Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Playmobil 5186 Police Special Forces Unit

This is the Playmobil 5186 Police Special Forces Unit which consists of 3 Playmobil Police Officers fully dressed in riot gear including Riot Shield and a Police Dog. I've always liked Playmobil while growing up and my first Playmobil figure I got as an adult was the Playmobil 3949 Deep Sea Diver (see the pictures in my toy blog post HERE). I was attracted to it because the mini figure was identical to the Action Man 1/6 scale Deep Sea Diver (check out the pictures HERE) which I thought was rather cool. It's like a "Mini-Me" (Mini-Me is a character played by Verne Troyer in the second and third Austin Powers movies: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Austin Powers in Goldmember. Before Dr. Evil was sent back in time to 1969, his minions made him a clone. The clone was identical in every way, but he was "one-eighth his size". Upon being introduced to his clone, Dr. Evil immediately declared, "Breathtaking. I shall call him... Mini-Me")

Since then, I've been picking up Playmobil figures on and off, only when I really liked what I saw and when I felt they would belong as part of my toy collection :) Not obsessive, just selective haha. Lately Playmobil has been coming out with more themes and offering a greater range of products which suit me just fine. This set was one I could not resist since I'm into 1/6 scale S.W.A.T. figures as well - check out my recent post of "1/6 scale S.W.A.T. 12-inch Action Figures" HERE. They really look impressive when assembled together. This Playmobil 5186 Police Special Forces Unit just look so cool with helmets that have the full face shield, gas mask and full body shield as well.

The Playmobil 5186 Police Special Forces Unit packaging box show off the three figures straight away and the back of the box shows you what you'll find inside the box once you opened it. I much prefer Playmobil figures to Lego figures because Playmobil figures are much bigger in size and offers more details. Lego figures have mostly painted on details and do not have molded extra pieces. They offer a world of imagination to children and even adults who bother to tinker with them but the end result is still a very blocky look and not as finished as Playmobil figures are.

Check out the Playmobil 5186 Police Special Forces Unit K-9 unit officer (wearing his beret and radio comms) with his canine companion

Playmobil 5186 Police Special Forces Unit officer with helmet and radio comms, face shield and assault rifle

Playmobil 5186 Police Special Forces Unit officer with gas mask, helmet with face shield, gloves, baton and full body shield

All three officers from the Playmobil 5186 Police Special Forces Unit have pistols which can be stored in their holsters

Here's a picture of the latest Playmobil 5186 Police Special Forces Unit standing among their other police officers - Playmobil #5790 Special Agent figure (pictures posted HERE), Playmobil #4693 SWAT Police Officer Figure (more pictures HERE) and Playmobil Policeman with Tracking Dog


Anonymous said...

Hi, is this set available in SGP?

alex teo said...

I got mine in SinGaPore. Not sure where SGP is?

Anonymous said...

Lol, thks. Spore it is.