Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just some RoboCop and RoboCop movie-related figures on display, including ED-209 & RoboCain

This is how I have been displaying my Hot Toys 1/6 scale ED 209 collectible figure since I took it out of the box, alongside smaller sized RoboCop figures from various other manufacturers. It looked rather lonesome all by itself and there was no way to squeeze any other 1/6 scale figure into the display cabinet. This was a case where I built the display cabinet first (way back in 1997) and it was never intended for displaying the Hot Toys ED-209 collectible figure as I didn't even know at the time that I would ever be seeing one in 1/6 scale but it seems to have served its purpose as a RoboCop themed display cabinet with ED-209 taking centre stage :)

You can see lots more pictures of Hot Toys ED 209 version 1.0 in my toy blog post HERE. The other smaller RoboCop figures were released at different times by different companies and being a fan of the RoboCop movies, I ended up collecting them as well. The other two Hot Toys 1/6 scale RoboCop 12-inch collectible figures in my collection are: RoboCop from the first movie (pictures HERE and HERE) and RoboCop 3 with jetpack / flight pack (reviewed HERE and HERE). Scroll down to see the rest of the RoboCop display :)

Hot Toys 1:6 scale ED-209 as seen from the back

This is the 1988 Kenner RoboCop Ultra Police ED-260 Robot (not sure why they didn't call it the Enforcement Droid Series 209 or simply ED-209). One of the cool things was that it had a cap firing feature at the back and a small roll of caps were included (described as "Rapid Repeat Cap-firing Mechanism"). More pictures HERE of this Kenner ED-260 (ED-209) Cap Firing Robot.

Here's a look at the Kotobukiya ED-209 from the RoboCop movies. These mini Kotobukiya figures, released in 2006, consisted of 2 to 7 easy to assemble parts ranging in size from 3 to 5 inches. ED-209 is only about 3 inches tall (7.5 cm) but the amount of detail they managed to squeeze into something so small is amazing. See all the pictures in my 2009 toy blog post HERE

Then there's the Kotobukiya RoboCop 3 with Jet Pack

It has very nice details. See my post HERE for more pictures. In the foreground is the Mez-Itz RoboCop Figure. You can see the rest of the pictures HERE

This is the Kotobukiya RoboCop mini figure which measures just 4 inches tall (10 cm high) but I just love the details they managed to pack into something so small! Full review and coverage HERE

Last but not least, RoboCain! Too bad this is only 3.5 inches tall or 9 cm high. See all the pictures HERE


Tony said...

That's a lot of ED-209s!
To be defeated by a flight stairs.

I'm assuming you're getting the remake, look forward to your comparison between 1.0 and 2.0.

alex teo said...

Most likely not, Tony. Hot Toys has priced themselves out of my range :( no longer value-for-money IMHO