Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kotobukiya Batman Arkham City Collectors Edition 14 cm (5.5") Statue is nicely detailed

The highlight of the Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition (released in 2011) was this custom Batman statue made by Kotobukiya, well known for their work on other movie, comic and video game figures. This Batman Arkham City Collectors Edition statue has a nice quality sculpt that has a great likeness to the in-game Batman model. The amount of detail on Batman's suit is amazing. All the divots, shadows and textures have been almost perfectly realized. As a statue the figure has no articulation and Batman remains set in his crouching, ready-to-pounce pose with a stern look on his face. But I LIKE it! Got it because it wasn't expensive :) cheap and good haha

This Kotobukiya Batman Arkham City Collectors Edition Statue is only 14 cm (5.5 inches) tall (including the round base of 10 cm / 4 inches diameter) but it packs a lot within a small area. I don't have a lot of statues on my collection, preferring to go for the 1/6th scale fully articulate figures with fabric outfits / authentic costumes but once in a long while, I'll pick up something I really cannot resist and this particular Batman statue caught my attention.

Picked it up at the flea market and got it because it wasn't priced the way statues are, mainly because this particular statue is not cast from stone but plastic. Anyway I liked it for its details. And Batman was the catalyst for my toy collecting journey. I started out collecting The Animated Batman Series action figures and then the collection just grew from there.

So I will always have a soft spot for Batman.

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