16) and its a stunner too. Phicen seems to be getting better with the female head sculpts and they are looking very realistic indeed

According to Phicen:
This 1:6 scale Phicen 12-inch Female seamless body with pale skin and large bust size will have 33 Points of articulation and will stand at approximately 28 cm in height, weigh 0.208 kg. The Version 04 mid bust body that we adopted the food grade new skin materials, movability has the greatly improved, not easy to stain and cracking. And simulate the texture of the real skin. The range of activities than the Version 03 body has been significantly improved and easy to shape, can be show the simulation model more truly.

For the 1:6 scale female head sculpt, we adopted the modularization for eyeball and scalp, consumer can be according preference their own to replace the eyes and hairstyle.

Part List: Female 12-inch seamless Body Ver.04, Modularization Face, Modularization Scalp, Modularization Eyeball, Hands 4 PC / 2 PAIRS, Bare Feet 1 PAIR, Bikini 6 PC/SET, Turban (head wear) 1PC

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Digital Desperado said...

Hi, Alex. This is a very pretty figure! I guess I fell in love imediatly, but don´t tell my wife!!:) I´m considering buying it for use in my first kitbashing experiment. How can i choose the right size of accessories and clothes for that effect? What´s the best online shop to buy them? Please spare some advice for a novice kitbasher... Thanks!

One Shot said...

Feels like where buying barbies when we get something like this. LOL! I mean I know all the "collectors" will argue and say "She's a 1/6 scale model" but it to your female co-workers and tell me they won;t call it a "Barbie" ha ha ha! don't get me wrong, they are creating nice figures but it still feels like we are truly playing with dolls.

alex teo said...

Dollsfigure produces quite a bit of 1:6 scale female clothing / outfit sets for 12-inch figures. I usually get my stuff from TFH ( Flirty Girl Collectibles also sells female attire. You can check them out at

alex teo said...

Hey George, they are just the more improved Barbies haha a little realism to go with the male figures. These are way better than the early generation dolls ;p if you ask the ladies, they'll call 12-inch action figures "dolls" as well because that's how they term them LOL

Anonymous said...

Actually Takara Tomy's JenNy doll's body is pretty much the same material. Ok her arms and legs. What I want to know is does this figure have a nice backside. Yeah I know that beyond weird but I do A LOT of art work with dolls/figures and Barbie has nice clothes but no butt (flat!). I need this figure to put a 1984 Japanese Barbie head on it (the doll is Japanese but the complection is pinki-sh). I did see a small busted blonde one with a nice butt but I haven't seen too may pics of their backs. OH and why do these female action figures have weird faces and jacked hair? Lol, yeah I'm one of THOSE! Thank you so much btw!

Anonymous said...

Hey all! I myself collect Barbies and 1:6 scale action figures (specifically Asian male 1:6 scale). This body is very much like that of Takara Tomy's JeNny doll more so the arms and legs of JeNny. What I would like to know is does this figure have a round bottom or is it flat? OMG yes thats a weird question but I want to put some Barbie heads on this figure and you know Barbie is FLAT. I do art work with dolls (and action figures) and I have a Japanese Barbie 1984 whose skin is pinkish (she might show up in thumbnail). I also want to know why do female action figures have hard faces and terrible hair lol! Sorry but I want to to do great stuff and HAIR and face is key lol! Thank you so much for your time!