Thursday, May 30, 2013

Play Imaginative Super Alloy The New 52 1/6 Superman is metallic? Really? Was he ever?

Based on the New 52 series of comic books by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, this Play Imaginative super alloy 1/6 scale Superman Action Figure features a lofty amount of detail, made of more than 80% die-cast metal material, along with "impressive" articulation (over 25 points) - so says the manufacturer. If you recall, the first super alloy figure was the new 52 Batman and after seeing and handling the figure at the shop, I was unimpressed with the figure's articulation at all, especially given the hefty price tag. Having gotten used to 1/6 scale figures with ultra realistic paint jobs and fabric outfits and movie-accurate costumes without any visible joint lines, these figures seem to be a step in the wrong direction. Plus why would anyone need a metallic Batman or Superman? They aren't metallic in the comics or movies. Making them metallic just so one can charge a higher price is just a marketing ploy to deceive collectors to spend more money.

This upcoming Play Imaginative Super Alloy The New 52 1/6 Superman will be Approximately 12 inches in height with Interchangeable "New 52" Superman Head plus additional Interchangeable "New 52" Superman Head with laser beam eyes - Red LED light in head with laser beam eyes (batteries included), Die-cast metal torso, arms and legs with More than 25 points of articulation including Ball jointed wrists, groin, and ankles. Double jointed body, elbows, and knees. Spring-loaded articulated waist and Assorted hands. Comes with Cape with posable inner wire and additional Cape without wire for flowing cape effect. Remote control for laser beam eyes (batteries included). Crystal Fortress base with lights and fan to simulate flowing cape (batteries included). Single figure base stand. Foldable backdrop display. Micro-fibre cleaning cloth for cleaning off fingerprint marks on alloy parts (they just highlighted the problem with the super alloy figures). Tests performed (Oxidation, paint chipping, paint fading, electronic and battery tests).

This New 52 Superman just looks so much more like a boy to me. There's no manliness expressed in his face. He doesn't look intimidating and authoritative enough. I guess Christopher Reeves did such a great job as Superman that this just pales in comparison. Compare this figure which will cost $359.99 retail (ouch!) with Hot Toys very impressive and stunning MMS152 1/6th scale Superman Collectible Figure from the classic superhero movie "Superman" in 1978 which costs way less (see preview pictures HERE) and you'll see why I am not in favor of this figure at all. Even Hot Toys MMS050 1/6 scale Brandon Routh as Clark Kent / Superman figure is way better compared to this (see pictures HERE)

click on the picture for a bigger and better view :)

The picture above shows how the figure can be posed on the Crystal Fortress base with lights and a fan to simulate flowing cape action (the reason why the second cape is included in the set).

You know the drill ;p

This figure just doesn't do it for me :( and the asking price is ridiculous! It's like the smaller multiple jointed figures have been upsized along with a hefty price tag.


Unknown said...

Is Superman in metallic because he is Man of Steel..? lol

alex teo said...

And Batman is metallic because he's the dark KNIGHT? haha

humanbeingill said...

Sorry to be so negative, but there's alot to be negative about lately. This latest release is basically a barometer, so to speak, for the state of this genre. I get the Alloy, I like the fan idea, light up eyes are cool, poor articulation... I only really use a few joints anyway.

What absolutely gets me vexed is the ridiculous price tag! I have so many questions I'd like to ask the team behind this, mainly how'd they come up with that price, and don't you want people to buy this?!

I mean really.... Where's this hobby headed??????

rudeboy said...

B-b-but look!!!

It comes with its own fan!!!